Does Niacin Show Up On A Drug Test?

A lot of concerned people about drug tests ask the question whether niacin will show up in a drug test or not. Niacin is a natural supplement also known as vitamin B3. It is available over the counter and anyone can buy it without prescription from a doctor. It also not considered illegal to consume high quantities of the supplement. However, taking niacin out of recommended dosage will result in side effects.


People trying to pass their drug test to keep their job or get a new job may have to use niacin. This is because niacin works to cleanse your body of harmful toxins. The toxins left by the use of marijuana (weed) are one of the toxins that are cleansed from the body if you take niacin.

If you have an upcoming drug test, you are probably considering taking niacin to detoxify your body. You may also be concerned that the drug test might reveal that you have been trying to cleanse your body of toxins if they found out abnormal quantities of niacin in the body.

The truth is, niacin is never checked during a drug test. The laboratories are only concerned with finding out one specific metabolite in your body. This metabolite is a byproduct of THC known as TOOCH. If you do not appear to have any TOOCH in your body, you will achieve a negative result. Rest assured, the labs will never look for niacin in your body because it is a naturally occurring vitamin so no one tests for it in a drug test.

If you are still doubtful, or you do not have enough time to use niacin to cleanse your body, you can opt for other methods to pass your drug test. Niacin is an effective way of cheating your way out of a drug test only if you have plenty of time remaining before the test is taken. This is because niacin cannot work immediately and needs a little time before the body is completely cleansed.


If niacin isn’t a good option for you, consider going for detox drinks, hair cleansing shampoos or powdered urine. The method powdered urine is by far the most effective method of clearing a drug test based on urine samples. You buy synthetic urine in powdered form and mix it with water to form real human urine that is free of any toxins imaginable. However, this urine needs to be at a certain temperature when it is presented as sample.

If your company requires you to go through random drug tests after every three months, try to avoid using marijuana in heavy doses. Heavy doses are hard to keep off the radar and may pose serious threat of getting caught. As long as you remain under the use of 1-3 times a week, you can pretty much use any method to dodge a drug test and keep your job.

Jake Hansen


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