Chael Sonnen Must Clear a Drug Test to Get Paid

MMA fighter Chael Sonnen, one of the most interesting fighters in the sport, recently said that in his return to fighting he must be clean when he gets in the octagon for Bellator.  If not, he will have to face the music – which means FORFEITING HIS PAYDAY.

Ouch!  Hopefully he uses one of these kits.

Chael Sonnen Must Pass Drug Test to Be Paid

He won’t be in the USADA testing pool, but he did say during a call with Bellator MMA President (Scott Coker) that if he does not pass a test while fighting for that brand, it will result in a 100% loss of his fight purse. It’ll also force him to cough up an additional $500,000 as part of the agreement.

“That is in writing,” said Sonnen.

His debut has not be penciled in just yet, but there have been some names thrown around for potential first fights.  Tito Ortiz, Rory MacDonald, Fedor Emelianko, and Wanderlei Silva have all been mentioned.  Sonnen will fight middleweight to heavyweight.

Stay tuned, because if he doesn’t pass his test, I can say “dude, you should have read my blog.”

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