Georges St-Pierre Claims It’s “Easy” to Beat Drug Tests

I always liked the way Georges St.-Pierre fought when he was in the Octagon, but I never saw myself siding with him on a stance until now.  To boot, a very controversial stance!

If you have been a long time reader of Clear The Drug Test, you know I talk a lot about the UFC.  At the end of this article I’ll link you to stories about that I’ve written in the past.  Today, I’m writing to react to a recent quote by one of the all-time greats, Georges St.-Pierre, or “GSP” as he is mostly known as in fighting circles.

You see, GSP left teh UFC in 2013, back when drug testing was much different than it is today.  There were many fighters utilizing testosterone replacement therapy, among other things, that typically weren’t caught in the testing done outside of fighting during screening.  The commission-mandated screening was a joke, seen as an “IQ test” by many.

Watch:  GSP On PED Use

Back in 2015, things changed.  The UFC, along with the (USADA) United States Anti Doping Agency, set up a partnership to form a program so comprehensive that all sports would literally see it as the gold standard.  Since this change, we’ve seen many failed drug tests and subsequent suspensions.

However, according to the legendary GSP, there are still many men cheating inside the octagon.

“Even now, it’s still easy to [cheat]. Even now,” St-Pierre said recently during an appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience.

He went on to elaborate how he would hypothetically pass a drug test:

“Let’s say I want to have an injection of a product that will last in my body for two days or one day. So I know that particular day I cannot be tested, because if I am, I’m screwed. So I put on my [USADA] whereabouts [app] that I’m traveling to freakin’ Antarctica or anywhere, somewhere that is believable, and then I come back two days after. That substance will stay in my body for a certain period of time, but the effect of it will last maybe a month. And now we’re talking about performance enhancing drugs — people, they misunderstand this.

Then, he took it a step even further…..

“They go, ‘Well yeah, but it still doesn’t make a difference.’ Yes, it does make the different in an athlete,” St-Pierre continued. “And the reason, in the eighties and before, [PEDs gave] you more power, more stamina, more endurance. Now, man, with the technology, they have stuff that will change your reaction time, your confidence, your reset time. And this is a huge, huge application, man. If you play baseball or you’re fighting, you see the things coming, you have your reaction time, you’re sharper in the brain. What makes a guy athletic, it’s not his muscle. The reason why Usain Bolt ran faster — there’s many reasons why, but one of the main reasons is because his brain, his nervous system is faster.

Of course, if your nervous system is enhanced, you are a better athlete, fighter, etc.  He went on and on about this in his interview with Joe Rogan, which makes a lot of sense.

GSP has forever been a voice in the sport who spoke out about PED use.  He wanted testing done when he was a champion, and pushed for testing ahead of his bout with Johny Hendricks way back in November of 2013.  Hendicks famously agreed to the testing, only to change his mind!

Ever since the standardized testing came into play, Hendricks no so ironically lost five of six fights!

If UFC fighters can get away with taking drugs, trust me when I tell you I can help you pass a drug test for marijuana!

Links to Other UFC stories:

Boxer Luis “King Kong” Ortiz Pays fine for Failed Drug Test

With the NFL season in full focus for me, I’ve taken my eyes away from a lot of the sports I get into during the Summer months.  Fighting, in all shapes and forms, is my jam.  So today as I perused my normal news outlets and Facebook groups looking for information, I stumbled into something that just got me off my ass and back into blogging.  Today, I’ll share it with you.

King Kong Ortiz Failed Two Drug Tests

Who is this King Kong guy, anyway?

He’s a heavyweight boxing contender who is lighter $25,000 in the bank account because he failed a couple of drug tests.  (Should have read my site.)  Due to this, he was left off of a November 4th fight that would have been for the world title against Deontay Wilder.  (I hadn’t heard of him, either.)  Other than the fine, he’s not really getting any other major sanctions.

This failed test was apparently caused by a medication used to control his blood pressure. (I can related.  Getting old sucks.)

The WBC concluded that and he’s able to continue to compete.

In a totally unrelated incident I’ll cover next, Andersen Silva will be taking steroids for his boxing match versus Roy Jones Junior!  Story is right here.

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Can CBD Oils Make You Fail a Drug Test

I’ve been running this drug testing website for well over a year. We’ve seen a ton of things happen in the marijuana industry that has fueled a lot of content on the site as well as changed the landscape of how our country treats it on a State to State basis.  In some States, we have legalization.  In some, we have it approved for medicinal purposes.  For others, it’s a hybrid of recreational and medicinal.

Pushing that aside, we’ve had a lot of topics involving MMA fighters.  There have been many talks about the role of drugs in Mixed Martial Arts, and there have been many talks about how this should be treated and governed.  I can point to the time three fighters failed a drug test at Fight Night 104, as well as the famous Diaz Brothers Golden Doobie.  Stuff like this always raises eyebrows,  and it’s funny to see how the reactions from people can vary so much.

However, the one topic that really gets avoided, yet it’s a growing topic, is CBD oils.  What are their roles in society, and how are they treated?  More importantly, today I’ll answer this question:

Can Using CBD Oil Make You Fail Drug Tests?

This was brought up to my attention while reading Dustin Poirier’s social media.

If you are interested in CBD products check out Cloud 9 syrup #cloudn9nesyrup

A post shared by Dustin Poirier (@dustinpoirier) on

There is a lot of banter on this topic, so it’s best to really lay out some “what ifs” in a scenario like this.  If the dose of a hemp extract contains less than 1% THC, it shouldn’t give a positive test result.

I’m honestly unsure how you even find this out, but if you can openly buy it somewhere other than a dispensary, I’m sure you are fine. I’m seeing hemp products pop up in Whole Foods, as well as other places.



3 UFC Fight Night 104 Fighters Fail Drug Test for Marijuana

As you guys know by now, I like to smoke marijuana, follow sports, blog, and I have never failed a drug test.

Without a doubt, I get so upset when I see people who can make a lot of money fail drug tests.  I just read on this page that not one, not two, but three UFC fighters all failed a drug test for pot.  I mean, come on man, don’t you read my blog?  I can help you beat that test with a simple solution.

Three UFC Fighters Fail Drug Tests at Fight Night 104

Again, this is NOT rocket science.  You can use stuff like this to pass drug tests routinely.  Marijuana is one of the easiest things to flush out of your system, but some people like to learn the hard way.  Okay, so let’s get into the story.

Curtis Blaydes, Niko Price and Abel Trujillo – all three of them – were tested during competition and they all came back with a positive test result.

The event was UFC Fight Night 104, and it was hosted in Houston just last month.  The three men were all given 90 day suspensions along with a $1,000 fine by the TDLR (or Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation) – however the USADA, which I’ve blogged about before, did not sanction any of the fighters.

Two of the three fighters had won in TKO style, but both of them lost their wins and they were marked as “no contest.”  Abel Trujillo lost his fight.

The amount of weed in their system is unknown, but I’d be curious – were these guys potheads?  Or did they just vape once in a while?  Usually the USADA flags them if they go over a certain amount, so I doubt it was too out of control.

 As I spoke about before, a Spurs player was tested after having a big game.  This stuff happens.  You have to be prepared.  Visit my home page and you’ll see all the options I present to the public so you can avoid similar embarrassment.
And word to the wise to all you UFC guys – your doing it wrong!  Just look at the DIAZ BROTHERS.
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UFC Fighter George Sullivan Caught Doping Again

For fighter George Sullivan, the biggest bout he’s fought is his own – trying to not get caught doping.  The fighter in the UFC failed a drug test and faces another (this would be his second) UFC anti doping policy violation, which was announced in late January.  He’s the first fighter who has been caught by the USADA two times since they became the official testing facility of the UFC back in July of 2015.

George Sullivan’s Doping Problems Continue

The test is from a sample he gave on January 14, 2017.  He’s currently already on a one year suspension by the USADA and has been suspended, albeit provisionally, on top of that.

It all depends on the official outcome of this test, which of course, I’ll be monitoring closely and adding to my drug testing blog, but it is rumored that he could face a two year suspension.  Of course, there are always chances he could get the proverbial book thrown at him and get more of a hard core suspension.

Of course, like almost every other drug test (most famously though, this one which is a must read), there is a caveat and defense.  In Sullivan’s own words this was a “misunderstanding about a fertility pill” that he was using just weeks before the test.  His wife and him are trying to have a baby and of course, the good old family Doctor is in their corner trying to clear up the misunderstanding.

Why don’t I have friends who are Doctors?


If you don’t know who George Sullivan is, maybe this video I pulled off YouTube will get you up to speed.

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The Diaz Brothers Smoke $2,000 Gold Joint

I’ve always been a big fan of MMA.  It’s to the point where I specifically have a section devoted to all the MMA news that pertains to the world of drugs and the confusion of what’s legal and what’s considered a PED.  My most recent update on this blog was about how Mark Hunt filed a big lawsuit against Dana White and the UFC.  Read it here, it’s concerning with how the league dealt with the return of Brock Lesnar, who was caught using PED’s prior to their bout at UFC 200.

I’ve also blogged about how some weird brand popped up selling steroids called UFC.  Whoops, that’s probably a no-no.

To say that the world of MMA keeps news pumping out about as fast as my twitchy fingers can type is a bold understatement. I’ve enjoyed blogging to the masses about how the MMA is so unique, so bold, and so beautiful.  Sort of like my blogging skills.

Where are you going with this, Jake?

Well, I have to say that there is something very special in the MMA.  Something so special and entertaining that I continue to talk about it.  That “it” is the Diaz Brothers – Nate, and Nick.  These two guys from Stockton, California, have been nothing short of a human highlight film in the ring and a circus act outside of it.  I follow them with great passion, almost like a trader follows a penny stock they went all-in on.  Today, I have a very special treat for you.

The Diaz Brothers Smoke a $2,000 Gold Glove Blunt!

Yep, it’s true.  As I first read on TMZ,


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Mark Hunt Files Lawsuit Against UFC

Mark Hunt, a Heavyweight contender in the UFC, is taking the UFC to court!  The suit is filed against Brock Lesnar, as well as UFC boss Dana White.

Mark Hunt Lawsuit

Filed Tuesday in the U.S. District Court for Nevada, the suit alleges racketeering, breach of contract, as well as fraud.


He’s seeking:

  • Compensatory damages
  • Declaratory Relief
  • Punitive Damages
  • Statutory Treble Damages
  • Attorney’s Fees

UFC Fighter Mark Hunt Sues UFC, Dana White

This all comes from the UFC 200 fight where Hunt and Lesnar fought.  Lesnar tested positive for clomiphene and 4-Hydroxyclomiphene after the fight, which are both banned substances.  The test was done prior to the fight and another test was taken, and failed, the night of the bought last July.

Lesnar came back from retirement for this MMA fight and as a returning fighter was subject to the anti doping policy UFC maintains.  He was supposed to have four months of drug tests prior to making a return, but there was a clause of an exemption that read:

in exceptional circumstances or where the strict application of that rule would be manifestly unfair to an athlete

As you can probably assume, Lesnar got the exemption but after the fact tested positive for the two aforementioned banned substances.

Lesnar was initially handed down a one year suspension and a fine of $250,000 (his purse was $2,500,000) and his win was negated against Hunt.  This was decided by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.  However, Hunt is viciously looking for more justice.

I’ve never been one to understand legal jargon, but from what I read Hunt alleges that there was a conspiracy with Lesnar (and the UFC).

Hunt was clean, and Lesnar Doped.  It’s as simple as that, and that’s why Hunt is so pissed off.

The shots fired at Dana White allege that there was a financial motive of almost $360 million to make the UFC 200 event the landmark event.  Of course, a doping scandal would hurt this event and ruin the hype.

In a totally unrelated news story, the UFC sold only days after the event for nearly $4 billion dollars.  Coincidence?  I think not.

You can bet your ass I’ll cover this story as it develops.

Read more about this on Fox Sports.




Unauthorized UFC Steroids for Sale

I had to chuckle when I saw this article today.

There are many times I see things in the media that just make me shake my head.  This was one of them.

When people just straight up steal someone’s name and logo, it’s fighting words. I’ve been around long enough to know intellectual property is a serious thing.  I don’t care if it’s a small brand or some large operation, IP law is one of the most difficult in the world to navigate, and people will go to great lengths to defend their IP.

UFC Pharma Selling Steroid Like Products

UFC Pharma Products

These are NOT affiliated with the UFC.

As you know I keep tabs on drugs and the UFC.  I’ll link out to some articles after today’s reaction and you can read them at your leisure.  Today, I’ll touch on the article I read and talk about how some bozo’s ended up making supplements that go by “UFC PHARMA” and are obviously catching ire.

The UFC logos are being used on these products and they caught the attention of the USADA, which added warnings saying that the substances are banned.

There is a short list put out by the USADA that talks of high risk products and diet supplementation products to help people (mostly athletes in high competition / demand sports) avoid using the products that are banned.

Word to the wise:  when you see something that has “Beast, Andro, Lean,” or another word like that – RUN.  It’s either a scam or just some souped up cocktail that could be bad for you.

Most of the products on this “UFC PHARMA” site uses abbreviations for the most common types of steroids.

Examples include:

Halo 10 = halotestin

Tren A 100 = trenbolone

I’ve seen many companies use tricky suggestive marketing to do this exact thing when selling products for bodybuilding, but never have I seen anyone use the UFC’s name.

When will the UFC get involved?

Clearly, they can NOT be happy about this.  I’ll keep you posted and let you know if the UFC takes any action here.  Stay tuned!

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Jon Jones Lawyer Claims Supplement Was Contaminated

So Jon “Bones” Jones, the big MMA fighter who has been no stranger to controversy, just stirred up the pot again.

The lawyer for Jones stated on this website report that the supplement he was taking was contaminated.

Jon Bones Jones

Jon Jones Lawyer Pops Off About Supplement Being Contaminated

The UFC and the light heavyweight champ of the world have had at it in recent memory.  I talked about it on this page a few weeks back when Tito Ortiz called him out.  I also talked about drugs and how that pertains to Chael Sonnen.  It’s been one heck of a time trying to keep up with all the UFC and MMA news that has to do with drugs!

If you recall, Jones tested positive for banned substances prior to UFC 200 this last July.  He also has said that he’ll be back soon (insert terminator voice here).  Well, the reason he’s saying he was suspended for a banned test is based on the fact that he took a generic form of the erection pill Cialis.  That’s why the 29 year old fighter came under scrutiny initially.

So will he be exonerated?

Well, it’s hard to say.  He’s been a dominant force in the UFC and one of it’s stars.  It’s hard to think that they won’t want him back.  Howard Jacobs, his lawyer, says that independent tests that were USADA (US anti doping agency) administered on the products he took came back positive.  The entire crop, in fact, was marked “Contaminated.”

I think that’s enough to eradicate the suspension and get him into the ring.  What do you all think?

I wonder if one of these products would have cleared the drug test in the first place? 

I don’t really recommend products unless I personally use them and beat a test with them.  While these work for cocaine testing, marijuana, and more, I’m not sure if they will beat a generic form of Cialis, but let me get back to you on that one!

Lastly – why is he taking Cialis?  LOL


Tito Ortiz Speaks Out on Jon Jones Failed Drug Tests

Tito Ortiz was one of the original MMA legends.  A can’t miss guy with bleach blonde hair and a huge frame, he’s definitely one of the most recognizable names the sport has ever produced.

When he talks, he has a presence about him.  Recently, in this article, he spoke about what a failed drug test meant to the career of Jon “Bones” Jones.

Tito Ortiz Says Jon Jones “Will Never” Be Greatest of All Time

If you read into it, he’s got a lot of merit in making that statement.  The same things are said about MLB legends like Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez.  The home run kings that crushed the ball out of the ballpark it seemed almost every time they got an at bat.  These men were banned from the sports insider circles because of their steroid use.

Along the same lines of thinking, Ortiz is suggesting that Jones should not be in consideration for “GOAT” (greatest of all time) as far as the world of MMA is concerned.

Jones was pulled from the biggest MMA event in the UFC, the PPV that was UFC 200.  He tested positive for PED’s (performance enhancing drugs.)  In specific, he was flagged for Hydroxy-clomiphene, which is an anti-estrogrenic agent.  He also was found to have Letrozole, which is an aromatase inhibitor.

Even though Jones is no doubt heralded for all his achievements, which have yet to be matched by anyone, Ortiz, a former UFC light heavyweight champ himself, says that the fighters legacy has been affected.

Tito Ortiz Quotes

And Ortiz continued:

“Jon ‘Bones’ Jones, he had an opportunity to be one of the greatest ever and he’ll never be able to do that again – ever.”

-Tito Ortiz

Of course, Jones has denied any use of PED’s.  On October 10, Jones will appear before the Nevada Athletic Commission.

Not that I’m an MMA blogger, but I’ve seen a lot of these drug testing stories come through the pipes. Here are a few other ones you can check out and read at your own leisure.

Chael Sonnen Must Clear a Drug Test to Get Paid

The UFC Hit By PED Scandal Again