Unauthorized UFC Steroids for Sale

I had to chuckle when I saw this article today.

There are many times I see things in the media that just make me shake my head.  This was one of them.

When people just straight up steal someone’s name and logo, it’s fighting words. I’ve been around long enough to know intellectual property is a serious thing.  I don’t care if it’s a small brand or some large operation, IP law is one of the most difficult in the world to navigate, and people will go to great lengths to defend their IP.

UFC Pharma Selling Steroid Like Products

UFC Pharma Products

These are NOT affiliated with the UFC.

As you know I keep tabs on drugs and the UFC.  I’ll link out to some articles after today’s reaction and you can read them at your leisure.  Today, I’ll touch on the article I read and talk about how some bozo’s ended up making supplements that go by “UFC PHARMA” and are obviously catching ire.

The UFC logos are being used on these products and they caught the attention of the USADA, which added warnings saying that the substances are banned.

There is a short list put out by the USADA that talks of high risk products and diet supplementation products to help people (mostly athletes in high competition / demand sports) avoid using the products that are banned.

Word to the wise:  when you see something that has “Beast, Andro, Lean,” or another word like that – RUN.  It’s either a scam or just some souped up cocktail that could be bad for you.

Most of the products on this “UFC PHARMA” site uses abbreviations for the most common types of steroids.

Examples include:

Halo 10 = halotestin

Tren A 100 = trenbolone

I’ve seen many companies use tricky suggestive marketing to do this exact thing when selling products for bodybuilding, but never have I seen anyone use the UFC’s name.

When will the UFC get involved?

Clearly, they can NOT be happy about this.  I’ll keep you posted and let you know if the UFC takes any action here.  Stay tuned!

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