Mike Tyson California City Weed Ranch

Mike Tyson California City Weed RanchIs Iron Mike Tyson becoming a gentleman farmer?

Mike Tyson’s Going to have a Pot Farm and

Ranch in California City, CA

Not quite. The man nicknamed “The Baddest Man on the Planet” appears to be getting into the pot business. The Mike Tyson California City, CA weed ranch has begun construction. He is one of many marijuana entrepreneurs that are clamoring to set up operations near Los Angeles. LA is considered a massive market for California’s legal medicinal marijuana and recreational marijuana industry. California City is about 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles.

Though there have been some delays, thanks to the city council of California City, they finally issued permits for the planned 40-acre operation which they are calling Tyson Ranch. Tyson and partners have broken ground and are moving ahead with the project.

A Desert Oasis with a Factory, Farm, School, Camping…and Tyson

Robert Hickman, a partner in Tyson Ranch, says they are making an “oasis”. 20 of the acres are earmarked for growing marijuana. They have a school planned to teach pot growers how to make their particular strain the best it can be. A factory to make pot edibles is in the works as is an amphitheater.

Tyson Ranch is also intended to be a resort of sorts. Cannabis fans will be able to stay in cabins that will be built on the property. At least one campground is going to be constructed on the property too. You could have a whole “pot-cation” thanks to Mike Tyson’s marijuana resort!

California City, CA site of Tyson Marijuana ResortCalifornia City Mayor Jennifer Woods is appreciative of Tyson and his partner’s company, Tyson Holistic, which will run the ranch.

Tyson Holistic’s current employees are mostly veterans and they intend to hire more.

California Marijuana DryingTyson Ranch will be a supplier of both medicinal and recreational marijuana. Mayor Woods appreciates the jobs and income for the city’s residents and welcomes the needed tax revenue. She said it will be a “rebirth” for this Mojave Desert community.

Maybe Mike Tyson will make regular appearances so you can “Have a Toke with Tyson”.