Kawhi Leonard Drug Tested After Big Game for the Spurs

Whenever a star player in any sport has a superb performance, it always goes noticed.  With ESPN, and other 24-7 news outlets covering every move of every sport around the clock, it’s impossible to miss out on the savage performances that many of these superstar athletes are routinely putting up.

Recently, MVP candidate San Antonio Spur Kawhi Leonard had a massive game.

Kawhi Leonard is Drug Tested After Game

When his team beat the Houston Rockets, a game in which he tallied 39 points, including a 6.5 second floor to floor heroic effort in his team’s 112-110 victory, he was to take the podium to talk about his amazing game.  However, this had to wait because of a drug test he was forced to take by the NBA.

The drug screening took a bit longer to get because he was slightly dehydrated.  This forced the Spurs star to be a little late to the media meet-up.

It’s worth noting that the NBA does test players at random four times during the regular season and two times during the off season.

I guess we should add the NBA to the list of companies who screen for drugs? May as well add the NFL of course, too, and all the other major sports leagues in the USA.

I wonder how rigorously tested the soccer players are over in Europe?  There are some very well conditioned players over in Spain, England, Germany, Italy, and throughout Europe. I’d be curious to know which sports league has the toughest drug testing, and which has the most relaxed drug testing.

Also, here is a highlight reel from Leonard.  Do you think he will get the MVP this year?  It’s either him, James Harden, (love his beard btw) or LeBron James in my opinion.

Jake Hansen


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