Georges St-Pierre Claims It’s “Easy” to Beat Drug Tests

I always liked the way Georges St.-Pierre fought when he was in the Octagon, but I never saw myself siding with him on a stance until now.  To boot, a very controversial stance!

If you have been a long time reader of Clear The Drug Test, you know I talk a lot about the UFC.  At the end of this article I’ll link you to stories about that I’ve written in the past.  Today, I’m writing to react to a recent quote by one of the all-time greats, Georges St.-Pierre, or “GSP” as he is mostly known as in fighting circles.

You see, GSP left teh UFC in 2013, back when drug testing was much different than it is today.  There were many fighters utilizing testosterone replacement therapy, among other things, that typically weren’t caught in the testing done outside of fighting during screening.  The commission-mandated screening was a joke, seen as an “IQ test” by many.

Watch:  GSP On PED Use

Back in 2015, things changed.  The UFC, along with the (USADA) United States Anti Doping Agency, set up a partnership to form a program so comprehensive that all sports would literally see it as the gold standard.  Since this change, we’ve seen many failed drug tests and subsequent suspensions.

However, according to the legendary GSP, there are still many men cheating inside the octagon.

“Even now, it’s still easy to [cheat]. Even now,” St-Pierre said recently during an appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience.

He went on to elaborate how he would hypothetically pass a drug test:

“Let’s say I want to have an injection of a product that will last in my body for two days or one day. So I know that particular day I cannot be tested, because if I am, I’m screwed. So I put on my [USADA] whereabouts [app] that I’m traveling to freakin’ Antarctica or anywhere, somewhere that is believable, and then I come back two days after. That substance will stay in my body for a certain period of time, but the effect of it will last maybe a month. And now we’re talking about performance enhancing drugs — people, they misunderstand this.

Then, he took it a step even further…..

“They go, ‘Well yeah, but it still doesn’t make a difference.’ Yes, it does make the different in an athlete,” St-Pierre continued. “And the reason, in the eighties and before, [PEDs gave] you more power, more stamina, more endurance. Now, man, with the technology, they have stuff that will change your reaction time, your confidence, your reset time. And this is a huge, huge application, man. If you play baseball or you’re fighting, you see the things coming, you have your reaction time, you’re sharper in the brain. What makes a guy athletic, it’s not his muscle. The reason why Usain Bolt ran faster — there’s many reasons why, but one of the main reasons is because his brain, his nervous system is faster.

Of course, if your nervous system is enhanced, you are a better athlete, fighter, etc.  He went on and on about this in his interview with Joe Rogan, which makes a lot of sense.

GSP has forever been a voice in the sport who spoke out about PED use.  He wanted testing done when he was a champion, and pushed for testing ahead of his bout with Johny Hendricks way back in November of 2013.  Hendicks famously agreed to the testing, only to change his mind!

Ever since the standardized testing came into play, Hendricks no so ironically lost five of six fights!

If UFC fighters can get away with taking drugs, trust me when I tell you I can help you pass a drug test for marijuana!

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How Do You Cheat on a Drug Test

image showing how do you cheat on a Drug Test Sometimes things happen that might be out of our control. Sometimes we may just screw up and visit too much fun land when we shouldn’t. Sometimes we have a drug test coming up and our only possible chance to test clean is to figure out a way to beat it. If that’s the case, then we need to know exactly how do you cheat on a drug test?

If the test you have to take is a urine test, you might be in luck. If it is a blood test, there’s not much you can do about it. However, with the old piss test, you might have a cheating chance.

Urine tests are still the main type of drug test that workers have to take. That’s good news for us. Both the federal government, which is a huge employer, state governments and employers in the private sector rely on this type of drug testing in many more cases than not.

Here’s Info on How Do You Cheat on a Drug Test

apparatus you wear for cheating drug testingSubstitute Urine

If you know someone who does not do drugs and they are willing to help you out, then this is the best way I know to cheat and beat a drug test.

Look out for misinformation. Your employer or potential employer may give you all kinds of warnings about trying to beat the drug test. They want you to think that they are all powerful and there’s no way to cheat on a test and they will catch you, especially if you try and substitute piss from someone else. I’ve even fallen for this fake warning.

Bullshit! You can use someone’s clean urine to cheat a drug test. Make sure you have previously warmed it up to body temperature! That is vitally important. If the test giver is aware and not corruptible, they will notice if your sample is not the temperature it needs to be.

Substitution works best if it is not a full view drug test. You still have to be sly and be prepared, though. There are products on the market that you can “wear” that can help you deliver that clean fake sample. Practice first so you are familiar with the apparatus and can do it in as natural a manner as possible.

Add Bribery

If you have a test giver that is really burning you and watching you like a hawk, you should be prepared to go for a “Hail Mary”. Beware! This is risky as hell. Only do this if you are desperate, if you will be totally screwed on multiple levels, if you have absolutely no other choice and it is do or you are through.

Try to pay off the tester. It can be done and it has been done. It goes without saying that you need be clever, but you need them to understand what you are offering them. The importance of you passing the test has to equal the risk you are taking when you go this route. Try to get a “read” on the tester and don’t cheap out. If you insult them by only offering $20.00 or something like that, you will fail or worse.

I’m giving you options and I’m giving you fair warning. Be smart. Okay? Good.


Yes, there are synthetic urines available that you can use to cheat. Click here for quality powdered urine. Again, you have to somehow substitute your own for the store bought pee. The equipment I mentioned above is needed for this method of cheating too.

Other Methods

I’m going to mention some other ways to cheat to pass a urine drug test, but you should test these out in advance. Pick up some home drug testing kits so you can try these cheats in advance to see if they will work for you.

bottle of aspirin A few hours before testing, take four aspirin. The aspirin may mask any drugs in your urine.

Try adulterating your sample. If you are sly, you might be able to slip ground up unscented bleach or 90 plus degree hot water into your specimen cup. These additives may work or they may not.

There’s a lot of arguments about all the method of cheating I’ve mentioned. Naturally, the drug testing companies and laboratories want everyone to think that their testing is foolproof and is such a big help to everyone. I call bullshit.

When it comes down to crunch time and you have a lot on the line you need to know how do you cheat on a drug test as a means of self-preservation. Drug testing is just one method that “the system” can screw you over for no good reason. Fight back by being prepared.

I hope these tips for cheating on drug tests will help you.

What You Should Know About Loperamide

When you want to stay healthy, you need to know about the products you take for various health issues. If you experience diarrhea, one example is Loperamide.

What Is Loperamide?

Loperamide is an oral medication used to control diarrhea. The most common brand name is Imodium. As the product is available over the counter, it does not require a doctor’s prescription. You can find it in any pharmacy, many grocery stores, and online.

What Is Loperamide Used For?

Sudden, uncomplicated diarrhea can be treated with Loperamide. Individuals who experience traveler’s diarrhea can also achieve relief with the product.

In addition to sudden diarrhea, it can be helpful in relieving diarrhea caused by inflammatory bowel disease. Chronic conditions in this category include ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease that affect the small intestine and colon.

However, it is not meant to be used for diarrhea from all causes. If you have diarrhea due to salmonella, E. coli, Clostridium difficile infection, or a similar bacterial infection, you should not use Loperamide. Even if the product reduces the diarrhea, dangerous bacteria can remain in your body. If you experience food poisoning, or another source of toxins, consult with your doctor immediately. Do not use an over the counter product.

Loperamide Side Effects

When used correctly to treat simple diarrhea, side effects are usually minor. You may experience abdominal cramping, constipation, nausea, dizziness, or feel tired or drowsy.

While serious side effects are rare, consult with your doctor immediately if you experience fainting or severe dizziness, an irregular or fast heartbeat, a sense of fullness in your stomach, pain, or severe constipation, vomiting, or nausea.

Loperamide Contraindications

If you have a serious medical condition or take any medications, ask your doctor before using this product. It can worsen some medical conditions, and drug interaction can occur.

Loperamide should not be given to children under three years of age.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take Loperamide to control diarrhea.

You should also avoid the product if your diarrhea includes bloody stools, or if the diarrhea is accompanied by a fever.

Individuals in any of these categories who experience diarrhea should seek medical advice instead of using an over the counter product.

How Does Loperamide Work?

Although it is an opiate, it only works in your intestinal tract. It decreases the muscle activity in your intestines. When the contractions in your intestines are slowed down, you will have bowel movements that are less watery, and fewer bowel movements.

Is Loperamide Habit-Forming?

Unless you already have an addiction to opiods, you do not need to be concerned about dependency. However, if you experience severe diarrhea, or experience it frequently, you should consult with your health care provider to determine the cause. You may have an underlying medical condition that needs to be treated.

Diarrhea is a fact of life for most people. In most cases, though, it does not occur often and is usually not severe. Most adults and older children can safely use it on an occasional basis. You can be free from diarrhea, and have a comfortable, productive day.

What You Need To Know About Letrozole

This is one of the substances that caused UFC fighter Jon Jones to fail his drug test. Him and a few other big names were accused of taking performance enhancing drugs around the same time, and this is a recurring theme with UFC fighters.

Letrozole is an FDA-approved prescription medication primarily used to treat breast cancer in women who are postmenopausal. Its off-label uses include female fertility issues, gynecomastia, and endometriosis. The medication decreases the body’s female hormones.

Both of the substances found in Jon Jones’ system were medications for women, the other substance being Hydroxyclomiphene, a fertility medication which has since been banned by the USADA.

Side Effects Of Letrozole

Side effects from this medication can be minor or extremely serious. Consult with your physician immediately if you experience any unusual aches or pains, changes in your heartbeat, vaginal bleeding or discharge, chest pain, or vision changes.

You should also consult with your physician if you experience any symptoms that are unusual for you, even if they are minor.

Breast Cancer Treatment With Letrozole

Letrozole should not be used to treat breast cancer in women who have not completed menopause. It is considered appropriate treatment in certain situations.

For cancer that is hormone receptor positive, it can be used as an early-stage cancer treatment if other treatments have not been effective. It can also be used for advanced cases of cancer that has worsened after antiestrogen treatment, and in cases where the cancer has advanced locally or metastasized.

Is Letrozole Effective?

A number of studies have shown this medication is useful in treating certain types of breast cancer. One study showed it is more effective than Tamoxifen in increasing the amount of time before breast cancer returns, and lowering risks of cancer metastasizing.

Another study showed similar results for postmenopausal women who used this medication for five years, after they had used Tamoxifen for five years.

Letrozole Contraindications And Warnings

Your doctor should be aware of your medical history, as he may want to advise a different treatment if you have certain medical conditions. Examples include cardiovascular issues, blood vessel issues, liver conditions, decreased bone density, and high cholesterol.

As this medication can also cause drug interaction, inform your doctor if you are using any other prescription medications, over the counter products, herbal products, or vitamins.

This medication is absorbed through lungs and skin. For this reason, it should be kept away from pregnant women and children.

Letrozole is a prescription drug. It must be taken according to directions. You must never give your medication to anyone else, nor use another person’s medication. It should only be used when prescribed for you by your own physician.

Letrozole works by decreasing the estrogen produced by your body. It can reverse or slow breast cancer growth. While it is only effective for certain types of breast cancer, and should only be used to treat postmenopausal women, it can help many women live longer, healthier lives.

If you or a loved one has breast cancer, it is something to discuss with your personal physician. If he has not prescribed Letrozole, ask if this product could be right for you.

How Is This Considered a Performance Enhancing Substance?

It is also known to inhibit aromatase, which in turn is supposed to increase the level of testosterone in the body.

Why Do Doctors Prescribe Psychotropic Medications?

With more than 20% of the United States population reporting symptoms of anxiety or depression, it is easy to see why so many people seek help for their mental health concerns with doctors and psychiatrists. Not only do these psychological issues cause problems related to their symptoms, but can eventually manifest as physical problems as well.

Those who suffer from anxiety or depression and do not seek regular help for them are more likely to present perceived physical issues, enter the hospital more often, and see their doctor more often. Just the time off from work alone for these issues can cost employers huge amounts of money.

There is also a large cost to each person’s personal and family life and work life as well, as many can lose healthy relationships due to mental illnesses which are common, easy to diagnose, and very simple to manage.

Indeed, many who do seek treatment find great relief with psychotropic medications which, quite simply, changes the problem where it starts, in the brain and in the nervous system.

How Do They Work?

If we use the example of the most prescribed psychotropic medication in the US, Xanax, which is used for anxiety disorder, the way in which it works is very simple.

Our nervous system is equipped with a signal for each of us to panic or have anxiety. It is our best friend when danger occurs and is the catalyst for telling us to run away when, for example, we find a bear standing behind us.

It’s our instinct to run because we are hardwired to either fight or flee (“fight or flight”) certain situations. It’s our self-preservation instinct which is also, by the way, wired into every animal on the planet.

However, some people simply have had their wires crossed, and exhibit the same “fight or flight” symptoms during an everyday activity. Those who suffer extreme anxiety when leaving their home, entering unfamiliar situations, or being asked to provide a task at work are suffering a panic when they need not, and for some, this can be debilitating.

The psychotropic drug Xanax, interacts directly with the nervous system, causing it to quiet the anxiety. The change is immediate and sufferers can quickly return to a stable level, allowing them to focus on the situation at hand. The drug is fast-acting and leaves the body quickly.

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Long-lasting Drugs

For some, longer lasting drugs are needed as their symptoms last longer and permeate a person’s mental state. Another example of a very common psychotropic medication are antidepressants, which is the second highest percentage prescribed in the US.

As anyone who has suffered depression can attest to, depression, unlike short-term anxiety, is a feeling of hopelessness or helplessness which is overwhelming and very difficult to control. Those who suffer from the symptoms can find everyday life overwhelming, may find it difficult to get out of bed or enjoy anything in life including their loved ones, work, and may lose interest in activities they once enjoyed.

Because depression is believed to be part of a person’s genetic makeup, many who suffer with it are predetermined to do so, and have no way of controlling the onset, much less the symptoms. The most often used psychotropic drugs to treat depression include Zoloft and Celexa, and these work over time and can also take time to be effective.

We are all made to have a certain amount of serotonin in our brains, who’s function in part is to regulate our mood. Those who suffer depression have very low levels of this and an antidepressant increases this amount while also preventing the brain from reabsorbing the additional amount. Reports from those who take antidepressants indicate it takes up to three months for a full effect, and their depression is greatly reduced.

For those who suffer from psychological issues, the advent of psychotropic medication has been nothing short of life changing. Our society has slowly but surely changed some of its long-term held beliefs that mental illness is something of which to be ashamed, as we have witnessed many celebrities, activists, and politicians who have supported the public in being aware of the signs of mental illness and encouraging the public to get help when they need it.

The rise in prescription psychotropic medication use in the last few decades may very well be due to the fact that more people are getting help, not necessarily because there are more people suffering with it, or the common argument that doctors are over-prescribing the medications.

How Long Does Oxycodone Stay in Urine?

I’m not a user of this prescription drug, but I know many people who have been hooked on it, and it’s not a good addiction.  My only daily vice right now is caffeine.

Based on research I found online, the drug is detectable for about 24 hours in blood testing.  If you want the stats based on saliva testing, it’s 1-4 days.  Urine tests will show the drug for 3-4 days, and finally, hair tests will show the drug in your system up to 90 days.

Oxycodone Addiction Image

How is Oxycodone Consumed?

First, you need a prescription for this powerful pain killing medication.  It can be foudn in a liquid form, but the most common is a tablet.  It should be consumed with food and it’s advised that plenty of water is consumed as well during use of this medication.

Each patient will be different prescribed doses, but usually the tablets are consumed every 12 hours.  Of course, abusers know zero limits when it comes to this type of stuff and they abuse the crap out of pills like oxycodone.  Some of the side effects of oxycodone are restlessness, sneezing, watery eyes, and the sweats, among others.

The drug is prescribed after morphine for cancer patients because the pain suffered is unbearable at times and very uncomfortable. If you have loved ones who have had cancer, you probably know this. It’s not  a good situation.

People, please don’t abuse this drug.  It’s very potent.  It can ruin your life. 

How Long Does Oxycodone Stay in Your Blood?

24 hours.

How Long Does Oxycodone Stay in Your Hair?

About 90 days.

How Long Does Oxycodone Stay in Urine?

Most of the time, 3 to 4 days.

How Long Does it Remain in Your Body?

This can be tested within 3 to 4 days after being administered.  It all depends on the intake as well as the testing method.  Urine and saliva testing are the most common, so please refer to the stats above.  Results may vary.

Oxycodone Addition & Problems

This drug is not only highly addicting, but it’s a solid reliever of chronic pain used in the most dire cases of pain, like cancer.  It’s an opiate, and can be abused.  Please don’t be an abuser.  This is a very powerful, dangerous drug if not administered properly.

Closing Note:  My website is based on research and findings that I’ve found online.  While I do cite my sources, I do not take responsibility for any errors, typos, or information that may one day be misleading.  Science changes, as do opinions of medical professionals.  Some of these medical professionals say to avoid alcohol at all costs, others say red wine is good for your heart.  In short, I’m not a Doctor, I’m a journalist, and you should always cross check facts because times changes.  I appreciate your readership!

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How Long Does Oxycodone Stay In Your System [ Blood and Urine ]

Methadone: A Drug To Stop Drug Abuse

Pharmacies usually find the answer to substance abuse in the replacement of one drug with another. Chemists, of course, see the world through a particular lens, one in which everything is made up of atomic numbers and can be classified according to a periodic table.

Often, however, their focus on life at the molecular level has saved lives and also helped people get their lives back together. An example is the development of a man-made narcotic known as methadone.

What is Methadone?

When a long-time opioid addict decides to seek rehabilitation, he has a long road ahead of him. His goal is not simply to give up a habit, like chewing your pencil; one’s body needs that regular supply of heroin or oxycodone. Detoxification has to take place slowly or every organ could shut down as a result of sudden withdrawal.

Candidates for Treatment

Detox experts recognize candidates for methadone treatment. They are the men and women who have been taking heroin so long they don’t remember their old lives.

These people have not held down a steady job for years, are usually malnourished, can’t go home, and have been living on the street. Having lost everything, such clients can only trade sex for drugs or deal drugs to make money to support their habit; they don’t have any cash otherwise.

Every dime a person makes selling narcotics or sex is poured right back into buying their own supply of opiates. Many such individuals are suffering from the ongoing pain, discomfort, and embarrassment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, including AIDS.

Finding Purpose

As researchers explore treatments for addiction and for AIDS, they give recovering addicts hope. There is a reason to get up each morning; hope that trying to live a drug-free life is not an act in futility. Looking for support from a methadone treatment program could be step one to seeking recovery.

What is Methadone Treatment?

Methadone is also a narcotic, but it works a little bit differently from other painkillers. Although this drug will numb the physical pain of withdrawal from heroin, etc., it does not make a person feel high. He still needs and wants this new drug every day.

What he will not obtain, however, is the reward of feeling like he could climb the face of a five-storey building, outrun cars on Main Street, or stay awake for days finishing creative projects. He might even feel a little bit drowsy after taking methadone.

How to Prevent Danger and Abuse

Running a methadone treatment center or carrying methadone at a pharmacy can be a dangerous choice. Shops and clinics have been held up for their supply of the drug. Security measures such as operating from a locked cubicle, setting a time lock on the supply safe, and similarly keeping cash stored away are aimed at removing the incentive to hold up a methadone supply center and, thus, reducing the danger for pharmacists.

Individuals taking part in methadone treatment will be interviewed prior to being accepted into a program funded by the public through their tax dollars or by running campaigns to raise money to run non-profit centers that support drug addicts seeking rehab.

At first, the user will come to a center regularly for a supply of methadone. He signs a contract and might eventually be entrusted with a take-home supply if he shows willingness to improve and passes drug tests. A slow process of weaning from the drug has begun, but taking methadone is just part of the plan.

Big Picture Treatment

Someone with a drug problem also has to flee the influences which have led to drug abuse. These include stressors like an unhappy marriage. If one has escaped this marriage through drug use, a couple requires counseling or the addict might need to get away from a violent situation.

Participants will have to cut-off so-called friends who encourage or even pressure them to do drugs. Such friends have the power to influence this vulnerable, recovering individual who might throw away months of recovery for another dose of painkillers.

How Long to Invest

Methadone treatment can take 1 year, 18 months, or 2 years even. Experts managing treatment conduct regular therapy and counseling sessions, run drug tests, and encourage their participants to find steady work.

In an ideal world, when a center is adequately funded, professionals visit with their clients regularly to ensure they aren’t dabbling in other drugs. They look for signs of ongoing substance abuse such as dilated pupils, unpredictable moods, or malnutrition. A recovering drug addict might require assistance finding a job and will appear ready for the responsibility if his attitude is positive.

Risks of Methadone

A number of people will not qualify for methadone treatment because of allergies or health conditions. These include respiratory problems and some GI complications. Breathing and digestive problems are among potential side effects of taking methadone but if these are not severe, the benefits outweigh any negatives of receiving a daily dose of this synthetic narcotic.

History, Controversy: What Is Peyote?

Drug counselors and anti-drug advocacy sites refer to peyote as an illegal, dangerous drug. It contains a chemical which affects the brain so that one’s behavior is altered: a chemical referred to as “psychoactive.”

Almost all drugs are psychoactive because they affect the brain in some way, but not always the same way. Some make people sleepy; some are stimulants; and numerous drugs deal with pain. What is peyote?

As a Drug

Peyote is a hallucinogen like LSD. This means those who take it see things that are not there and hear sounds no one else detects. Although many people take these sorts of drugs without causing themselves harm in the short-term, regular recreational use can lead to addiction and extended psychotic experiences even when not taking the hallucinogen.

Its roots in history have not limited the spread of peyote to all parts of the country or into contexts completely foreign to the peoples who first used it: nightclubs in New York, for instance, many miles from its original home in the desert.

Key Ingredient

The chemical sought from peyote and abused by consumers is mescaline. This is an amphetamine, known to stimulate the brain and body, and has been isolated by pharmacists for legitimate purposes. Amphetamines are used legally and illegally; legally by individuals with narcolepsy or who work night shifts; illegally by people who want to stay awake to study for exams or who simply crave the rush: the “trip.”

Mescaline is available as powder or in tablet form. Some people consume it as a hot drink or eat it with food, but they report that eating dry, extracted mescaline straight up is not pleasant. As part of the plant, this flavor is masked somewhat.

Results of Consuming Peyote

No one knows for sure how they will react to peyote, especially not the first time. There really could be a situation where one takes it and almost nothing happens or where it affects the brain for life. A reaction could be so strong and the erratic behavior so dangerous that the drug indirectly leads to death by, say, pretending to fly or choosing to drive a car off a cliff to reenact a scene from a favorite movie.

Violence has also been reported even though most people associate hallucinogens with non-violent, euphoric feelings, not with anger or violence. Anything is possible. Although this is an amphetamine, some consumers insist it also dampens pain and was an all-purpose drug in early cultures.

Historical Peyote

Whatever consumers are doing with peyote today has all been done before by First Nations groups living in arid climates where this short flowering cactus grows wild.

For centuries, indigenous peoples have extracted mescaline from peyote to reduce pain. There are also stories of people going on spiritual journeys through peyote induced hallucinations. One author, Carlos Castaneda, is known for writing about this.

There were associated dangers in their cultures too, but studies suggest that side effects from using peyote extracts for a long time are rare. Historians demonstrate that peyote was probably used in religious rituals and to inspire what seemed to be dreams of or conversations with a higher power or to look for guidance from those who had passed into the next life already.

Is Peyote Addictive?

So far, evidence indicates that most people stop taking this drug eventually and any addictive response is psychological, not chemical. Data supports the fear, however, that peyote could cause health issues. When one is using amphetamines, they disrupt a natural rhythm. It isn’t unusual to establish bad sleep patterns which lead to insomnia, depression, or anxiety.

Poor eating habits are also likely as, during a “high,” consumers forget to eat. Experience has shown that going through the opposite of euphoria could lead to self-harm or acts of outward violence. A long history of peyote use and abuse in the desert regions demonstrates the unpredictable power of this short, spiny plant.

Pros And Cons Of Caffeine Intake

People have relied on caffeine to help them stay awake and stay focused for generations. As with any substance, as long as you take caffeine in moderation there is little risk of any harm to your health, although it is worth being aware of some of the possible side effects.

Most people get their caffeine from their morning cup of coffee or tea, but it is also present in energy drinks and some types of chocolate, and there are also caffeine supplements available at health food stores and online.

Experts recommend that you should consume less than 400 mg of caffeine per day to stay healthy; that is about equal to three cups of coffee. Any more than that and you may start to experience unwanted side effects, including high blood pressure or anxiety.

Benefits of Caffeine

Most people consume caffeine first thing in the morning, or maybe later in the day if they are starting to feel tired. Studies have shown that drinks high in caffeine content can increase concentration and focus in people who are sleep-deprived, shift workers and those suffering from jet lag. Even if you have had a good night’s sleep, your morning cup of coffee can soon become part of your routine to help get you moving and on your way to work or school.

There is some evidence that caffeine is not just useful for boosting your brain function, but that it can improve your physical performance too. However, you should be careful if you are planning to use energy drinks to power your workout; make sure you don’t become dehydrated by also drinking lots of water.

Caffeine and Medical Conditions

Some scientific studies have found evidence that caffeine can prevent some degenerative brain conditions, like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s. In addition, caffeine in moderation has been shown to improve heart health and even prevent heart attacks; moderation is the key word here, as too much caffeine is actually bad for your heart and can lead to high blood pressure.

One effect that many people have observed without the aid of scientific study is the impact caffeine can has on constipation. Many people notice that their first cup of coffee doesn’t just wake them up, but gets all the body’s other functions working at the same time.

Cons of Drinking Caffeine

If you are one of those people who drink coffee regularly — two or three cups every day — you can actually experience withdrawal symptoms if you cut your caffeine intake completely. While these withdrawal headaches are not dangerous, they can be unpleasant and annoying. If you are trying to stop drinking coffee for any reason, best to reduce your intake slowly over a few weeks.

Drinking too much coffee, or taking caffeine too late in the day can actually stop you getting a good night’s sleep; you can easily get stuck in a vicious circle where you sleep badly because of your caffeine intake, which means you need to drink more coffee the next day to stay awake and focused, and so on. Moderation is always the key.

Caffeine and Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Although scientific studies have shown that caffeine can help to prevent some medical problems, if you already have conditions like anxiety or problems with your heart, then caffeine can actually make them worse. It can also prevent the body from absorbing enough calcium, which can lead to conditions like osteoporosis or weak bones; again, this is more likely if you are already susceptible to this condition.

Caffeine can contribute to dehydration as it makes you want to urinate more frequently. This is why it is particularly important to also drink plenty of water if you are using caffeine-rich energy drinks to help fuel your workout.

There are plenty of good reasons to drink coffee — but drinking more will not increase the benefits of caffeine, and will actually end up making you more ill and more tired. Stick to one or two cups a day and your morning coffee will only ever be a blessing, and never a curse.

Ativan: Prescription Medication To Help Anxiety

Ativan is the brand name for a drug called lorazepam, a benzodiazepine that is used to treat conditions like anxiety, depression and panic attacks. People who suffer from serious anxiety have a chemical imbalance in the brain, and lorazepam and other benzodiazepines work to correct that imbalance and calm symptoms such as depression and panic attacks.

Like most benzodiazepines, Ativan can be addictive, especially if you take it for a long period of time. It is advised that doctors only prescribe the medication for a few weeks, in order to help the patient get through particularly difficult episodes of anxiety and depression. It is preferable to find a more long-term solution to treat the condition, but drugs like Ativan can be useful if the symptoms have become unmanageable.

Side Effects of Ativan

As well as the calming effects that Ativan has on the symptoms of anxiety and depression, this medication can have some unwanted side effects. If you take it for too long, you can become addicted, but it is equally dangerous to stop taking Ativan suddenly if your body has built up a tolerance to the active ingredients. Withdrawal symptoms can include nausea, dizziness and even hallucinations.

Medications containing benzodiazepines should not be prescribed to people who have a history of drug abuse, and they should never be mixed with alcohol. Lorazepam should not be given to pregnant women, or children under the age of 18.

If you have been prescribed Ativan for your own anxiety and depression, you should not give or sell your tablets to someone else; benzodiazepines are considered a controlled substance and it is illegal to sell or distribute tablets. It could also be damaging to your own health to get rid of medication that you should be taking.

How Ativan Works to Tackle Anxiety

All benzodiazepines, Ativan included, work by acting on specific cells in the brain which stimulate the production of a chemical called GABA. GABA is a neurotransmitter, responsible for calming activity in nerve cells; while this chemical is produced naturally, people with anxiety issues may need to boost their levels by taking benzodiazepines like Ativan.

How to Take Ativan Safely

Ativan is quite a strong medication and if your doctor has prescribed it for you, you should make sure you follow their instructions carefully. The tablets should be taken whole with water, and you should only take the amount you have been prescribed. There are websites which sell Ativan and other benzodiazepines online, but you should not be tempted to buy these as they may not contain the ingredients you expect and could even be dangerous.

If you are not used to taking Ativan, it can make you feel quite drowsy and can affect your ability to drive or carry out other activities. It is illegal to drive under the influence of benzodiazepines unless you have a prescription, so if you do feel that you can safely get behind the wheel of your car, it is best to carry your prescription on the off-chance you are stopped by the police.

Sometimes you may accidentally miss a dose of Ativan; if this happens, do not be tempted to take double the number of tablets. Simply take your next dose as normal and continue from there; taking more tablets than you have been prescribed could lead to an overdose.

Ativan is an excellent tool for tackling serious episodes of anxiety and depression, but only if you follow the doctor’s instructions and take them safely. If you take them for too long or take too many tablets, benzodiazepines can easily cause more problems than the anxiety you were diagnosed with in the first place.