Jabrill Peppers Tests Positive for Diluted Urine Sample – NFL Stock Plummets

I’m a huge fan of sports.  MMA is one of my favorite spectator sports, but like most of America, I keep my eyes on the NFL.  The National Football League is a HUGE business, and I don’t just mean for television rights and and endorsements, as it also comes with huge player salaries.  Player salaries are paid based on contracts negotiated between agents and teams, but the attitude and pedigree of each player has a lot to do with what the team is willing to be on the hook for salary wise today, and into the future.

Today, I learned that one of the most amazing college players to watch, Jabrill Peppers, tested positive for a dilute sample at the NFL scouting combine.  This was first reported by Adam Schefter, the amazing reporter from the sports network ESPN.  Peppers is a versatile talent who can play multiple positions, including both offense and defense, and he was expected to be picked pretty high in this years 2017 NFL Draft.

However, this dilute sample is a major hit on his body of work.  He’s the second prospect to have this happen, as it also happened to a linebacker from Alabama named Reuben Foster.

While it’s being reported that Peppers drank eight to 10 bottles of water prior to his test, he was the first player to run for the defensive players.  He drank so much water because he has a history of cramping.  He also was reportedly ill from making the trip from San Diego to Indianapolis.

While there is no fair and true evidence that he indeed used some sort of synthetic urine or other device to dilute his sample, I think this leaves a huge question mark behind him.  I want him to excel, as he’s a great player.  He shouldn’t be penalized for this by teams on draft day because there is zero proof that he did anything to taint his test.

He is currently projected to go at #15 according to a recent mock draft I read.  This means a huge multi million dollar contract. 

So what do you all think?  Will we get a report later that he was hiding marijuana evidence, or is he clear?  Maybe he knew how long marijuana remains in the human urine and did something about it.

No, I don’t think so.  There are millions of dollars on the line, why even risk it?

Jabrill Peppers Highlight Reel 2016

Jake Hansen


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