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Many companies, including the ones in the fortune 500 list of companies require new employees to go through a drug test before they can start. For some of you, it may a huge life matter because you are finally about to get your dream job but now you have to pass a drug test which you think you might fail.

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Why Dehydrated Urine Helps You Pass Drug Testing

If you do suspect that you will fail your pre-employment drug test, you are in luck because there are many ways you can pass your drug test without waiting for the presence of toxins to naturally flush out.

Whilst there are many different ways to detoxify your body of toxins that create a positive drug report, some of these may require time and patience, which is why people often use powdered or dehydrated urine to pass the drug tests.

What is powdered or dehydrated urine?

Dehydrated or powdered urine is a popular product for passing drug tests that require a urine sample. There are many companies that produce powdered urine and ships them complete with a kit to help you create a synthetic urine sample which is 100% natural in nature and acts and smells just like urine.

Using Fake Urine is like Using Fake Money

How is powdered urine formed?

The companies that produce powdered urine take in large quantities of real human urine and puts them through mass dehydrators. There the human urine is reduced to fine powdered form so that a consumer can turn it back into real urine and send it off for samples.

But bringing back the urine to its natural form from a powdered state is not as simple as many think. Thankfully, the companies provide detailed instructions to help you make a synthetic but real in nature sample for submission to a laboratory.

The powdered or dehydrated urine come with a vial, a temperature and heating strip. You are required to pour the contents of the powdered urine in the vial and add specific quantity of water in it. Since urine needs to be at a specific temperature to be qualified as real human urine, you are provided with a heating strip.

This heating strip is added into the vial of powdered urine and water to bring it to the right temperature. With a thermometer, you can check whether the urine is between 32-38 C. Once you have obtained the right temperature, you will have 100% real human urine as a sample for a drug test.

Does it work?

Powdered urine is guaranteed to work because there is nothing unnatural in it. The powder is formed using 100% natural human urine which is reduced to fine powder using dehydrators. Since it is real urine in the first place, if you carefully bring it to liquid form with the right temperature, you will have yourself a urine sample that not only looks exactly like urine, but also smells like one. Also, the urine retains all the properties it should have to avoid being regarded as adulterated.

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