Drug Tests May Be Required for Unemployment Benefits

Just read this over on Fox Boston and thought it was worth passing along.  I know a lot of people come here for info on how to pass drug tests, and this one will certainly be of interest to those of you who are filing for unemployment benefits.

Drug Testing May Be Used When Unemployment Benefits Are Sought

Today’s news comes straight out of Washington. 

A bill introduced by Kevin Brady is saying that States would have the ability to drug test applicants of people who lost their job due to being caught using drugs or who are looking for a job that makes them pass a drug test.

Called “a common sense measure” by Brady, I agree with the concept that people should be of clear mind and health when they are working.

“If you are unable or unwilling to pass a basic drug test for a job that requires one, then you suffer, your family suffers and so do the businesses looking for good workers.”

Ten States currently have laws that allow them to test welfare recipients prior to getting their stipends.

There are many people debating this, but don’t count me as one of them.  First off, I remain employed for the time being, which I will say is a blessing.  Also, I don’t plan on ever being unemployed because I have built up skill sets I can use for the long haul. I’m not a pusher or a hustler, and I certainly am a straight shooter.  I like to approach every job with truth and plan on being a loyal worker, no matter how much marijuana I consume.

As you know, I do beat drug tests anyways!


Jake Hansen


Jake is a marijuana advocate and voice of the people who are for the legalization of marijuana. As the webmaster, all views, opinions, and reviews on this website are based on his personal experiences. He hopes to educate people as well as help them find the best methods to pass drug tests.