How Ultra Clean Shampoo Can Help You Clear A Drug Test

Drug tests are becoming increasingly mandatory for employment. A lot of companies, including big names from fortune 500 companies in the United States require their employees to go through drug tests. Some companies require only pre-employment tests while others have a policy of randomly asking you to get your test done.

How Does Ultra Clean Shampoo Help Pass Drug Tests?

Ultra Clean ShampooThe most popular method of getting tested for drugs is through urinalysis.

This method requires you to provide a urine sample to the laboratories for tests and is often easy to pass the test through something called powdered urine.

However, since employers are aware of people adulterating urine samples, they have evolved the tests to make it harder and some of the companies even avoid urine tests.

When urine tests are not working for companies, they tend to ask employees to get screened through another test which uses hair sample.

This is where the ultra clean shampoo comes in to save the day.

Ultra Clean Shampoo is a hair purifying treatment that removes any medication, chemicals or drug metabolites from your hair.

How does Ultra clean shampoo work?

Your hair shaft is made up of three layers. These three layers are where most chemicals are stored. The first layer, the cortex is somewhat easy for detoxifying shampoos to break through, but when it comes to the second layer, which is the hardest to penetrate of them all, a powerful detoxifying agent is needed.

The ultra clean shampoo is your number one choice to break through the hard layers of hair and remove any metabolites collected there through drug use. However, it does not work on its own.

In order for ultra clean shampoo to work, it must be used with the aloe rid shampoo. The aloe rid shampoo makes it possible for you to break through the first layer of your hair shaft leaving open space for ultra clean shampoo to work.

How to pass the drug test using 3 simple step

  • Firstly, as soon as you realize that you are bound for a drug test through hair, you must immediately stop the use of marijuana. The substance THC-COOH is a byproduct of THC which is the main source of tests in any drug test. This substance tends to stay in your body for a long period of time and can only be removed through detoxifying shampoos.
  • Start applying Nexxus aloe rid shampoo everyday to your hair shaft for at least 10 days before the test. If you to not have enough time, consider increasing the use of the shampoo on daily basis to as much as 4 times a day.
  • Once you reach the day when the test is supposed to be taken, use the ultra clean shampoo to clean of any toxic agents in your hair. It will surely remove any medications, chemicals and metabolites from your hair so you can pass your drug test with ease and without getting caught.


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