Can CBD Oils Make You Fail a Drug Test

I’ve been running this drug testing website for well over a year. We’ve seen a ton of things happen in the marijuana industry that has fueled a lot of content on the site as well as changed the landscape of how our country treats it on a State to State basis.  In some States, we have legalization.  In some, we have it approved for medicinal purposes.  For others, it’s a hybrid of recreational and medicinal.

Pushing that aside, we’ve had a lot of topics involving MMA fighters.  There have been many talks about the role of drugs in Mixed Martial Arts, and there have been many talks about how this should be treated and governed.  I can point to the time three fighters failed a drug test at Fight Night 104, as well as the famous Diaz Brothers Golden Doobie.  Stuff like this always raises eyebrows,  and it’s funny to see how the reactions from people can vary so much.

However, the one topic that really gets avoided, yet it’s a growing topic, is CBD oils.  What are their roles in society, and how are they treated?  More importantly, today I’ll answer this question:

Can Using CBD Oil Make You Fail Drug Tests?

This was brought up to my attention while reading Dustin Poirier’s social media.

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There is a lot of banter on this topic, so it’s best to really lay out some “what ifs” in a scenario like this.  If the dose of a hemp extract contains less than 1% THC, it shouldn’t give a positive test result.

I’m honestly unsure how you even find this out, but if you can openly buy it somewhere other than a dispensary, I’m sure you are fine. I’m seeing hemp products pop up in Whole Foods, as well as other places.



Stephen Fasuyi Gets $150,000 for Not Producing Hair Sample

I read a very bizarre article that had a weird ending.  You can check it out here, or just know that your boy Jake has the scoop and is re-telling the story like I was the only one who knew about it!

Job Applicant Earns $150,000 Over Hair Follicle Test

So get this, this guy didn’t even need to work to earn $150,000.  Instead, the man who refused to produce a strand of hair was given $150,000 by a U.S. Steel subsidiary in Texas.  Houston, to be exact.  The man said that drug testing was against his religion.

(By the way, I know all of you guys and gals are going to start using that excuse, no matter which religion you practice!)

The man, named Stephen Fasuyi, had been an applicant at U.S. Steel Tubular Products, which is a subsidiary of U.S. Steel Corp.  The man applied for a utility technician position, and was given a job offer.  This is all according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which had represented Fasuyi.  However, the job was contingent on Fasuyi passing a drug test.

The facility was asking for it’s standard hair follicle test as well as a hair sample.  (Could have used some of this.)

However, Fasuyi is a member of the Nazirite sect of the Hebrew Israelite faith.  He believes that the scriptures did not allow him to cut hair from his scalp.  He did offer an alternative hair sample, from his beard.   (Guy must be a savage – I imagine a Dan Bilzerian type beard.)

While the company won’t comment on the financial settlement, I will.

“Straight Cash Homie.”

The lawsuit filed on his behalf said that he should not have been denied the job for religious reasons. #noted

Andrew Romine Drug Tested After Grand Slam Home Run

The saga continues.  Athletes are being drug tested after doing incredible acts.  I mean, come on.  Where was this when Babe Ruth was slugging home runs?  Where was this when Michael Jordan was dominating the NBA, leading the Chicago Bulls to six NBA titles?

I can’t believe I hear this type of stuff.  I read it here.  It really makes me want to smoke more weed and just think about how idiotic our society has become.  I mean seriously, has anyone heard of Andrew Romine?

Okay, I looked him up. He plays for the Detroit Tigers of the American League.  In case you didn’t know, he’s a baseball player.

Andrew Romine is Drug Tested

Romine batted .545 (an amazing average) over the first five game of the 2017 season.  He was given the “random” drug test immediately after his Tigers beat the Minnesota Twins 5-3.  He had two hits, which upped his average, in addition to his first career grand slam.

“Immediately when I walked in, it was, ‘You got a drug test,’” Romine said.

You may recall this happened to Kahwi Leonard of the San Antonio Spurs, which I blogged about here.  Sometimes, I think this is just bogus.  If I write a good blog post on my drug testing tips website, are they going to test me next?

Oh wait. Knock on the door.  Gotta run guys.  It’s been real.  Will update you on the next post to let you know if I passed the test – or not.  (Not worried, I got things to help me with this – like this bad boy.)

Until the next episode,




Why Lolo Jones Documented Her Drug Test

A three time Olympic athlete named Lolo Jones spoke with this website about her recent drug test documenting.  Long time readers of my website know that I LOVE reading about anything to do with the drug testing space, and more than loving to read them, I truly enjoy coming back to the old pen and paper and putting my spin on it and giving my readers my take on the events that transpired.

In the article, she spoke of signing a petition with other athletes from numerous sports.  This petition made “WADA” independant of any other sports agency, and this was to avoid a conflict of interest when it comes to drug testing for Olympic athletes.

This isn’t the first time she’s had a run in with drug testing.  A popular social media tirade about getting tested on the night of her birthday went viral.  Here are some of the tweets from that night.

Lolo Jones Gets Drug Test on Her Birthday

Lolo Jone is great.  She one time changed her Mom’s cell phone name in her records to say “Ryan Braun.”  (The MLB player who was suspended for 65 games for failing drug tests, even though he maintained he was totally clean.”  She had “Braun” call her repeatedly throughout the time of her drug tests, which is not only clever, but also hysterical.

I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of Jones.  I know I’ll be following her more closely on Social Media after this update.

Happy Holidays, everyone.  Stay clean!

Drug Testing In Companies

Companies and institutions have long since started the practice of drug testing their employees or students as a standard procedure. While a lot of us feel ashamed about drug testing and are generally opposed to such practices, it is important to understand that drug testing is carried out to rule out certain problems with future employees or in investigations for cases that are reported.

Will You Be Drug Tested?  Check out the database of companies that drug test on the link below.

 —> Companies Who Drug Test – Search Now!

Most employers, private or government, big or small, these days will require you to test negative for drugs before making a fully functional job offer. These tests are carried out in order to decide an employee’s credibility, criminal records, verify background testing or rule out suspicion.

Companies that Drug Test

Almost all companies use a standard method for drug testing, that is through a blood test or a urine test. You may be asked to submit these tests before you are employed or even during your tenure as their employee.

There are other methods for drug testing, apart from the standard blood and urine test. These can include Saliva Tests, Hair Tests, Breathalyzer and Sweat Patches. We will be discussing the major differences between a blood test and Urinalysis.

Blood Test for Drugs

The standard procedure for drawing blood is carried out in the blood test. Blood tests are considered more accurate while testing for drugs since the analysis is detailed and an expert analyzes them. Drugs also break down in to smaller units in your bloodstream and these smaller components can be detected through a simple blood test. Your employer will specify what kind of drug testing they prefer. Blood tests are usually more expensive than other tests but this cost is covered by the company.

Urinalysis – Drug Testing Through Urine

This test is a very simple one. You get a sterilized cup or container from any drug store or the lab and you are required to submit your urine sample in this. Once you have submitted this to the lab, you can be expected to receive a computerized report through email or from the lab the very next day. The important thing to remember is to ensure that the urine sample is fresh. This test does not need the opinion or analysis of an expert. A simple lab assistant can also verify these results, making it a very affordable test. On the topic of validity and accuracy, this test does not do as well as a blood test. Since your urine contains water, urea and some toxins, it is not enough to detect if somebody had been taking drugs. However, due to its affordability, most people prefer getting this done.

Companies That Regularly Test Employees for Drugs

  • FedEx: FedEx requires a drug test as a pre-employment requirement and accepts only urine tests.
  • Barnes & Noble: Following the same pattern as FedEx, this bookstore giant requires urine tests but this requirement varies according to the position you have applied for.
  • UPS: UPS conducts random drug tests through urine on their employees.
  • WalMart: Requires pre-employment drug test as a urinalysis.
  • McDonald’s: The fast food giant requires urinalysis for all their employers.

Fortune 500 Executives Rely on Testclear

Does Niacin Show Up On A Drug Test?

A lot of concerned people about drug tests ask the question whether niacin will show up in a drug test or not. Niacin is a natural supplement also known as vitamin B3. It is available over the counter and anyone can buy it without prescription from a doctor. It also not considered illegal to consume high quantities of the supplement. However, taking niacin out of recommended dosage will result in side effects.


People trying to pass their drug test to keep their job or get a new job may have to use niacin. This is because niacin works to cleanse your body of harmful toxins. The toxins left by the use of marijuana (weed) are one of the toxins that are cleansed from the body if you take niacin.

If you have an upcoming drug test, you are probably considering taking niacin to detoxify your body. You may also be concerned that the drug test might reveal that you have been trying to cleanse your body of toxins if they found out abnormal quantities of niacin in the body.

The truth is, niacin is never checked during a drug test. The laboratories are only concerned with finding out one specific metabolite in your body. This metabolite is a byproduct of THC known as TOOCH. If you do not appear to have any TOOCH in your body, you will achieve a negative result. Rest assured, the labs will never look for niacin in your body because it is a naturally occurring vitamin so no one tests for it in a drug test.

If you are still doubtful, or you do not have enough time to use niacin to cleanse your body, you can opt for other methods to pass your drug test. Niacin is an effective way of cheating your way out of a drug test only if you have plenty of time remaining before the test is taken. This is because niacin cannot work immediately and needs a little time before the body is completely cleansed.


If niacin isn’t a good option for you, consider going for detox drinks, hair cleansing shampoos or powdered urine. The method powdered urine is by far the most effective method of clearing a drug test based on urine samples. You buy synthetic urine in powdered form and mix it with water to form real human urine that is free of any toxins imaginable. However, this urine needs to be at a certain temperature when it is presented as sample.

If your company requires you to go through random drug tests after every three months, try to avoid using marijuana in heavy doses. Heavy doses are hard to keep off the radar and may pose serious threat of getting caught. As long as you remain under the use of 1-3 times a week, you can pretty much use any method to dodge a drug test and keep your job.

Azo Medication

Azo is a brand of pills that is primarily for treating UTIs or urinary tract infections. It is known as a detox remedy which helps in passing routine drug tests which are required by most employers nowadays. Of course there are a variety of tests that are taken such as hair and saliva testing, blood and urine and this pill can help in varying degrees with each. The major principle is to detoxify the body enough so that THC is no longer detectable in blood, saliva or urine.

Thankfully most drug tests are urine based so that makes it easier to cheat as you can always carry powdered urine or fake urine if you are not comfortable taking any sort of medication to clear out your system.

The Process of Azo Working

Azo is something which even your local pharmacy will have. The pills that you need to be looking for are called Azo Standard. They will be red pills and easy to spot. They are used mainly by women with UTIs so they clean out your urine and rid your body of toxins.

And that is exactly what you need in order to pass your test. This does not make your urine clean forever as THC resides in fat deposits but if you start using the pills enough time before the test you might be clean for a few days which is enough of a window to give your test.

Take 6 of the pills from the box and make sure you have at least 3 days before your test. The first day you should take only three pills and wait to pee. Make sure you are drinking a lot of water preferably lemon water during this process. Your urine will be purple or orange but that is completely normal given this dosage so no need to worry.

The dyes used in the pills cause this chemical reaction which makes your urine turn a funny color. The next day you have to take 2 more pills and down them with plenty of water. The Azo will flush out toxins as well as its own ingredients through your urine.

In the last day you take the last of the pills and by this time your urine will have turned a normal color. The next day you can go and give your test and will hopefully pass. Of course there is no 100% guarantee but you can always have a detox drink 10 days before in conjunction with these pills. Exercise will also eliminate many toxins which normally show on the test.

Since many people have used this method and passed it is somewhat reliable but everyone does not use the same drug dosage and a great deal depends on whether you are obese or not. There are high chances that people with a lot of excess body fat will not pass their test through this method alone.

Check to see if you are allergic to any of the ingredients before you start the pill taking process. Testing yourself with a home kit will also boost your confidence.


Can Azo Medication Help Mask Toxins For A Drug Test?

Passing a drug test without giving up on drugs is not a myth anymore. There are several ways to bypass your drug test without giving up on drugs or living in fear of constantly being asked to take tests. There are several easy and effective ways to dodge drug tests. One of these methods is to detoxify your body of toxins using detox tablets or drinks.

Azo medication is one of the detoxification tablets that you can add to your diet to help remove toxins before the test takes place.

Azo is a popular brand of supplements that primarily makes medication and supplements for relieving pain of urinary tract. The supplement when consumed causes the color of the urine to change which a lot of drug tests use to detect toxins in the body. If you carefully take the dosage of azo medication before the test takes place, you can alter the color of your urine making it drug test safe.

Another reason why people use azo medication to clear drug tests is that it naturally detoxifies your body using natural ingredients. This means you can consume recommended dosage of the supplement to completely rid of toxins in your body and pass a test.

Requirements for using azo medication to pass a drug test

Azo medication isn’t 100% guaranteed to work. There are a lot of factors contributing towards toxins being collected and stored in your body. So before you go for this method, you should know whether the supplement will work for you or not.

Here are the requirements you must meet before you can use Azo to pass marijuana test

  1. Time – Do you have more than 10 days before a test takes place? If not, you may not have successful results with this method. Azo requires time to cleanse your body so do not use it just before the day of your test. It will not work.
  2. Weight – in order for Azo to work effectively and quickly, you need to be under 200 pounds of body weight. Anymore above that and your detoxification will not work on time.
  3. Fat content – even if you have an ideal weight but your body fat content is above 16%, the azo medication will fail to work on time.
  4. Drug usage – Know what kind of drug user you are. If you smoke marijuana for 1-3 times a week, you are considered a casual user and azo medication will work best for you. If you smoke more than 3 times, you are considered a heavy user and making azo medication work for you will become hard but not impossible. If you use marijuana everyday twice a day or more, you are considered an extreme user. In this case, azo medication will never work for you.

Alternatives to Azo medication

For extreme users, the only alternative is dehydrated urine. Dehydrated or powdered urine is a synthetic form of real human urine which acts like a urine and serves its purpose as a urine sample. This sample can be provided to laboratories for 100% success.

Drug Tests May Be Required for Unemployment Benefits

Just read this over on Fox Boston and thought it was worth passing along.  I know a lot of people come here for info on how to pass drug tests, and this one will certainly be of interest to those of you who are filing for unemployment benefits.

Drug Testing May Be Used When Unemployment Benefits Are Sought

Today’s news comes straight out of Washington. 

A bill introduced by Kevin Brady is saying that States would have the ability to drug test applicants of people who lost their job due to being caught using drugs or who are looking for a job that makes them pass a drug test.

Called “a common sense measure” by Brady, I agree with the concept that people should be of clear mind and health when they are working.

“If you are unable or unwilling to pass a basic drug test for a job that requires one, then you suffer, your family suffers and so do the businesses looking for good workers.”

Ten States currently have laws that allow them to test welfare recipients prior to getting their stipends.

There are many people debating this, but don’t count me as one of them.  First off, I remain employed for the time being, which I will say is a blessing.  Also, I don’t plan on ever being unemployed because I have built up skill sets I can use for the long haul. I’m not a pusher or a hustler, and I certainly am a straight shooter.  I like to approach every job with truth and plan on being a loyal worker, no matter how much marijuana I consume.

As you know, I do beat drug tests anyways!


Detoxifying Foods

Even if you do not do drugs or take banned substances before entering a race or a competition, there is a slim chance toxins have built up in your body enough to suggest you have. No scientist, panel of judges, or public will believe the guy who pleads “innocent” no matter how good his reputation has been for years and years.

In fact, a positive test could cast a shadow over his entire career up to this point. Of course, the following advice is also useful to individuals who knowingly consume PEDs, before a fight for example.

How to Pass a Drug Test

The best way to pass these tests is still to not take Performance Enhancing Drugs and banned items in the first place. Even though there is a chance of testing positive in spite of that, there are many common sense reasons to avoid them.

They are banned because of the damage they can do to a person’s body. That goes for the heart, liver, and brain; kind of important organs. PEDs also give an unfair advantage to competitors in the short term before they lead to hormonal imbalances and heart failure.

Pass the test by taking a substance touted for its ability to make you a better fighter, runner, or basketball player, but find out first what sort of test you will undergo. There are blood, urine, saliva, and hair tests.

Drugs remain in a person’s hair for a long time so unless you plan on shaving that off, this is one method of drug testing which is likely to catch you out. Saliva is the easiest thing to change with mouth rinse products just for such a purpose. Urine can also be flushed of traces of drugs by taking certain products. Even blood can be cleansed.

But the products used to pass a drug test are not real foods. They are sold by shops that sell marijuana and vaporizers, and a pro athlete with a high profile does not want to be seen entering places like those. Besides, they aren’t in the average person’s cupboard. A better way to get past a screen is to choose detoxifying food that’s good for you anyway.

Detoxify with Food

There is always the liquid diet which promotes excessive urination, but you don’t want to do that if quick detoxification is the goal. Calories are important for energy in this equation which will also involve exercise to induce sweating without fainting.

Stay away from foods which slow down your digestive system, particularly unhealthy foods you already think of as “junk.” They include fast food, too much meat, and rich desserts.

Choose meals which give you the energy to get up and go for a walk, swim, or a run. If you plan to be active right away these can be carbs like grains and potatoes. Protein is good if it is lean or plant-based like nuts, seeds, and soy.

The best foods will keep your bowels moving ultimately so you excrete toxins, all of them. This same process enables the body to get rid of environmental poisons found in water, the air we breathe, and released from household and commercial carpets.

Of course this is not going to be something that creates a result overnight, but can help when used in accordance with other methods for passing a test, though it all depends on what type of testing will be performed, whether a urine test, or hair follicle.