Germany Approves Medical Marijuana

I read with great interest over at CNN this morning (yeah I know, I barely read major news outlets and prefer blogs and sites that don’t have agendas) that the Germans are moving forward with Medical Marijuana.  As someone of German heritage, I’m very happy about this.  (Actually, do I really care?  It’s not like I visit Germany ever, but I’d like to one day.)

The link to the story is right here.  Below, you can read my reaction, per usual.

Germany OK’s Medical Marijuana

Unanimously passing, cannabis can be “used as medicine.”  That’s exactly how the story read, as it should.  I’ve put up numerous stories in the past about how cannabis helps people in certain medical situations.  There are too many stories to even reference here.

In the case of the German approval, if you suffer from a severe illness (like MS) you’ll be able to get medical marijuana with a prescription.  You can get it from your Doctor in order to alleviate symptoms like nausea or chronic pain.

In something that would never happen in the USA, the left and right parties both supported this.

You still can’t possess pot in Germany, although small portions of possession are not normally prosecuted.

USA Marijuana

Above is the current landscape of marijuana laws in the USA.  For more stories about legalization, view the stories below.

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