Rave Results in Large Arrest at Nocturnal Wonderland

I read this in the LA Times and thought it was a good article to react to.

You can check it out here. 

400 Arrested at Nocturnal Wonderland

Over 400 arrests were made at an electronic music festival in San Bernardino County.  During the rave, over Labor Day weekend, five people were hospitalized as well.  The attendance at this rave was over 67,000 during the three day festival.

On Friday night alone, 111 people were arrested at the entrance during security screening.  This was at the San Manuel Amphitheater in Devore.  It was also reported that a Sheriff’s Deputy was injured on Friday evening while making an arrest.  He was later released.

Among the arrests made, six were under the age of 18, which is the age you must be to be admitted.

Nobody knows if any drug tests were issued, but if they were, hopefully they read our website and avoided a positive result.




Jake Hansen


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