What You Need To Know About Letrozole

This is one of the substances that caused UFC fighter Jon Jones to fail his drug test. Him and a few other big names were accused of taking performance enhancing drugs around the same time, and this is a recurring theme with UFC fighters.

Letrozole is an FDA-approved prescription medication primarily used to treat breast cancer in women who are postmenopausal. Its off-label uses include female fertility issues, gynecomastia, and endometriosis. The medication decreases the body’s female hormones.

Both of the substances found in Jon Jones’ system were medications for women, the other substance being Hydroxyclomiphene, a fertility medication which has since been banned by the USADA.

Side Effects Of Letrozole

Side effects from this medication can be minor or extremely serious. Consult with your physician immediately if you experience any unusual aches or pains, changes in your heartbeat, vaginal bleeding or discharge, chest pain, or vision changes.

You should also consult with your physician if you experience any symptoms that are unusual for you, even if they are minor.

Breast Cancer Treatment With Letrozole

Letrozole should not be used to treat breast cancer in women who have not completed menopause. It is considered appropriate treatment in certain situations.

For cancer that is hormone receptor positive, it can be used as an early-stage cancer treatment if other treatments have not been effective. It can also be used for advanced cases of cancer that has worsened after antiestrogen treatment, and in cases where the cancer has advanced locally or metastasized.

Is Letrozole Effective?

A number of studies have shown this medication is useful in treating certain types of breast cancer. One study showed it is more effective than Tamoxifen in increasing the amount of time before breast cancer returns, and lowering risks of cancer metastasizing.

Another study showed similar results for postmenopausal women who used this medication for five years, after they had used Tamoxifen for five years.

Letrozole Contraindications And Warnings

Your doctor should be aware of your medical history, as he may want to advise a different treatment if you have certain medical conditions. Examples include cardiovascular issues, blood vessel issues, liver conditions, decreased bone density, and high cholesterol.

As this medication can also cause drug interaction, inform your doctor if you are using any other prescription medications, over the counter products, herbal products, or vitamins.

This medication is absorbed through lungs and skin. For this reason, it should be kept away from pregnant women and children.

Letrozole is a prescription drug. It must be taken according to directions. You must never give your medication to anyone else, nor use another person’s medication. It should only be used when prescribed for you by your own physician.

Letrozole works by decreasing the estrogen produced by your body. It can reverse or slow breast cancer growth. While it is only effective for certain types of breast cancer, and should only be used to treat postmenopausal women, it can help many women live longer, healthier lives.

If you or a loved one has breast cancer, it is something to discuss with your personal physician. If he has not prescribed Letrozole, ask if this product could be right for you.

How Is This Considered a Performance Enhancing Substance?

It is also known to inhibit aromatase, which in turn is supposed to increase the level of testosterone in the body.

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