Mike Tyson California City Weed Ranch

Mike Tyson California City Weed RanchIs Iron Mike Tyson becoming a gentleman farmer?

Mike Tyson’s Going to have a Pot Farm and

Ranch in California City, CA

Not quite. The man nicknamed “The Baddest Man on the Planet” appears to be getting into the pot business. The Mike Tyson California City, CA weed ranch has begun construction. He is one of many marijuana entrepreneurs that are clamoring to set up operations near Los Angeles. LA is considered a massive market for California’s legal medicinal marijuana and recreational marijuana industry. California City is about 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles.

Though there have been some delays, thanks to the city council of California City, they finally issued permits for the planned 40-acre operation which they are calling Tyson Ranch. Tyson and partners have broken ground and are moving ahead with the project.

A Desert Oasis with a Factory, Farm, School, Camping…and Tyson

Robert Hickman, a partner in Tyson Ranch, says they are making an “oasis”. 20 of the acres are earmarked for growing marijuana. They have a school planned to teach pot growers how to make their particular strain the best it can be. A factory to make pot edibles is in the works as is an amphitheater.

Tyson Ranch is also intended to be a resort of sorts. Cannabis fans will be able to stay in cabins that will be built on the property. At least one campground is going to be constructed on the property too. You could have a whole “pot-cation” thanks to Mike Tyson’s marijuana resort!

California City, CA site of Tyson Marijuana ResortCalifornia City Mayor Jennifer Woods is appreciative of Tyson and his partner’s company, Tyson Holistic, which will run the ranch.

Tyson Holistic’s current employees are mostly veterans and they intend to hire more.

California Marijuana DryingTyson Ranch will be a supplier of both medicinal and recreational marijuana. Mayor Woods appreciates the jobs and income for the city’s residents and welcomes the needed tax revenue. She said it will be a “rebirth” for this Mojave Desert community.

Maybe Mike Tyson will make regular appearances so you can “Have a Toke with Tyson”.

Legal Marijuana in Maine is Officially “Legal”

As you know I liked to speak about the election results as it pertains to legalization of marijuana in the USA.  I have a big interest in that topic since I have so many people becoming advocates of medical marijuana and at the same time, I help the common man (and woman) pass drug tests because let’s face it, employers are not going to back down on giving drug tests even if weed is legal in that State. Don’t believe me?  Here’s a list of companies that do drug tests.

You Can Legally Smoke Weed in Maine Now

In November, Maine passed the legalization of marijuna.  Just last week, the State’s results became a reality.  I read on Yahoo! news about people raving about this. Here are some sample quotes I liked to hear:

“Burned my first legal ‘J’ on my front porch. I tried to get others to join me, but it was late,” Steve Richard said.

Yes.  Love reading that. Congrats Steve.  I feel you.

Of course, it’ll take several months to tie down the loose ends like which stores can sell it, as well as where using marijuana in various forms will be socially acceptable, but that’s all part of the process.  The hard part (passing the legality of it) was done in the November election.

However, as of now, you lucky dogs in Maine can gift, grow, and possess up to 2.5 ounces of sweet chiba.

The bill was very close, and only passed by about 4,000 votes.  Oppositions to this bill are continuing to look for restrictions, but we’ll see how that plays out. You know I’ll be following that closely and letting you know that they will fail once everyone sees the huge benefits of having legal marijuana.

Some things to know about weed in Maine:

  • You Must be 21 to possess. 

Last year, along with Maine, Nevada, California, and Massachusetts all passed the legalization of recreational marijuana with referendums last year.

It’s good to see progress in the Northeast.  I’m happy for all of you people in lovely Maine.




Germany Approves Medical Marijuana

I read with great interest over at CNN this morning (yeah I know, I barely read major news outlets and prefer blogs and sites that don’t have agendas) that the Germans are moving forward with Medical Marijuana.  As someone of German heritage, I’m very happy about this.  (Actually, do I really care?  It’s not like I visit Germany ever, but I’d like to one day.)

The link to the story is right here.  Below, you can read my reaction, per usual.

Germany OK’s Medical Marijuana

Unanimously passing, cannabis can be “used as medicine.”  That’s exactly how the story read, as it should.  I’ve put up numerous stories in the past about how cannabis helps people in certain medical situations.  There are too many stories to even reference here.

In the case of the German approval, if you suffer from a severe illness (like MS) you’ll be able to get medical marijuana with a prescription.  You can get it from your Doctor in order to alleviate symptoms like nausea or chronic pain.

In something that would never happen in the USA, the left and right parties both supported this.

You still can’t possess pot in Germany, although small portions of possession are not normally prosecuted.

USA Marijuana

Above is the current landscape of marijuana laws in the USA.  For more stories about legalization, view the stories below.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Flies With California Tech Firms

Denver Now Allowing Pot in Bars

Parkinson’s and Medical Marijuana

I’m sick and tired of the rhetoric from people who oppose marijuana!

So today, I’m posting a feel good story about what medical marijuana can do to people who are suffering from a disease.

Today, in specific, I look into the use of medical marijuana and Parkinson’s.

These segments are from “Ride With Larry,” a feature documentary that talks about Larry, a retired police captain, who tries medical marijuana for the very first time.

Please watch these short clips, all three of them depict his journey and really woke me up to what medical marijuana can do for people who suffer from this very rehabilitating disease.

Medical Marijuana and Parkinson’s Disease

As of right now, medical marijuana is approved in 23 States as well as the District of Columbia.  Some States have stipulations where it cannot be smoked, however.  I won’t get into all of that jazz today, but know that requirements vary by State.  Usually a patient must register to be able to use cannabinoids, and an approved condition must be documented by a physician.  A Doctor can’t prescribe these, per Federal law, but each State has a qualification process for Doctors to issue a certificate allowing needy patients to obtain this.

Five States consider Parkinson’s as a condition they will approve for the medical marijuana.  However, this doesn’t make anyone quality very easily for it’s availability.  For example, in New York, you have to have the disease as well as one approved condition.  Items such as chronic pain, extreme malnutrition, seizures, nausea, and muscle spasms will typically qualify.

Of course, there are risks with using medical marijuana, as many people will point out.

In moderation, cannabinoids are well tolerated.  However, some people will get nausea, weak, and even dizzy.  Mood changes and behavior issues may surface, causing them to stop treatment.

So what do I say?

I say let the sufferer decide if it’s right for them.  They are the ones with the conditions, you know?

People continue to harp on it being a gateway drug.  Well, if I’m suffering from something like Parkinson’s, do I really care if there is that risk associated with it?

Let people live the way they want. The videos above show a man extremely calmed down after taking the medication.  I’d want to do the same thing for myself or anyone close to me.

But that’s just my two cents. 

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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Flies With California Tech Firms

Well, we’ve reached in infliction point here.  At least in California, with proposition 64 passing with flying colors.

I read on this website that some tech firms don’t care if you smoke weed at home or elsewhere, as long as they don’t find out about it or hear it openly talked about.

Sure, some businesses are going in different directions about smoking weed and working for them.  In fact, there are very drastic differences in some firms.

If you are someone tasked to design a computer chip at Intel or mess around you know, with the search engine called GOOGLE, you will not be drug tested.

However, if you drive a Samtrans bus or operate heavy machinery, you can bet your ass you will be tested for drugs.

California Rules on Who Tests for Drugs is up In the Air

So the blue collar firms and machinery operators are being tested, while the tech guys are NOT.  This makes sense to me, I’d rather have some Russian hacking search queries high as balls instead of the guy digging up my City streets.  This is A-OKAY with me for the record.

Cisco doesn’t drug test.

Every construction company reportedly does.

Even on college campuses the staff of professors who instruct our youth, they are tested.

Campus police are NOT.

So we’re seeing a ton of variance here on what’s happening.

Hey, if it’s up to you to try to pass a drug test, just buy this fake urine, or if you know they test you for drugs with hair samples, buy this ultra clean shampoo, and you’ll be fine.

So with blue collar workers being tested, make sure you check out those above links.

If you work in tech and want to be extra sure, keep some around.  It’s a small investment in your future versus potentially losing your career.

It’s even being reported that in Silicon Valley, firms are not doing the drug testing because they don’t want to lose any talent in what’s a tough market of potential hires.

So if you work in tech, like me, you can smoke away. We all know that these guys had no problem doing that on the popular show Silicon Valley.


Again, testing positive for weed only means it’s been in your system as long as 45 days ago.  Not that you are currently high.

Let’s face it, almost 2/3 of the USA can legally smoke pot.

Other related California news:

Facts about Weed being legal in California


Denver Now Allowing Pot in Bars

Just a quick update for you today.  The City of Denver, Colorado, has become the first in the nation to approve a law allowing people to use marijuana inside of restaurants and bars.

Just last week, eight States made marijuana legal for either medical or recreational purposes in what was called Proposition 300.

The bars and restaurants must apply to allow marijuana use, according to a City ordinance.

Denver has approved a first-in-the-nation law allowing people to use marijuana in bars and restaurants.

The current law in Colorado doesn’t ban nor allow marijuana use currently.  There are all sorts of reasons, but mostly because of localized ordinances and marijuana clubs having some skin in the game.  Denver is the first City to allow the use of weed, but you must bring your own. I’ll be doing this very soon, you guys.

In other news, I also learned that in Alaska you can consume your pot on premises at any dispensary.  However, you still can’t light up that chiba in a bar or restaurant.

And if you didn’t know, Colorado earns more tax dollars from weed than it does booze!  Read the story to enlighten yourself, it’s eye opening!

Colorado Earns More Tax Dollars From Marijuana Than Booze

So let’s talk about how Colorado is making money hand over fist with their legal marijuana sales.

I mean, serious dollars. 

Just wait until when you can buy marijuana in California.

Let me digress first, however.

The State of Colorado collected nearly $70 million in taxes from marijuana sales in the fiscal year that ended June 30.  That’s almost twice the amount of the $42 million they earned from alcohol taxation.

Never in my life have I thought that weed would outsell booze, even if it’s legal.  To me, this is just crazy.  I can barely comprehend this data.

Colorado legalized marijuana for recreational uses back in 2012.  Recently, they had a tax Holiday on marijuana sales that resulted in about a $20 per ounce savings.  Of course, if I would have known that I’d be buying that shit up and hoarding it.  Hey, gotta save money.  It’s not like you can Google “Marijuana Coupon Codes” and just punch it into WalMart and save cash, if you know what I mean.

Today marks a monumental day for me.  I really like where we are heading with everyone buying weed and not booze.  It’s like we’re making America Great Again!

Thanks for your readership, I’ll be back soon with more updates on the world of drugs, drug testing, and everything else you can think of that a lonely stoner like me would conjure up throughout the day.


When Can You Buy Marijuana in California?

So I was pretty amped to see one of my favorite States pass the marijuana act, making medical marijuana part of the culture out there.  The recreational use was also passed, but it’s going to be a while before you can openly purchase it in the great State of Cali.

When Are You Able to Buy Weed in Cali?

California Weed Sales

Full Story:


I’m reacting to the news I read above today, and trying to convey this in a message that can be digested by my stoned and high readers.  (I don’t mean that offensively, I am high as balls as I write this article.  And yes, I’ll still pass a drug test, thanks to this stuff.)

The Proposition 64 gives over 12 license types to dispensaries in the State that allow them to do things ranging from cultivating, testing, distributing, and selling.  Of course, the licenses aren’t expected to be issued until January 1, 2018, making it quite a ways away before these licenses are readily available and able to put to use.

So for now, it’s legal for those of you in California to possess and even grow weed NOW, but you can’t buy it (at least legally.)

If you want to become a medical marijuana patient, you can.  That’s your option right now.  You can even have up to an ounce of weed on you right now, even if it was issued to someone else.

The thing is, it’s illegal to smoke in public.  You can’t even eat edibles in public, unless there is a city ordinance.  You can’t do it within 1,000 feet of schools either, and of course, don’t even think og bringing it near your kid’s day care.  Illegal as fuck.

You can’t drive while doing it either.  So think twice, and be safe.  If caught, the fine can be up to $100.


Denver Police Run Out of Room for Confiscated Pot

I read this and had to chuckle.  The original story is right here.

The Police Department in Denver, Colorado, is seeking help from the city since it’s running out of space to store all the marijuana that it’s force is confiscating!

Damn, wish I knew where they kept it.

The main reason for this is that officers are finding 1,000 to 1,500 plants in a warehouse versus the usual 15 to 20 that they would find in someone’s basement.  Of course, they are also confiscating a lot of equipment at the same time, since the state has legalized it for recreational use.

Before pot was legalized for recreational use in 2013, police had seized north of 500 pounds of pot.  They predict they will seize 11,265 pounds in the following year.

The city has been asked for over $125,000. That money would pay for two staff members at the property bureau and they also asked for additional storage devices to hold everything.

Here’s a current map of where marijuana is legal.

And for those of you who don’t know, here is what I use to pass tests when I smoke pot.

Marijuana Legality Map

Here is a map of where marijuana is legal in the USA.



Five States Set to Vote on Legalizing Marijuana in November

If you follow the legalization of marijuana like I do, you probably saw this news already or know about it.  Perhaps it’s your home State or a neighbor of yours, but for those who have interest in watching States welcome marijuana use, I figured I’d chime in and keep you updated on which States are trying to legalize it.

Which Five States are Trying to Legalize Weed in 2016?

Weed, pot, mary jane.  Call it what you want.  It’s a great medicinal item and relaxation item.  I welcome the legalization of pot and obviously support it.

Legalize Marijuana

This November, five States will have votes for legalizing marijuana.

The industry could start booming right before our eyes.  Over the last twenty years, we’ve seen a lot of change in the business.  In 1996, the compassionate use law was passed in California for medical patients.  Since then, it’s become readily available for use in the same capacity in over half of the United States.  Since 2012, Washington, Colorado, Oregon, and Alaska, along with Washington DC, have cleared marijuana for recreational use for adults who are 21 years of age or over.  The sales are reportedly to have been $5.4 billion in 2015 alone, and they are trending up.

And we are just getting started!

In November, elections take place.  Lost in the whole Hillary versus the Donald battle that has the entire country watching what has turned into a circus is the fight for many state movements to get the required votes to get the marijuana voting on the ballot.

#1:  California

This is a huge State that will have a huge impact on the market if this passes.  It has the largest economy, and will flourish given the opportunity.  It’s estimated that weed sales could generate $1 billion for the State. Yes, with a B.

#2:  Nevada

Neighboring Nevada, home of Las Vegas and Sin City.  Clearly, there are a lot of drug problems here, so why legalize weed?  Well, if it’s decriminalized, maybe they won’t worry about beating drug tests for cocaine and the use of opiates will slow down.  Who knows, just my two cents.  I think people will play better blackjack with a relaxed State of mind.  The State has already a lot of commercial growers, but this did come to a vote in 2012 and fail to pass.

#3:  Maine

This one surprised me, even though in 1999 medical cannabis was cleared.  We’ll have to see if all the very smart people in Maine will be using stuff like this to beat drug tests one day.  Out of the five locations voting, Maine may have the toughest battle.

#4:  Massachusetts

Other articles I read had this State as a very big long shot to pass, but it’s on the ballot, so anything could happen.

#5:  Arizona

Now, other reports, like this one at Motley Fool, have Arizona as the biggest long shot.  With only 52% approval rating in an estimated vote, that could be the case.