Tito Ortiz Speaks Out on Jon Jones Failed Drug Tests

Tito Ortiz was one of the original MMA legends.  A can’t miss guy with bleach blonde hair and a huge frame, he’s definitely one of the most recognizable names the sport has ever produced.

When he talks, he has a presence about him.  Recently, in this article, he spoke about what a failed drug test meant to the career of Jon “Bones” Jones.

Tito Ortiz Says Jon Jones “Will Never” Be Greatest of All Time

If you read into it, he’s got a lot of merit in making that statement.  The same things are said about MLB legends like Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez.  The home run kings that crushed the ball out of the ballpark it seemed almost every time they got an at bat.  These men were banned from the sports insider circles because of their steroid use.

Along the same lines of thinking, Ortiz is suggesting that Jones should not be in consideration for “GOAT” (greatest of all time) as far as the world of MMA is concerned.

Jones was pulled from the biggest MMA event in the UFC, the PPV that was UFC 200.  He tested positive for PED’s (performance enhancing drugs.)  In specific, he was flagged for Hydroxy-clomiphene, which is an anti-estrogrenic agent.  He also was found to have Letrozole, which is an aromatase inhibitor.

Even though Jones is no doubt heralded for all his achievements, which have yet to be matched by anyone, Ortiz, a former UFC light heavyweight champ himself, says that the fighters legacy has been affected.

Tito Ortiz Quotes

And Ortiz continued:

“Jon ‘Bones’ Jones, he had an opportunity to be one of the greatest ever and he’ll never be able to do that again – ever.”

-Tito Ortiz

Of course, Jones has denied any use of PED’s.  On October 10, Jones will appear before the Nevada Athletic Commission.

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