TestClear Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox Program

If you’ve ever been sweating a drug test, or are about to take one and don’t know what to do, be prepared to take this review of Toxin Rid seriously.

I’m Jake, and I’ve had this blog running for quite some time now.  I was fed up with getting good jobs (I’m skilled, what can I say) only to lose them because I smoke pot.  I think this is the worst thing in the world, to lose a job because of a habit that’s technically not as bad for me as drinking!  So I started this site to review products I’ve personally tested that helped me get by drug testing.

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It doesn’t matter if you were at a party and had a little toke, or if you are a hard core user.  If you have a drug test coming up, you need to clean yourself out and get rid of the toxins and traces of the drug.

You either pass, and potentially get a job you want that could change your life, or you FAIL, and well, it’s back to looking for employment again. This Toxin Rid review will shoe you how to avoid that scenario.

Toxin Rid

Here is what the product looks like.

Pass the Drug Test with TestClear Toxin Red – 10 Day Detoxing Program

I’ve used this on several occasions, and have blog followers of mine who have used it as well.  It really works, and I’ll tell you just how it works if you dedicate 3-5 minutes to read this in it’s entirety.  It could be life changing.  #justsaying

First off, most drug testing that companies do doesn’t include hair testing.  If it does, you need to add this shampoo to your regimen.

For simplicity, we’ll assume you are taking the basic test that detects drugs by testing in urine, saliva, or blood.

The Ingredients are All Natural

The Toxin Rid does not add chemicals to your system.  It starts by flushing out your body of the residue that will make you fail the drug test.

3 Part System

In just ten days, your body will go through a cleanse.  The company provides fiber, tablets, and a liquid part.  They all will cause you to visit the bathroom more than you would on a regular basis.

If you feel a bit weathered, that’s only because the cleanse is working.  Different from a cleanse you would do when you start a diet, this does not put any hampering on what you can eat.  Go ahead and eat as you wish, and follow the directions fully.  Your body will do best if you consume high amounts of water, but that is pretty obvious in every day living and you should be doing that anyway.

How does the 10 Day Detox Work?

  • 150 Pre-Rid tablets.
  • 1 Oz. of Fiber
  • 1 Oz. of Liquid

Take the 3 pills every hour for the first 5 hours.  Eat your food, drink a lot of water, and stop at 15 tablets on day one.  You do this for 10 full days.

Sure, it sounds like a lot of pills, but it works.  Don’t question the system, it wasn’t built on false promises.

The liquid can be mixed.  I like to use juice, but many people use water.  You drink half of it during the first part of the last day, and the second serving just two hours after that.

The fiber is mixed with juice (or water) and you take this an hour before the drug test.  Slam it, basically just in two minutes or fewer, and then wait thirty minutes, then drink a glass of water. All of these instructions come with the product, by the way.  You’ll probably urinate and maybe defecate prior to the test.

How much Does it Cost?

You can order Toxin rid online for around $190.

Sure, it’s a lot of money, but the opportunity cost of failing yet another drug test could cost you much more than that.  Your life could be altered, family disappointed, and hey, I’ve even seen people lose relationships because of failed drug test.

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Jake Hansen


Jake is a marijuana advocate and voice of the people who are for the legalization of marijuana. As the webmaster, all views, opinions, and reviews on this website are based on his personal experiences. He hopes to educate people as well as help them find the best methods to pass drug tests.

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