Chronic Marijuana Users Visit Hospitals “Scromiting”

This is one of best stories I’ve ever read in the Miami Herald, and I had to come over here to Clear the Drug Test and tell everyone about it.

What Does “Scromiting” Mean?

Long term use of marijuana could lead to “scromiting,” according to researchers. So what does this exactly mean?

This term is used to refer to people who are screaming and vomiting at the same time.

According to Roneet Lev, who Directs operations in San Diego at the Scripps Mercy Hospital, at least one person comes in daily for this condition.

This term was concocted way back in the year 2004, in Australia. It’s come to light in the U.S. more recently because the laws have become so relaxed these days, with many States going the recreational route this year, including Nevada.

It’s commonly referred to as Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, and it can happen to any long term users of marijuana.

Just five years ago, this wasn’t something that was common, according to Kennon Heard, who is a physician in Aurora, Colorado at the University.

There is a possible link between decriminalization of marijuana and this bizarre syndrome.

In the most bizarre thing I’ve heard today, one person, named Chalfonte LeNee Queen, who lives in San Diego, has suffered from this going back 17 years.

“I’ve screamed out for death,” she told a reporter. “I’ve cried out for my mom, who’s been dead for 20 years, mentally not realizing she can’t come to me.”

There is, however, some skepticism that marijuana is actually responsible for this. An opposition view point is that the use of plant-based neem oil as a pesticide is causing this condition.

How do You Stop Scromiting from Happening?

Apparently, anyone who has had this syndrome has been able to alleviate it by taking a bath or hot shower.

Of course, the obvious solution would be to quit using marijuana entirely. Right? Seems to obvious to me, but that’s a solution that will take care of this terrible condition.

Even the amazing publication High Times is recognizing “Scromiting” – so you know this is very, very real.

If you are quitting marijuana use, you should totally detox your system.

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