Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Flies With California Tech Firms

Well, we’ve reached in infliction point here.  At least in California, with proposition 64 passing with flying colors.

I read on this website that some tech firms don’t care if you smoke weed at home or elsewhere, as long as they don’t find out about it or hear it openly talked about.

Sure, some businesses are going in different directions about smoking weed and working for them.  In fact, there are very drastic differences in some firms.

If you are someone tasked to design a computer chip at Intel or mess around you know, with the search engine called GOOGLE, you will not be drug tested.

However, if you drive a Samtrans bus or operate heavy machinery, you can bet your ass you will be tested for drugs.

California Rules on Who Tests for Drugs is up In the Air

So the blue collar firms and machinery operators are being tested, while the tech guys are NOT.  This makes sense to me, I’d rather have some Russian hacking search queries high as balls instead of the guy digging up my City streets.  This is A-OKAY with me for the record.

Cisco doesn’t drug test.

Every construction company reportedly does.

Even on college campuses the staff of professors who instruct our youth, they are tested.

Campus police are NOT.

So we’re seeing a ton of variance here on what’s happening.

Hey, if it’s up to you to try to pass a drug test, just buy this fake urine, or if you know they test you for drugs with hair samples, buy this ultra clean shampoo, and you’ll be fine.

So with blue collar workers being tested, make sure you check out those above links.

If you work in tech and want to be extra sure, keep some around.  It’s a small investment in your future versus potentially losing your career.

It’s even being reported that in Silicon Valley, firms are not doing the drug testing because they don’t want to lose any talent in what’s a tough market of potential hires.

So if you work in tech, like me, you can smoke away. We all know that these guys had no problem doing that on the popular show Silicon Valley.


Again, testing positive for weed only means it’s been in your system as long as 45 days ago.  Not that you are currently high.

Let’s face it, almost 2/3 of the USA can legally smoke pot.

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Jake Hansen


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