The Macujo Method

Let’s be honest, drug tests are a huge pain especially if you recreation-ally use weed. Many companies in the U.S are required by law to put you through a drug test even before they hire you. And guess what, if you fail a drug test, you can say bye bye to your new job. Even if you are already working for a reputable company, you are not safe. Companies conduct drug tests from time to time to find out if you are a regular user.

For that reason, I started this site and am adamant about helping people pass drug tests.  So is another person, who is so infamous that he has his own method named after him!  Today, I share the details on this.

The Macujo Method

What is the Macujo Method?

Many companies use the urine sample method to test for drugs. This test is often easy to dodge and there are actually many ways you can use to stay off the radar even if you smoke weed like crazy. But some companies use the hair follicle test which you can’t just easily dodge.

Thanks to weed gurus out there, people have already come with a few ways to beat drug tests even through the hair follicle method. If you are not aware, you can easily dodge a test by using one of the two methods known as Jerry g method and Macujo method. Both methods allow you to rid of any traces of drug from your hair so you can return home safe after a hair follicle test. But both of them have their disadvantages and advantages.

For example, the Jerry g method may be cheap and easy to pull, but it ends up damaging your hair permanently. On the other hand the Macujo method is a slightly expensive way to achieve the same goal without any hair damage.

In order to pull of the Macujo method, you need to follow these steps.

  • The very first step is quit using weed at least 10 days before the test. If you use a lot of weed, then you’ll have to quit around 15 days before the test.
  • For the second step, wet your hair with warm water and make sure that they are not soaking wet
  • Now use Heinz vinegar and massage your scalp thoroughly making sure no ends are left untouched by the vinegar
  • Next you need to use the clear and clean formula atop your hair and massage it onto your scalp
  • Now let this mixture rest for about half an hour. You can protect your hair with a shower cap
  • Now use the Nexus Aloe Rid Shampoo to wash your hair thoroughly
  • Now wash your hair with tide liquid laundry detergent and you’re done

Repeat all these steps at least 5 times before the test.

Do I like this method?  Not really.  I’m a big fan of the shampoo, of course, which I talk about all over this site.

Read more about the Macujo method on  They detail the method in many more steps than I do.  You can learn a lot from the big authority sites that take the time to analyze things the way they do.

Stephen Fasuyi Gets $150,000 for Not Producing Hair Sample

I read a very bizarre article that had a weird ending.  You can check it out here, or just know that your boy Jake has the scoop and is re-telling the story like I was the only one who knew about it!

Job Applicant Earns $150,000 Over Hair Follicle Test

So get this, this guy didn’t even need to work to earn $150,000.  Instead, the man who refused to produce a strand of hair was given $150,000 by a U.S. Steel subsidiary in Texas.  Houston, to be exact.  The man said that drug testing was against his religion.

(By the way, I know all of you guys and gals are going to start using that excuse, no matter which religion you practice!)

The man, named Stephen Fasuyi, had been an applicant at U.S. Steel Tubular Products, which is a subsidiary of U.S. Steel Corp.  The man applied for a utility technician position, and was given a job offer.  This is all according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which had represented Fasuyi.  However, the job was contingent on Fasuyi passing a drug test.

The facility was asking for it’s standard hair follicle test as well as a hair sample.  (Could have used some of this.)

However, Fasuyi is a member of the Nazirite sect of the Hebrew Israelite faith.  He believes that the scriptures did not allow him to cut hair from his scalp.  He did offer an alternative hair sample, from his beard.   (Guy must be a savage – I imagine a Dan Bilzerian type beard.)

While the company won’t comment on the financial settlement, I will.

“Straight Cash Homie.”

The lawsuit filed on his behalf said that he should not have been denied the job for religious reasons. #noted

Jump Start Detox Drink And Pass A Drug Test

Getting tested for drugs by your employer soon? You may be inclined to find easy ways to pass your test without giving up on drugs. Or worse, you may not have enough time for the toxins to disappear from your system before the time runs out.

If you are in a hurry and really want to keep your job, trying using the detox drink method to pass your drug test.

Detox drinks are usually used to help clean your body of harmful agents such as toxins obtained from unhealthy eating and of course, through use of drugs. These drinks, if used properly before the time of the drug test, can help you easily pass the test. Most of these drinks are made up with natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about ending up with side effects. Also, drinking these drinks also do not appear on your test and that way your laboratory won’t ever find out that you were being clever.

How to find the right detox drink to bypass a drug test

There are a number of different detox drinks available today on the internet and on shelves. But it is quite tricky to find out which drink will work for you. In order to find the best detox drink, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are there more than 10 days remaining for my test?
  2. Am I a casual, heavy or extreme user of drugs?

Here are the best detox drinks you can get according to your lifestyle:

Casual user (1-3 times per week)

Casual users can get away with drug tests very easily. This is because the toxins in their body are far lesser than the ones who heavily smoke up. Casual users don’t need to start detoxifying 10 days before the test. They can do it 2 days before the test and still pass it.

Recommended products for casual users:

  • The Extreme Clean Detoxification drink – 16oz, approximately $25
  • Stinger Detox Drink – 8oz, approximately $25
  • The Stuff – 16oz, approximately $26
  • Detoxify Ready Clean – 16oz, approximately $35
  • Detoxify Ready Clean Women – 16oz, approximately $36
  • Spectrum labs Absolute Detox – 16oz, approximately $35

Heavy users (3+ times a week)

If you are a heavy user, you may have trouble passing your test if time is of the essence. You need at least 10 days for the drink to work on you.


  • The Extreme clean detox drink – 32oz, approximately $36
  • The Strip Detox Product – 4 tabs, approximately $29
  • Detoxify XXTRA clean – 20oz, approximately $50
  • Spectrum Labs Absolute XXL – 32oz, approximately $45
  • Detoxify MEGA clean – 32oz, approximately $70

Extreme user (Everyday)

If you are an extreme user of marijuana, detoxifying drinks may not work on you. Extreme users will need at least a month before their body is completely free of toxins. You can opt for other methods like powdered urine to pass a drug test.

You should also consume detoxifying foods.

The drink I personally use is right here.  Have a test drive with it, and thank me later.

Orlando Officer Mistakes Donut Glaze for Meth?

This should be one of those “news of the weird” type blogs.  I mean, it was weird enough that the Canadian athlete who kissed a hooker was testing positive for cocaine, which I blogged about here, but this one is just bizarre.  Get your coffee mug full and listen to this odd as all hell story.

Orlando, Florida Officer Confuses Meth for Donut Glaze

Corporal Shelby Riggs-Hopkins has resigned due to this vary weird incident, as reported here.

Orlando Officer Mistake

Apparently the officer was never trained in narcotics testing prior to arresting a man named Dan Rushing back in July of 2016.  The arrest charges were for methamphetamine possession.

Rushing, obviously innocent of the charges, was said to be insisting that the substance was merely sugar.

“I said, ‘That’s icing from a Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut and they went, ‘No, that’s drugs,’” Rushing told WFTV in October 2016.

A recently released report said that Riggs Hopkins was investigated and she did act in good faith, but didn’t properly complete portions of the drug test.

Two of the three tests were said to be positive, but the crime lab was unable to find drugs.

A consultant named Chuck Drago (by the way, that sounds like an action movie here name, doesn’t it?) stated that a field test CAN be wrong, and officers should seek out additional evidence in order to make an arrest.  He also added that a supervisor should have made light of the report and question it further.

The drug charge was dropped against Rushing, and a lawsuit was promptly filed against the city of Orlando.  (Rightfully so.)

The officer (Riggs Hopkins) later received training on how to perform these types of drug tests.  (Doh.)

Moral of the story?

Well, for me, I’m not ordering any donuts with glaze on them.  I’m not going to put myself in the awkward position to be arrested if some bozo officer is going to mistake that for a drug.  🙂

Hollywood Sign Changed to “HollyWeed”

You all know I’m pro-smoking.  You all know I’m all about legalizing marijuana as well.  I’ve talked about it time and time again.

Well, this prank went viral, and I have to say it’s AWESOME.

Hollywood Goes Hollyweed

Sometimes, a picture is worth 1,000 words, so here it is.

Hollyweed Prank

It’s unknown if the vandals (pranksters) were high on weed and suffering side effects! They can’t legally buy weed in California just yet, but hey, it’s abundant pretty much everywhere.

Price of Marijuana Drops in Colorado

I read an interesting article on BusinessInsider that I thought I’d share with you.  Pot prices are coming down!

Wholesale cannabis, sold by the pound, was around $2,400 to $2,600.  In the last month alone, that price has dropped to somewhere between $1,400 and $1,600!

Price of Weed Drops Sharply in Colorado

Weed smokers are certainly happy about this. I know I am. 

The reasoning for this is that the market is becoming inundated with inventory.  Just like when there is a lot of cocaine abundant in New York City, there is something that I learned way back in college economics called supply and demand.  (I knew that education would pay off.)

With production ramped up in Colorado, there is a massive amount of marijuana which is making wholesale prices dip.

Colorado isn’t the only place this is happening.  Washington (the State of course) is also seeing similar trends.

In fact, everywhere marijuana is legal has seen at least a small dip in prices. 

Related Reading:  Check out which USA States are voting on legalizing marijuana for recreational use on this page.

However, the municipal government in Denver has issued a moratorium on giving out new licenses to retail dispensaries as well  as facilities that are able to legally cultivate marijuana.  This will certainly help make sure this price is “rock bottom.”

I’ll be back soon with all your drug news.  That’s what I do, and that’s what I like to talk about.  Of course, I’m your man if you ever have questions about how to beat a drug test.  I’ve been doing it for years thanks in part to a very slick company with excellent products.



Rave Results in Large Arrest at Nocturnal Wonderland

I read this in the LA Times and thought it was a good article to react to.

You can check it out here. 

400 Arrested at Nocturnal Wonderland

Over 400 arrests were made at an electronic music festival in San Bernardino County.  During the rave, over Labor Day weekend, five people were hospitalized as well.  The attendance at this rave was over 67,000 during the three day festival.

On Friday night alone, 111 people were arrested at the entrance during security screening.  This was at the San Manuel Amphitheater in Devore.  It was also reported that a Sheriff’s Deputy was injured on Friday evening while making an arrest.  He was later released.

Among the arrests made, six were under the age of 18, which is the age you must be to be admitted.

Nobody knows if any drug tests were issued, but if they were, hopefully they read our website and avoided a positive result.




Canadian Women Busted With 95 Kilograms of Cocaine

When you brag about stuff on social media, you are asking for trouble.  That’s what happened to two idiotic Canadian women who docked their ship in Australia.

The pair of women, Melina Roberge, 23, and Isabella Lagace, 28, as well as an older gentlemen named Andre Tamine, could face life in prison and were refused bail.  They were charged with importing drugs into the country in what was called a “commercial volume.”

Morons Get Busted On Instagram With Cocaine

Apparently the street value was around $23 million and this was the biggest bust through a passenger stream.  There mayy be other people involved

They were apparently busted because they were bragging on Instagram.  Here is one of the photos that was posted online for the world to see:

Canadians busted with cocaine


The statement released by police mentioned that the vessel was boarded over the weekend in Sydney Harbour.  The authorities used sniffer dogs to sniff around and do a search of the ship.  The trip was documented by the women, which showed them drinking out of coconuts while wearing bikinis.  Other photos have them in Peru, driving dune buggies.  One photo shows Roberge getting a tattoo on her leg in Tahiti.

Does this sound like Locked Up Abroad to anyone?

Lagace has on a marijuana leaf necklace according to one report I read.  These idiots were just asking for trouble!

The point where the women got on the ship is not entirely clear at this point, but photos from Tahiti were the most recent, according to reports.

Word to the wise, if you are going to commit a crime, keep a low profile!  I don’t care if you are transporting coke, weed, or whatever, (and I’m not endorsing it in the slightest) don’t be such a damn moron about it.

I’ll try to keep up with this story and report back how they made out in a court of law.  Until then.