Ways Ready Clean Detox Can Help In Passing A Drug Test

Ready Clean Detox by Detoxify is a detoxification drink designed to clean your body of toxins and bring your nutrients back to their normal state. The real purpose of ready clean is to help you pass any kind of drug test. The detoxification works for all kinds of test including samples from urine, blood, saliva and hair.

Ready Clean

When you use ready clean detox, it opens up a detoxifying window for 4 hours. During this time, any test samples of urine, hair, saliva or blood are free of toxins and appear to be normal in a test. That way you can easily achieve a negative drug test and continue your employment.

Who can use Ready Clean?

Ready Clean Detox is designed to be used by the non-frequent user of drugs like marijuana. It is unable to clean the body of heavy concentration of metabolites such as THC-COOH. The idea person who can achieve guaranteed results is someone who uses drugs 1-3 times a week and weighs less than 200 lbs with non excessive body fat.

The bottle comes in 16oz size and contains the following active ingredients:

  • Ginseng
  • Milk thistle
  • Uva ursi
  • Fruit fiber
  • Nettle
  • Dandelion
  • Hawthorne berry
  • Stevia
  • Mullein leaf

Any bottle claiming to use other ingredients is nothing but counterfeit, so make sure you check the ingredients on the label before you buy ready clean detox.

5 quick tips to help you pass drug tests every time

  1. 1 week before your drug test, make sure you change your diet to a healthy meal plan. Stop eating junk food high on fat like fried chicken or anything that contains a lot of cheese. Like any diet, high fat content can hinder the detoxification process, slowing it down.
  2. Immediately stop using any drugs while you are in the detoxifying phase. If you continue to use drugs while taking ready clean detox, the detoxification process will fail and you will get positive drug results.
  3. The only way you can assure the detoxification will work is to boost your metabolism. There are several ways to boost your metabolism. Try eating food that naturally boosts your metabolism and provides extra detox like grapefruit juice. Or you can also follow a exercise routine to boost your metabolism naturally. Do not go on a crash diet because that will stop your metabolism.
  4. Drink tons of water. Water not only boosts your metabolism but it also flushes your bodies of several harmful substances like toxins.
  5. Stop any unnecessary medication. Some medicines will slow your metabolism down and will in return cause ready clean detox to stop from working its magic.

Ready Clean Detox is an excellent alternative to powdered urine and other detoxifying medicine like the Azo Cranberry Tablets. 1 bottle of ready clean is all you need to free your body of toxins. It cleans your body all over so no toxins can be detected in your blood, urine or hair.


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