The Diaz Brothers Smoke $2,000 Gold Joint

I’ve always been a big fan of MMA.  It’s to the point where I specifically have a section devoted to all the MMA news that pertains to the world of drugs and the confusion of what’s legal and what’s considered a PED.  My most recent update on this blog was about how Mark Hunt filed a big lawsuit against Dana White and the UFC.  Read it here, it’s concerning with how the league dealt with the return of Brock Lesnar, who was caught using PED’s prior to their bout at UFC 200.

I’ve also blogged about how some weird brand popped up selling steroids called UFC.  Whoops, that’s probably a no-no.

To say that the world of MMA keeps news pumping out about as fast as my twitchy fingers can type is a bold understatement. I’ve enjoyed blogging to the masses about how the MMA is so unique, so bold, and so beautiful.  Sort of like my blogging skills.

Where are you going with this, Jake?

Well, I have to say that there is something very special in the MMA.  Something so special and entertaining that I continue to talk about it.  That “it” is the Diaz Brothers – Nate, and Nick.  These two guys from Stockton, California, have been nothing short of a human highlight film in the ring and a circus act outside of it.  I follow them with great passion, almost like a trader follows a penny stock they went all-in on.  Today, I have a very special treat for you.

The Diaz Brothers Smoke a $2,000 Gold Glove Blunt!

Yep, it’s true.  As I first read on TMZ,


Jake Hansen


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