How Long Does Xanax Stay in Your Urine?

Are you concerned because you have to take a drug test in the near future? Maybe you have been abusing Xanax (also called alprazolam) without a prescription and you’re worried that your job, doctor, or somebody else might find out about this problem.  I’ve used this drug in the past, and I know many people who use it for, how should I say it – recreational use.

It’s actually a very popular “downer” among people, and it can be dangerous.  If you find yourself addicted to Xanax (or any other prescription drug for that matter) – please get help.  If you know someone who is addicted to this drug, please use this resource to offer them help.

Now, if you’re worried about how long this drug is going to stay in your urine, this is a serious concern that you definitely have to consider. But the length of time that it stays in your system might be determined by the way that you take the drug itself.

The Truth about Xanax

Unfortunately, when compared to other drugs, Xanax has a tendency to stay in the body a lot longer. As a matter of fact, you can detect Xanax in the urine for as long as six weeks if you are a heavy user of this narcotic.

So, if you do have to take a drug test now or in the near future, you should immediately stop taking Xanax if you are afraid you are going to fail.

If your job is on the line and you feel like you are going to lose it because of a Xanax addiction, then you should either come clean and ask for help, or do your best to stop taking this drug for at least six weeks before the test comes up. Otherwise you might end up failing and creating a lot of misery in your life that should be unnecessary.

Why Do People Mainly Use Xanax?

Well, there are a number of different reasons why people will mainly use the drug Xanax.

Xanax Pill Photos

Often times you’ll hear of these types of Xanas as “bars” (upper right) and “footballs.” (remaining pics)

For starters, it is initially prescribed because it can help treat different mood disorders. So, if you’re seeing a psychiatrist or a therapist that has the ability to prescribe medication, and you are suffering from some type of mood disorder, they may end up prescribing you this drug.

Unfortunately, many people end up getting hooked on these drugs after they are prescribed by a well-meaning doctor. So if you find yourself itching for Xanax, you may need to speak to a qualified professional that can help you with your addiction.

Other times Xanax is prescribed because it can help to control anxiety and panic attacks. And obviously, they are very serious problems that need to be treated, so Xanax is definitely going to be helpful in those situations.

Again, if you do feel like you are becoming addicted to the Xanax that you are taking, I wouldn’t recommend stopping it immediately. But you should talk to your doctor and let him or her know about the problem that you’re currently facing.

It’s great that the Xanax might help you overcome panic disorder and other mood disorders. But if you are only going to end up with a serious drug addiction at the end of your treatment, you might be better off to stop taking your prescription and trying a different treatment method instead.

Possible Solution:  If you are looking to clean your system and detox your body, this is what I recommend.


On average, if you are not a heavy user of Xanax, it could stay in your urine stream for about a week. But if you use the medication a great deal and abuse it, it could stay in your urine for about six weeks. So keep that in mind.

Learn more about this drug on the official website.  It’s made by Pfizer Inc.

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