Parkinson’s and Medical Marijuana

I’m sick and tired of the rhetoric from people who oppose marijuana!

So today, I’m posting a feel good story about what medical marijuana can do to people who are suffering from a disease.

Today, in specific, I look into the use of medical marijuana and Parkinson’s.

These segments are from “Ride With Larry,” a feature documentary that talks about Larry, a retired police captain, who tries medical marijuana for the very first time.

Please watch these short clips, all three of them depict his journey and really woke me up to what medical marijuana can do for people who suffer from this very rehabilitating disease.

Medical Marijuana and Parkinson’s Disease

As of right now, medical marijuana is approved in 23 States as well as the District of Columbia.  Some States have stipulations where it cannot be smoked, however.  I won’t get into all of that jazz today, but know that requirements vary by State.  Usually a patient must register to be able to use cannabinoids, and an approved condition must be documented by a physician.  A Doctor can’t prescribe these, per Federal law, but each State has a qualification process for Doctors to issue a certificate allowing needy patients to obtain this.

Five States consider Parkinson’s as a condition they will approve for the medical marijuana.  However, this doesn’t make anyone quality very easily for it’s availability.  For example, in New York, you have to have the disease as well as one approved condition.  Items such as chronic pain, extreme malnutrition, seizures, nausea, and muscle spasms will typically qualify.

Of course, there are risks with using medical marijuana, as many people will point out.

In moderation, cannabinoids are well tolerated.  However, some people will get nausea, weak, and even dizzy.  Mood changes and behavior issues may surface, causing them to stop treatment.

So what do I say?

I say let the sufferer decide if it’s right for them.  They are the ones with the conditions, you know?

People continue to harp on it being a gateway drug.  Well, if I’m suffering from something like Parkinson’s, do I really care if there is that risk associated with it?

Let people live the way they want. The videos above show a man extremely calmed down after taking the medication.  I’d want to do the same thing for myself or anyone close to me.

But that’s just my two cents. 

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