Does UPS Drug Test?

Does UPS Test for DrugsDoes UPS drug test? Like the drug testing policies at many companies, it is not always easy to know for sure if UPS will do a drug screening for every potential employee, for every position.

I think it is best to look at it like this. UPS is a big company. They are a huge worldwide company. There are lots of UPS employees that drive delivery vans, semi-trailer trucks, aircraft pilots, aircraft mechanics, and more. For aircraft related jobs, you can be certain that drug tests will be given because they are required by the FAA. For driving jobs which require a CDL, drug testing is also a certainty.

Many of these types of UPS jobs require high margins of safety, precision, and expertise. Also, with a lot of these jobs you are driving or operating equipment, vehicles and aircraft. When that is the case, a company is going to have drug screening policies that comply with current laws, which I mentioned previously. They are also going to take whatever extra steps they think are necessary to protect the safety of their employees and any others whose safety or well-being is dependent upon the safe operations of these vehicles, equipment, and aircraft.

I’m not saying that you can’t smoke a joint every now and then and still perform either high-risk work or jobs that require precision and expertise. Oh hell no. I’m just coming at this from the point of view of the company.

UPS Package Handler JobsFrom what I’ve found out when I was trying to figure out the answer to the does UPS drug test or not question, there are people saying both they do and they don’t for more entry-level or seasonal jobs like package sorters/handlers. They do seem to check out every potential employee pretty thoroughly, but it seems that not every single person they hire for every job is actually drug tested.

Drug Testing UPS JobsHowever, when they do drug test new hires they mainly rely on urine drug testing. Testing for dope is not cheap and UPS employs a lot of people. It seems in most cases they rely on piss testing because it costs less. There are some situations where UPS use a blood test to screen for drugs, but that seems to be mainly when the urine analysis doesn’t provide clear results.

In a nutshell, it seems UPS does not drug test for many part-time and seasonal jobs. If you have to have a CDL, it is a different story. Also, of course, if you’re dealing with aircraft at all you can expect that a drug screen will be required.


Jake Hansen


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