The Macujo Method

Let’s be honest, drug tests are a huge pain especially if you recreation-ally use weed. Many companies in the U.S are required by law to put you through a drug test even before they hire you. And guess what, if you fail a drug test, you can say bye bye to your new job. Even if you are already working for a reputable company, you are not safe. Companies conduct drug tests from time to time to find out if you are a regular user.

For that reason, I started this site and am adamant about helping people pass drug tests.  So is another person, who is so infamous that he has his own method named after him!  Today, I share the details on this.

The Macujo Method

What is the Macujo Method?

Many companies use the urine sample method to test for drugs. This test is often easy to dodge and there are actually many ways you can use to stay off the radar even if you smoke weed like crazy. But some companies use the hair follicle test which you can’t just easily dodge.

Thanks to weed gurus out there, people have already come with a few ways to beat drug tests even through the hair follicle method. If you are not aware, you can easily dodge a test by using one of the two methods known as Jerry g method and Macujo method. Both methods allow you to rid of any traces of drug from your hair so you can return home safe after a hair follicle test. But both of them have their disadvantages and advantages.

For example, the Jerry g method may be cheap and easy to pull, but it ends up damaging your hair permanently. On the other hand the Macujo method is a slightly expensive way to achieve the same goal without any hair damage.

In order to pull of the Macujo method, you need to follow these steps.

  • The very first step is quit using weed at least 10 days before the test. If you use a lot of weed, then you’ll have to quit around 15 days before the test.
  • For the second step, wet your hair with warm water and make sure that they are not soaking wet
  • Now use Heinz vinegar and massage your scalp thoroughly making sure no ends are left untouched by the vinegar
  • Next you need to use the clear and clean formula atop your hair and massage it onto your scalp
  • Now let this mixture rest for about half an hour. You can protect your hair with a shower cap
  • Now use the Nexus Aloe Rid Shampoo to wash your hair thoroughly
  • Now wash your hair with tide liquid laundry detergent and you’re done

Repeat all these steps at least 5 times before the test.

Do I like this method?  Not really.  I’m a big fan of the shampoo, of course, which I talk about all over this site.

Read more about the Macujo method on  They detail the method in many more steps than I do.  You can learn a lot from the big authority sites that take the time to analyze things the way they do.

Jake Hansen


Jake is a marijuana advocate and voice of the people who are for the legalization of marijuana. As the webmaster, all views, opinions, and reviews on this website are based on his personal experiences. He hopes to educate people as well as help them find the best methods to pass drug tests.