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Passing a drug testing using synthetic or powdered urine is fairly easy. This method of bypassing a test has become so popular that more and more people have started using it. But employers are not easily tricked these days. They are well aware of using synthetic urine as a way to pass your drug test. Hence, many have increased strictness and now employees require going through a test under supervision from medical staff.

When things get really tricky and you have no other way but to use fake urine to beat your drug test, the urinator comes in play.

What is the Urinator?

A urinator is a very clever way of passing your drug test even when it is being supervised. The urinator is an alternative of the whizzinator, a product that uses a fake penis, heating pads and powdered urine compartment. Before the urinator, the whizzinator was one of the best ways to cheat a supervised drug test until laboratories became aware of it. It got so popular that even celebrities started using it to pass drug tests.

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The urinator is quite simply and enhanced version of the whizzinator without a fake penis. This makes it easier for you to hide it inside your pants so even when you are supervised, you can easily cheat your way to a negative test result without getting suspicious.

Here’s How the Urinator Works

The urinator is packaged very similarly with the whizzinator. The only notable difference is that it uses a tube instead of a fake penis. The package includes a bladder (pads) that can easily be wrapped around the waist with a tube attached to it. When you are asked to pee, you simply take out the tube and release the synthetic urine into the test tube.

The Urinator

Urine needs to be at a given temperature to be accepted by laboratories. Recommended temperature is 98-100 degrees. If the urine sample is below that temperature, the laboratory will simply reject the sample. So in order to keep the urine at the recommended temperature, batteries are attached to the bladder to heat the urine so it retains the recommended temperature.

Just make sure that you use reliable and trusted powdered urine. Simply empty the contents of the powdered urine into the bladder and add recommended amount of water. Turn the batteries on and let it constantly heat the urine to stay in the recommended temperature threshold. When asked to give a sample, use the tube and empty the synthetic urine to the testing vial.

The great thing about the urinator is that it is unisex. Previously, the whizzinator was only usable by males because it had an attached fake penis.

The urinator is a very effective way to cheat your way through a drug test. Just make sure you follow the instructions and do as you are told by the instructions provided by the powdered urine company. With this, there is no way you will ever fail any drug test because powdered urine is 100% natural human urine dried through dehydrators.

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