Drug Testing In Companies

Companies and institutions have long since started the practice of drug testing their employees or students as a standard procedure. While a lot of us feel ashamed about drug testing and are generally opposed to such practices, it is important to understand that drug testing is carried out to rule out certain problems with future employees or in investigations for cases that are reported.

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Most employers, private or government, big or small, these days will require you to test negative for drugs before making a fully functional job offer. These tests are carried out in order to decide an employee’s credibility, criminal records, verify background testing or rule out suspicion.

Companies that Drug Test

Almost all companies use a standard method for drug testing, that is through a blood test or a urine test. You may be asked to submit these tests before you are employed or even during your tenure as their employee.

There are other methods for drug testing, apart from the standard blood and urine test. These can include Saliva Tests, Hair Tests, Breathalyzer and Sweat Patches. We will be discussing the major differences between a blood test and Urinalysis.

Blood Test for Drugs

The standard procedure for drawing blood is carried out in the blood test. Blood tests are considered more accurate while testing for drugs since the analysis is detailed and an expert analyzes them. Drugs also break down in to smaller units in your bloodstream and these smaller components can be detected through a simple blood test. Your employer will specify what kind of drug testing they prefer. Blood tests are usually more expensive than other tests but this cost is covered by the company.

Urinalysis – Drug Testing Through Urine

This test is a very simple one. You get a sterilized cup or container from any drug store or the lab and you are required to submit your urine sample in this. Once you have submitted this to the lab, you can be expected to receive a computerized report through email or from the lab the very next day. The important thing to remember is to ensure that the urine sample is fresh. This test does not need the opinion or analysis of an expert. A simple lab assistant can also verify these results, making it a very affordable test. On the topic of validity and accuracy, this test does not do as well as a blood test. Since your urine contains water, urea and some toxins, it is not enough to detect if somebody had been taking drugs. However, due to its affordability, most people prefer getting this done.

Companies That Regularly Test Employees for Drugs

  • FedEx: FedEx requires a drug test as a pre-employment requirement and accepts only urine tests.
  • Barnes & Noble: Following the same pattern as FedEx, this bookstore giant requires urine tests but this requirement varies according to the position you have applied for.
  • UPS: UPS conducts random drug tests through urine on their employees.
  • WalMart: Requires pre-employment drug test as a urinalysis.
  • McDonald’s: The fast food giant requires urinalysis for all their employers.

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