Vitamin B2 Urine Color Drug Test

Both employers as well as drug testing facilities and laboratories use the vitamin B2 urine color drug test to see if a sample has been contaminated or altered.  Often times they can tell by looking at the color tone.  This test – known as the “vitamin B2 urine color drug test” – is done by getting a sample of urine and shipping it to the lab for further review.  If the test provides an outcome that says there is not an amount of B2 to support the appropriate color, or if the appropriate amount of creatine isn’t on par with normal levels, there is a solid possibility that you will not pass this test.  If you are cautious, however, and use stuff I talk about on this site (hint, hint), you can essentially have the upper hand and not have to worry.

What is The Vitamin B2 Urine Color Drug Test?

You may not know this, but this test is very common in screening processes for drugs.  The vitamin B2 urine color test is something that you definitely should expect if you are taking a drug test.  A lot of companies large and small will tell you which type of test they will be performing.  If you aren’t told about this, don’t be shy – ask them to know about the test because it’s your right to know.  The vitamin b2 drug tests are only for urine testing.  If you know you’ll be taking a test like this, it’s important to know what’s ahead of you so you are fully prepared for the testing.  Your employment, and perhaps career, is on the line.  Don’t take any chances with any test.

How to Pass a Vitamin B2 in Urine Color Drug Test

The way I recommend is by using the powdered urine kit.  You can click on that link for my full review, or you can click here to visit the vendor’s site and buy it.

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Vitamin B2 Drug Testing

How does this work, you ask?

In simple terms, this uses a drug free urine instead of your own sample.

The thing is, your sample MAY be dirty. It MAY not pass a test

So don’t mess around, use the clean stuff.. 

This works by using a powder substance that mixes with water and is used instead of your own urine sample.  When you mix the powder with water, you get a clean urine sample that you can use to pass a vitamin B2 urine drug test.  This sample of urine will look and feel like normal urine.  I’ve done it.  I’ve seen it.  It’s uncanny.  It’s crazy how there isn’t a difference in smell or look in this stuff.  The powdered urine kit allows you to pass a test of this nature without issue.


I like the fact that it’s easy to conceal.  You need a mere 2-3 seconds of privacy to get the powdered urine in the container.  You can beat a supervised drug test with this kit.

Final Thoughts:

Everyone has this big fear of vitamin B2 drug tests.  However, if you come in prepared, you’ll be fine.  This is just a test that needs a clean sample of urine, which I’ve already sourced for you.  Don’t mess with your livelihood by taking chances.  Get your powdered urine kit today and be prepared.

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