U-47700: Deadly Alternative To Morphine

Morphine is a notorious opioid painkiller. Although it has relieved pain for millions of individuals suffering post-surgical healing, serious injury, or in the last stages of life before dying of cancer, it is still a potentially addictive substance.

Pharmacists seek to find alternatives to dangerous opioid analgesics all the time, looking for ways to make them less likely to cause addiction without losing potency. UpJohn Pharmaceuticals has released a drug called U-47700 or “pinky” which is being credited with many deaths in the United States.

Alternative to Morphine

Originally, this drug was supposed to offer doctors, pharmacists, and patients an option in place of morphine; an extra choice without being more dangerous than morphine. U-47700, however, is more than 7 times stronger than morphine and is deadly.

On the streets, it’s getting a bad reputation for causing death among those who imagine it’s just like popping a morphine pill or some other opioid. Drug users are not wary to begin with, and they are dying in their dozens as a result of not understanding how strong U-47700 is.

Seeking the relaxation and artificial happiness drugs like these can provide, people at varying stages of life, young and middle-aged, are losing their lives or suffering serious rectal bleeding after taking U-47700.

Not Classified by the DEA

The Drug Enforcement Agency classifies or “schedules” drugs according to how dangerous they are, but U-47700 has not yet been scheduled. Following news reports of the devastation “pinky” causes, the DEA is likely to schedule it a “class 1 illegal drug” and make it illegal to purchase this substance online as well.

A Class 1 illegal drug is one which the DEA deems of no medical value and highly likely to cause addiction. These drugs include LSD, Peyote, and Heroin. U-47700 will probably join them very soon, but they might be hoping that news reports will act as a deterrent in the meantime. Right now, there is nothing the organization can legally do to prevent its sale and use online or otherwise.

u-47700Where Can U-47700 Be Used?

As with carfentanil, a drug 100 times more potent than fentanyl, itself already deadly, U-47700 should be reserved for treating animals. This is suggested in online listings which say “not for human consumption” while continuing to sell the drug in this manner which is so much harder to regulate than over-the-counter sales at a brick-and-mortar pharmacy.

Image: Wall Street Journal

Painkiller Danger

Opioids are proving to be killers all over the United States in their various forms, synthetic and natural. Even codeine can kill someone if taken in large enough doses with other drugs or alcohol.

Narcotics get into homes where other drugs are never found; not cocaine, meth, or even marijuana. They are introduced in legitimate ways but lead to psychological and physical dependence in those with severe pain even if that pain is naturally subsiding.

They are more dangerous than outright illegal drugs like meth because, although many individuals successfully resist the temptation to take meth, they might be in too much pain not to take narcotics in prescription form at some point in their lives.

U-47700 raises the stakes, however, providing yet one more drug for the authorities, doctors, pharmacists, and consumers to be wary, even fearful of.

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