Stephen Fasuyi Gets $150,000 for Not Producing Hair Sample

I read a very bizarre article that had a weird ending.  You can check it out here, or just know that your boy Jake has the scoop and is re-telling the story like I was the only one who knew about it!

Job Applicant Earns $150,000 Over Hair Follicle Test

So get this, this guy didn’t even need to work to earn $150,000.  Instead, the man who refused to produce a strand of hair was given $150,000 by a U.S. Steel subsidiary in Texas.  Houston, to be exact.  The man said that drug testing was against his religion.

(By the way, I know all of you guys and gals are going to start using that excuse, no matter which religion you practice!)

The man, named Stephen Fasuyi, had been an applicant at U.S. Steel Tubular Products, which is a subsidiary of U.S. Steel Corp.  The man applied for a utility technician position, and was given a job offer.  This is all according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which had represented Fasuyi.  However, the job was contingent on Fasuyi passing a drug test.

The facility was asking for it’s standard hair follicle test as well as a hair sample.  (Could have used some of this.)

However, Fasuyi is a member of the Nazirite sect of the Hebrew Israelite faith.  He believes that the scriptures did not allow him to cut hair from his scalp.  He did offer an alternative hair sample, from his beard.   (Guy must be a savage – I imagine a Dan Bilzerian type beard.)

While the company won’t comment on the financial settlement, I will.

“Straight Cash Homie.”

The lawsuit filed on his behalf said that he should not have been denied the job for religious reasons. #noted

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