UFC Fighter George Sullivan Caught Doping Again

For fighter George Sullivan, the biggest bout he’s fought is his own – trying to not get caught doping.  The fighter in the UFC failed a drug test and faces another (this would be his second) UFC anti doping policy violation, which was announced in late January.  He’s the first fighter who has been caught by the USADA two times since they became the official testing facility of the UFC back in July of 2015.

George Sullivan’s Doping Problems Continue

The test is from a sample he gave on January 14, 2017.  He’s currently already on a one year suspension by the USADA and has been suspended, albeit provisionally, on top of that.

It all depends on the official outcome of this test, which of course, I’ll be monitoring closely and adding to my drug testing blog, but it is rumored that he could face a two year suspension.  Of course, there are always chances he could get the proverbial book thrown at him and get more of a hard core suspension.

Of course, like almost every other drug test (most famously though, this one which is a must read), there is a caveat and defense.  In Sullivan’s own words this was a “misunderstanding about a fertility pill” that he was using just weeks before the test.  His wife and him are trying to have a baby and of course, the good old family Doctor is in their corner trying to clear up the misunderstanding.

Why don’t I have friends who are Doctors?


If you don’t know who George Sullivan is, maybe this video I pulled off YouTube will get you up to speed.

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