Does Kwik Save Drug Test

Living in the United States, I was not familiar with Kwik Save. I quickly found out that the United Kingdom-based Kwik Save is a chain of convenience stores now owned by the Costcutter company. If you want to work there, you should know about their policiesDoes Kwik Save Drug Test including pre-employment or random employee drug screening. Does Kwik Save drug test? Let’s find out, but first something quirky about the company.

The interesting tidbit about Kwik Save’s history is tied to its founder, Albert Gubay. He was a successful businessman on several fronts and was noted for giving his fortune to charity. Prior to his death, he set up a charitable trust and funded it with hundreds of millions from his fortune. Since he was a devout Catholic he stipulated that half the money must be spent on charitable projects connected to the Catholic church. The trustees decide which charities get the other half.

How and When Does Kwik Save Drug Test?

Okay. Now let’s get back to finding out about the drug testing policy of Kwik Save.

Kiwi Save United Kingdom Convenience StoresKwik Save is part of Costcutter. Don’t confuse the UK Costcutter with the Northwest U.S. based Costcutter grocery chain, we’re talking about the UK grocery company of which the Kwik Save convenience stores are a part.

United Kingdom Drug Testing

Under UK law, pre-employment and employee drug tests can be allowed if you give your consent. The problem with the law and company drug testing is that if you don’t give your consent, the employer could use that against you. This sets up the job seeker and employee with a possible “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation. This is especially true if you’ve been having some drug-induced fun on your own time.

The upside is that employee drug testing at companies in the UK appears to depend on the situation. Meaning that if you got hurt or were involved in circumstances in which someone was injured or some other reason, then you would be tested for drugs. It seems like a company has to have a set policy and they have to have told you all about the policy in a clear manner.UK Company drug testing kit

Also, they have to tell you why in this particular instance you are being tested. And they have to tell you the consequences if you fail the drug screening.

As far as Kwik Save goes, I did see someone online say that when they test they check your urine.

Preparing For Your Drug Test

As I recommend every time if you are going to apply for a new job take a break and give your body enough time to get the drugs out. Or buy a drug cleanse product and drink plenty of fluids to get cleaned out faster. Here’s advice on flushing drugs from your body. Be prepared!

At work, don’t do any drugs. If you are high at work, something happens, and they give you a drug test, you will be screwed and it won’t be fun.

These last bits of advice are true whether we are talking about passing a Kwik Save drug test in the UK or any company here in the USA.

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