Does UPS Drug Test?

Does UPS Test for DrugsDoes UPS drug test? Like the drug testing policies at many companies, it is not always easy to know for sure if UPS will do a drug screening for every potential employee, for every position.

I think it is best to look at it like this. UPS is a big company. They are a huge worldwide company. There are lots of UPS employees that drive delivery vans, semi-trailer trucks, aircraft pilots, aircraft mechanics, and more. For aircraft related jobs, you can be certain that drug tests will be given because they are required by the FAA. For driving jobs which require a CDL, drug testing is also a certainty.

Many of these types of UPS jobs require high margins of safety, precision, and expertise. Also, with a lot of these jobs you are driving or operating equipment, vehicles and aircraft. When that is the case, a company is going to have drug screening policies that comply with current laws, which I mentioned previously. They are also going to take whatever extra steps they think are necessary to protect the safety of their employees and any others whose safety or well-being is dependent upon the safe operations of these vehicles, equipment, and aircraft.

I’m not saying that you can’t smoke a joint every now and then and still perform either high-risk work or jobs that require precision and expertise. Oh hell no. I’m just coming at this from the point of view of the company.

UPS Package Handler JobsFrom what I’ve found out when I was trying to figure out the answer to the does UPS drug test or not question, there are people saying both they do and they don’t for more entry-level or seasonal jobs like package sorters/handlers. They do seem to check out every potential employee pretty thoroughly, but it seems that not every single person they hire for every job is actually drug tested.

Drug Testing UPS JobsHowever, when they do drug test new hires they mainly rely on urine drug testing. Testing for dope is not cheap and UPS employs a lot of people. It seems in most cases they rely on piss testing because it costs less. There are some situations where UPS use a blood test to screen for drugs, but that seems to be mainly when the urine analysis doesn’t provide clear results.

In a nutshell, it seems UPS does not drug test for many part-time and seasonal jobs. If you have to have a CDL, it is a different story. Also, of course, if you’re dealing with aircraft at all you can expect that a drug screen will be required.


Does Kwik Save Drug Test

Living in the United States, I was not familiar with Kwik Save. I quickly found out that the United Kingdom-based Kwik Save is a chain of convenience stores now owned by the Costcutter company. If you want to work there, you should know about their policiesDoes Kwik Save Drug Test including pre-employment or random employee drug screening. Does Kwik Save drug test? Let’s find out, but first something quirky about the company.

The interesting tidbit about Kwik Save’s history is tied to its founder, Albert Gubay. He was a successful businessman on several fronts and was noted for giving his fortune to charity. Prior to his death, he set up a charitable trust and funded it with hundreds of millions from his fortune. Since he was a devout Catholic he stipulated that half the money must be spent on charitable projects connected to the Catholic church. The trustees decide which charities get the other half.

How and When Does Kwik Save Drug Test?

Okay. Now let’s get back to finding out about the drug testing policy of Kwik Save.

Kiwi Save United Kingdom Convenience StoresKwik Save is part of Costcutter. Don’t confuse the UK Costcutter with the Northwest U.S. based Costcutter grocery chain, we’re talking about the UK grocery company of which the Kwik Save convenience stores are a part.

United Kingdom Drug Testing

Under UK law, pre-employment and employee drug tests can be allowed if you give your consent. The problem with the law and company drug testing is that if you don’t give your consent, the employer could use that against you. This sets up the job seeker and employee with a possible “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation. This is especially true if you’ve been having some drug-induced fun on your own time.

The upside is that employee drug testing at companies in the UK appears to depend on the situation. Meaning that if you got hurt or were involved in circumstances in which someone was injured or some other reason, then you would be tested for drugs. It seems like a company has to have a set policy and they have to have told you all about the policy in a clear manner.UK Company drug testing kit

Also, they have to tell you why in this particular instance you are being tested. And they have to tell you the consequences if you fail the drug screening.

As far as Kwik Save goes, I did see someone online say that when they test they check your urine.

Preparing For Your Drug Test

As I recommend every time if you are going to apply for a new job take a break and give your body enough time to get the drugs out. Or buy a drug cleanse product and drink plenty of fluids to get cleaned out faster. Here’s advice on flushing drugs from your body. Be prepared!

At work, don’t do any drugs. If you are high at work, something happens, and they give you a drug test, you will be screwed and it won’t be fun.

These last bits of advice are true whether we are talking about passing a Kwik Save drug test in the UK or any company here in the USA.

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Does Barnes and Noble Drug Test

Does Barnes and Noble drug testBarnes & Noble is a big company. They are a Fortune 500 company. Here in the United States, Barnes and Noble have more retail stores than any other booksellers. In addition to books, they sell educational products and digital media products. You can find DVD’s, graphic novels, gifts, toys, games, tablets, and more. Fans of books and other media might think this is a good company at which to work. When job hunting, the job seeker naturally wants to know what to expect so they have questions. Does Barnes and Noble drug test is one important question an applicant needs to know about in advance?

With the advent of the internet and associated electronic media, brick and mortar bookstores have been hit pretty hard. A number have gone bankrupt or have simply gone out of business. Others, including Barnes and Noble, have expanded online to try and remain competitive.

They have not had much success. Every year since 2009, they have been closing stores. In 2003, they employed about 56,000 people. As of last year, they employed about 26,000.  In February 2018, they announce more layoffs as part of an effort to save $40 million a year.

I’m mentioning all this because if you’re looking for a long-term career, Barnes and Noble may not be your best choice. If you’re just looking for a job or maybe just part-time work and you like the coffee, books and media vibe, then you might like working for this company.

Does Barnes and Noble Drug Test or Not?

I’ve searched all around and I have found conflicting information about whether Barnes and Noble requires a pre-employment drug screen or not. I could not find their policy for drug testing current employees.

Barnes and Noble Employee Drug ScreeningsWhat I have seen is a mixture of answers about drug testing. Some say nobody was ever tested when they worked there while others say there were occasional random drug screens. Some said that the employee manual says that the company reserves the right to drug test employees. I read that someone said that they do a saliva test. I saw that blood and or urine drug testing in required in some locations according to this company drug testing database.

I tried going directly to the source. Nowhere on their website could I find any mention of drug tests. However, I did find the following passage in the Barnes & Noble Code of Business Conduct and Ethics: “The Company prohibits employees from being under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or prescription drugs that may impair their ability to perform their job up to standards or hinder the safety of employees and customers.  Consumption of alcoholic beverages on Barnes & Noble premises is only permitted, with prior management approval, for company-sponsored events.”

Here’s what I think. If you want to work at Barnes & Noble, be prepared to take a drug test. That means be ready and do what you need to in case they do test. If they don’t, then good for you. Always better ready than not.

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Does Costco Drug Test

Costco is a big company with a good reputation. They have over 740 locations and employ over 231,000 people. With a starting hourly wage of $11.50 and being named America’s Best Employer by Forbes in 2017, many people want to work there. They reward a good work record and length at the company with regular raises. Does Costco drug test is a good question to ask and get answered if you want to be able to get a job at this desirable company.Does Costco Drug Test

Well, Does Costco Drug Test Their Employees?

If you want to work at Costco you will be tested for a variety of drugs. They have a lengthy policy detailing their alcohol, drug and substance policy. It looks like they test for just about everything. Sadly, lot of companies drug test.

Their policy is explicit. It goes into great detail about pretty much every aspect of any type of substance use that is illegal or unauthorized. It also details the process that happens when you test positive such as using a different type of drug test on your sample to confirm the presence of drugs.

Is There Pre-Employment Drug Testing at Costco?

Costco gives all potential employees a pre-employment drug test before any formal offers of employment are made and contracts signed. They say there are no exceptions. The higher the level that you get hired in as the more overall scrutiny they will give you.

What Kind of Drug Tests Will I Have to Take at Costco

urine drug testing at Costco Wholesale storesAlthough it does not say so directly, according to what is written in their Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace Policy they do a urine analysis. In different places, it refers to “urine specimen” so that makes it pretty obvious that they test your pee. If you need help passing a urine drug test, click here.

Elsewhere online, I found sources saying that Costco does a Mouth Swab type of drug test. That may be the case, but I don’t know for sure. If you’re not familiar with this type of drug screen, it is pretty straightforward. They use a cotton swab to collect some of your saliva so they can test it for the presence of drugs.testing for drugs by swabbing your mouth

Does Costco Do Drug Screenings After I’ve Been Hired?

There are three situations in which you can be tested under the company drug and alcohol policy after you’ve been hired.

Reasonable Suspicion

What they call “reasonable suspicion” is when they have “specific facts” or “reasonably suspects” that an employee has been using or is under the influence.

Post Accident

If the company thinks that you “caused or contributed” to a work-related accident that causes such harm to someone that they have to be taken somewhere to be treated or if there’s damage to Costco vehicles, equipment, machinery, or property, you will have to be tested for drugs.

Returning to Duty and Follow Up

If you have signed a Contract for Continued Employment with Costco and have gone through an evaluation to determine if you’ve been abusing substances, they will test you for drugs before you can start back to work. You may also have to be tested whenever they want you to for the next couple of years.

As you can see, even though Costco by many measures is a very good company to work for that pays a decent wage, they have a very specific policy regarding drug screens, situations that require testing, handling of your sample, and what happens if you test positive. With the information you now have, if you decide to apply at Costco you can be well prepared when it comes to drug testing.

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Does Kroger Drug Test

Are you looking for a job? You may have thought about the grocery industry. There are jobs available in this field and there are opportunities for advancement. Knowledge is always power. Having knowledge-information-about a prospective employer in advance will always work to your advantage. Whether you like to party during your off time or if the whole idea of drug testing just rubs you the wrong way, you will want to know if a company requires a pre-employment drug test. Let’s focus on the big grocery corporation Kroger and figure out the answer to the does kroger drug test question.

A Kroger store that may test for drugsI don’t care if you’re looking toward Kroger as a full-time, part-time, long-term, or short-term employer, being informed about their company policies will help you determine if you’d like to work for them. It will also help you if you get hired so you have more of a problem-free employment experience. Especially when it comes to drug use.

Finding Out If Kroger Requires Pre-Employment Drug Testing?

The answer is yes and no. This may sound confusing at first, so let me explain.

List of kroger owned companies

All these and more are part of the Kroger corporation!

Kroger is a huge company. Most of us are familiar with Kroger-brand grocery stores. Food4Less, Ralph’s, Smith’s, Fred Meyer and a bunch of other companies are also part of the Kroger company.

Kroger Drug Testing Company Policy?

Nowhere on Kroger’s main company website do they say anything about mandatory drug testing for new hires. I found policies about sustainability, diversity, and a whole bunch of other stuff about what they ethically expect from employees and vendors, but not a word about drug testing.

So, it seems that there is not a corporation-wide policy about drug testing. If there is one, they keep it private. Does this mean we don’t need to prepare or that we don’t need to be ready to cheat on a drug test when trying to get a job at Kroger? Read on and find out…

What about Kroger Grocery Stores?

However, I did find out that some individual Kroger stores will drug test you. This means you need to do some pre-application detective work. Before you actually turn in your application to work there, try to find out if that particular store tests. Be smart about this. If you are obvious, it might raise some red flags that could hurt your chances of getting the job.

saliva drug test being administered

Open Wide!

Type of Drug Test?

I also found out that the Kroger stores that do test do not use a urine test. They swab your mouth. Instead of a piss test, they do a spit test!

Testing your saliva for drugs by swabbing your mouth is a cheaper method than expensive urine testing. They are also more unreliable. So, that makes it better for us. By the way, drug tests and testing can be unreliable. Keep up to date with drug testing news to find out more about this.

Time is a big factor too. Mouth swab drug tests will only test positive for weed if you’ve smoked within a couple days. A week at most.

If you want to work at a Kroger store, find out if that individual store tests so you are prepared. If you want to be prepared for success no matter what, lay off the weed for a week, drink plenty of fluids, and brush your teeth often. Using hydrogen peroxide when brushing is helpful too.

Good luck with your Kroger job search!

How Do You Cheat on a Drug Test

image showing how do you cheat on a Drug Test Sometimes things happen that might be out of our control. Sometimes we may just screw up and visit too much fun land when we shouldn’t. Sometimes we have a drug test coming up and our only possible chance to test clean is to figure out a way to beat it. If that’s the case, then we need to know exactly how do you cheat on a drug test?

If the test you have to take is a urine test, you might be in luck. If it is a blood test, there’s not much you can do about it. However, with the old piss test, you might have a cheating chance.

Urine tests are still the main type of drug test that workers have to take. That’s good news for us. Both the federal government, which is a huge employer, state governments and employers in the private sector rely on this type of drug testing in many more cases than not.

Here’s Info on How Do You Cheat on a Drug Test

apparatus you wear for cheating drug testingSubstitute Urine

If you know someone who does not do drugs and they are willing to help you out, then this is the best way I know to cheat and beat a drug test.

Look out for misinformation. Your employer or potential employer may give you all kinds of warnings about trying to beat the drug test. They want you to think that they are all powerful and there’s no way to cheat on a test and they will catch you, especially if you try and substitute piss from someone else. I’ve even fallen for this fake warning.

Bullshit! You can use someone’s clean urine to cheat a drug test. Make sure you have previously warmed it up to body temperature! That is vitally important. If the test giver is aware and not corruptible, they will notice if your sample is not the temperature it needs to be.

Substitution works best if it is not a full view drug test. You still have to be sly and be prepared, though. There are products on the market that you can “wear” that can help you deliver that clean fake sample. Practice first so you are familiar with the apparatus and can do it in as natural a manner as possible.

Add Bribery

If you have a test giver that is really burning you and watching you like a hawk, you should be prepared to go for a “Hail Mary”. Beware! This is risky as hell. Only do this if you are desperate, if you will be totally screwed on multiple levels, if you have absolutely no other choice and it is do or you are through.

Try to pay off the tester. It can be done and it has been done. It goes without saying that you need be clever, but you need them to understand what you are offering them. The importance of you passing the test has to equal the risk you are taking when you go this route. Try to get a “read” on the tester and don’t cheap out. If you insult them by only offering $20.00 or something like that, you will fail or worse.

I’m giving you options and I’m giving you fair warning. Be smart. Okay? Good.


Yes, there are synthetic urines available that you can use to cheat. Click here for quality powdered urine. Again, you have to somehow substitute your own for the store bought pee. The equipment I mentioned above is needed for this method of cheating too.

Other Methods

I’m going to mention some other ways to cheat to pass a urine drug test, but you should test these out in advance. Pick up some home drug testing kits so you can try these cheats in advance to see if they will work for you.

bottle of aspirin A few hours before testing, take four aspirin. The aspirin may mask any drugs in your urine.

Try adulterating your sample. If you are sly, you might be able to slip ground up unscented bleach or 90 plus degree hot water into your specimen cup. These additives may work or they may not.

There’s a lot of arguments about all the method of cheating I’ve mentioned. Naturally, the drug testing companies and laboratories want everyone to think that their testing is foolproof and is such a big help to everyone. I call bullshit.

When it comes down to crunch time and you have a lot on the line you need to know how do you cheat on a drug test as a means of self-preservation. Drug testing is just one method that “the system” can screw you over for no good reason. Fight back by being prepared.

I hope these tips for cheating on drug tests will help you.

How Do You Flush Your System For a Drug Test

Do you have a drug test coming up? Have you just been notified that you’re going to be tested? If so, that means it is crunch time. Crunch team you need help to pass that drug test and you need help now. How do you flush your system for a drug test are the words running through your mind again and again. Well, here’s some do you flush your body for a drug test

The first thing you need to do is start taking action now, I mean right now! The more time you have, the better it will be for you.

What you need to do also depends on what kind of test you are being given and how much of your drug of choice you’ve been doing. If you do a lot of shit, it can easily be in your system for fifteen to thirty days or more. If you just do a little or have only done a little, it’s going to be easier for you to flush your system for a drug test.

Here’s How You Flush Your System For A Drug Test

Okay, let’s get to it.

Urine Drug Testing

Having to take a urine test is what I’m going to focus on because it is most common. Also, it is the test that can be manipulated by flushing your system.

The number one thing to remember is that water is your friend. Lots of water. Start drinking water as far in advance of your drug testing as possible and continue downing that water through the day you’ll be tested.

bottle of B Vitamins

Give your urine a natural color with some B vitamins!

Please realize that if your pee is too clear, that could raise suspicions. A trick to avoid “too clear pee” is to take some B vitamin pills the day before you have to submit to the urine analysis.

The day of is the day to urinate as much as humanly possible prior to having to submit your sample. Keep drinking that water and go as much as you possibly can to get rid of as many built up drug metabolites as possible.

Never, ever, ever submit your first piss of the day. Those metabolites I just mentioned? They build up overnight.

a cup of coffee

Drinking coffee helps you pee and pee often!

Diuretics can help. Diuretics make you go. The more tea, coffee and or cranberry juice you drink the better as these are natural diuretics. Ignore anyone that tells you that cranberry juice doesn’t work because they don’t get it. There’s not some magical property to cranberry juice, it’s just that it makes you urinate more often just like tea and coffee do.

Another trick is to let some pee escape before you fill the test cup. That initial burst has more built up drug metabolites.

Detox drinks can be helpful, however, they need to be used the day of the test. Most of these detoxification beverages will flush you out and help you show up clean for four to six hours. If the drink you choose comes with a home testing kit, use it. That can help you test for the effectiveness of the detox drink and, perhaps, give you some piece of mind.

In addition to water, diuretics both natural and “store bought”, and detox drinks, dieting, and exercising can help you get the dope out of your body. Speed up your heart-rate and sweat like crazy to help get yourself clean.

Finally, keep in mind that marijuana is the toughest to flush out of your system because it is fat soluble and not water soluble. It likes to cozy up to the fat cells in your body, so it can take up to 90 days to get it out of your body if you bake a lot daily. Most can get the weed out in thirty to forty-five days while if you just happened to fall into a rare light up with a buddy over the weekend, it might only take you two to ten days to clean up.

If you happen to do a little cocaine with a friend, you’re in luck. You can get cocaine out of your system in 24 hours. On the other hand, if you are snorting up on a regular daily basis its gonna take two to three full days for that shit to get flushed out.

Figuring out how to clean your system prior to a drug test is stressful. I’ve provided the best available information that I know. However, the advice I’ve provided isn’t guaranteed, but it can sure as hell help you clear the drug test!

Navy Drug Screening Lab Finds Fault in Drug Testing

Whoops.  We are supposed to count on the military to be our rock solid backbone of our country.  To serve, and protect.  These guys are supposed to be flawless.

I get it.  We’re all human.  Things happen.  But, this story I read today on made me think a bit about just how human we all are.

Just this April, a drug testing lab found a fault in a urine test that it was relying on to separate over 200 sailors.  This dates back to 2006, according to Navy officials.

Navy Drug Testing Lab Is 86’d

The facility, located in Great Lakes, Illinois, has since been shut down.  They found out that it’s meth testing could product a false positive result.  Under “rare conditions” one could be positively tested for methamphetamine as well as amphetamines.  Yikes!

The Navy

This discovery happened on April 12, and the testing procedures performed there were immediately shut down.  It’s unknown whether any service members were separated from this happening, but the investigation is ongoing.  The report did say that the chances are “unlikely.”

I’d hate to see someone work so hard to be in the Navy, with the desire to represent their country, only to fail a drug test that wasn’t accurate.  I can’t imagine the crushing feeling that would be experienced should this have been an occurrence.  This makes me sick to my stomach.

In a bit of positive news, any Sailors who want to challenge their discharge now have the opportunity to do so by going to the Board of Correction of Naval Records.

This laboratory tested Marine Corps and Navy samples, but also mentioned in the report that some Army Reserve and National Guard samples were done as well.

In a bit of good news, the false positive tests only transpired in urine samples that were already testing positive for drugs.  So basically, if you failed the test for say, pot smoking, you would have that happen but also get a mark on your report that you didn’t pass a test for meth.  (When it rains, it pours.)

So basically a test was done, and then the tests were divided into what people tested positive for:  meth, coke, weed, etc.  The second test went on to confirm that the sample was positive.  when that happened, a small amount of the 11 years of testing may have yielded a false positive.

In the 11 years of the testing, 214 sailors were separated from the Navy for failing tests for methamphetamine or amphetamine in this exact facility.

I guess it’s even more reason to use this in your hair.  When you fight a battle you can’t win, you have to bring out all the heavy artillery!

Is Randy Gregory done in NFL After Another Failed Drug Test?

I’m shocked by the amount of people out there who simply don’t want to make millions of dollars playing a sport.  At least follow my tips on passing drug tests, or use something that will assist you in passing a test God forbid you have to take one.  If I’m in any position where millions of dollars is on the line, I’m not going to jeopardize that by using weed, cocaine, or anything else that would result in me losing that awesome paycheck.

Cowboys Randy Gregory Fails Drug Test Again

I literally just reported about the Jabrill Peppers incident, and he actually didn’t fall that far into round one of last week’s draft.  I read on TMZ that this happened, and I couldn’t believe it.

The defensive end who plays for the Dallas Cowboys, who are coming off an amazing season behind two rookie’s at skill positions, has failed his 7th drug test that’s known to the public!  Not one, not two, not three – seven.  TMZ reported that his friends and family are deeply concerned for his overall wellness at this point.  I mean come on, nobody likes a quitter, except for when it’s about quitting drugs to get a paycheck for you and your family.  Apparently he was tested on February 21 and then told on March 2nd that weed was found in his sample.  Ouch.  So beatable, that weed test.  Could have used this bad boy to beat it.

Even more shocking, the NFL officials reached out to him to discuss the situation, per protocol, and he blew them off.

This means the short career of a once promising Dallas Cowboy could indeed be over.

Randy Gregory

Is this the end of Randy Gregory in the NFL?

Gregory was a high draft pick by Dallas in 2015.  A second round pick from the University of Nebraska, he was one of the best college football players during his time playing for the Cornhuskers.

He’s already serving a suspension for another failed drug test and was slated to miss the 2017 season.  This new test remains unclear how his status will be affected, but as a betting man, I’m sticking a fork in the career of Randy Gregory.  It’s a shame.  So avoidable.  TMZ reached out to his agent, and the agent denied representing Gregory.

I’ll keep tabs on this situation, as I do with all others pertaining to drugs, testing, and athletics.

I will add, this is all a rumor, and Jerry Jones, the owner of the team, has been quoted as saying he’s “skeptical” of this new report.


Indiana Senate Passes Synthetic Urine Ban on Unanimous Vote

I like to follow all news related to drug testing, as well as ways people can pass them.  For those of you who know me, you know I like to help people out when they are taking such tests.

Today, I read with disdain – an article on an Indiana news website that sort of shocked me.

Bill Passes to ban Synethic Urine Sales in Indiana

If you live in Indiana, and anticipate having to take a drug test that you may not be able to pass, you probably want to load up on things like synthetic urine.  You can read about that right here.

Reason being, the Indiana Senate has approved a bill that will essentially kill all sales of synethic urine that will assist in passing a drug test.  As you guys know, this is a product I personally use and endorse.  The vote really shocked me, being it was a 48-0 vote.  #ouch.

Jim Merritt, the Republican Senator, was quoted saying it could “help employers weed out drug abusers who post danger to other workers in high risk fields.”

If such products are sold, the crime would be a misdemeanor.  This also includes the sales of products that would help in passing drug OR alcohol tests.  (I didn’t even know there was such a thing for alcohol, so that will be my topic of R & D this week as I prepare to continue to make this blog the best one on the topic of beating any test.  (Except the SAT’s, I didn’t do so well there.)

It’s still unknown (to me) if you can buy synthetic urine tests online and use them in Indiana, or if that will result in a crime potentially.

Since the bill was indeed approved by the House, it now goes to the Governor, Eric Holcomb, for his consideration.  With a 48-0 vote, I think that it’s safe to say he’ll sign off on it.

Back later, hopefully with some better news.