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Synthetic urine has become an increasingly popular method of clearing any drug tests taken through urine. This product is often also called powdered urine or dehydrated urine. The purpose of synthetic urine is to help you pass your drug test by simulating real human urine.

Drug testing companies today have evolved to a point that they are now very aware of people adulterating urine to pass drug tests. Laboratories have made it harder to hide fake urine and they have increased their testing limits to detect fake urine. But it is still very possible to clear your drug test if you play it right.

Here we will cover the main points to consider on how to still successfully pass your urine test, and of course recommend what we know to be the best synthetic urine on the market.

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How Does Synethic Urine Work?

Synthetic urine is still a very viable option to trick drug testers into getting a negative test result. But this requires some considerations, especially the fact that you should be aware of what you will be putting yourself into.

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When not to use synthetic urine to pass a drug test:

  1. Is your test being supervised? – if your test is supervised or administered, it is best you avoid using dehydrated urine to try and pass your test.
  2. Do you see loopholes? If your test is administered but you know that the testers aren’t very strict and they won’t ask you to pull down your pants in front of them, then you can still use synthetic urine by hiding it in your clothes and emptying it inside the testing vial.
  3. Use only trusted powdered urine kits to ensure 100% guaranteed results.

Fake urine is one of the best ways to avoid being detected for drugs because it isn’t your urine in the first place. So no matter how hard you smoke or what you smoke, you will always appear 100% negative on the test, which is if you use the urine correctly.

The most effective way of using it & the best synthetic urine

Creating real urine from powdered form is a tricky business. For some, it may seem simple but it really isn’t.

Most brands will ship a very comprehensive guide to help you turn powdered urine into liquid once more so it simulates real urine.

So make sure no matter what you do, buy the best branded powdered urine available. Read reviews of other people who’ve had success with the urine and only then buy it.

Once you have the dehydrated urine with you, make sure you correctly work with it. Companies provide thermostats and heating strips to help you bring the urine in its ideal temperature so it isn’t deemed fake by laboratories.

If you are careful, the fake urine will retain 100% of its natural properties and will smell and look exactly like real urine. This is because all synthetic urine is made with 100% real human pee that goes through mass dehydrators to become powdered form.

Best Product On The Market For Passing Drug Tests?

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If you have some questions about it, head to my main page here where I have an unboxing video, along with a how to video for using this product.

Good luck everyone!

Using Fake Urine is like Using Fake Money

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