Detoxify Mega Clean Herbal Cleanse

Detoxify Mega Clean is a detox drink which is used by many individuals to cleanse their systems, and this does also get grouped together with other drug testing solutions for help getting a clean test.

It comes with accompanying products such as Xxtra Clean and users recommend that it should be used with other methods of toxin removal such as exercise, drinking lots of water and green tea, foods that help you detox and so on. So far as cleansing the body of stuff like THC, Xxtra Clean and the Ready Clean are more for small scale users and casual users while Mega Clean is the real deal.

Mega Clean Detoxifying Drink
Mega Clean is a well known herbal detox drink and in sales and results it has beaten other popular products such as Qcarbo32 and Stinger. However (this is indicated by the brand also) it is not enough to guarantee that you will pass your test. You will need to abstain for some time, or you may also need to keep a synthetic urine product at the ready if your home test indicates that you still have detectable THC in your system.

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The price is $69.95 which is a lot given that they do not give any guarantees but many users rely on this solely and find that coupled with exercise and good diet, this drink is enough to get them through their tests.

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One of the great pros of using this detox drink is that it works on people who are obese as well as heavy users. Of course it takes longer to cleanse the system of toxins in this case but in two weeks it can work wonders.

For people with far less body fat and a more casual usage plan it can work in about 2 to 3 days. It also replenishes the body’s nutrients helping you imbibe physical fitness and health which is essential for passing your test.

Detoxification Zone

This drink creates this time frame of 5 hours or more in which you have all the nutrients and the clean blood and urine to pass your test. The first 3 hours are the most crucial and give the best results so make sure you are submitting your sample on time for maximum effect. Just to be double sure test first at home or repeat the process of having the drink in intervals (as indicated) more than once.

Why It Works

The detox works because of a few simple principles. It adds the nutrients which lead to false negatives on a standard test and it also clears your urine of all detectable toxins. Granted that this is only effective for a few hours at most but with a looming drug test ahead, what more could you ask for? The product is marketed not for good health but for passing a test so bear that in mind before you expect miracles.

What It Includes

First you need to take the PreCleanse capsules (there are six of them) and then you go in with the cleansing drink which comes in many flavors such as wild berry or tropical fruit. In any case it beats consuming lots of Niacin or Azo to clear your urine.


Don't Risk It, Don't use Fake Urine

Detoxifying Foods

Even if you do not do drugs or take banned substances before entering a race or a competition, there is a slim chance toxins have built up in your body enough to suggest you have. No scientist, panel of judges, or public will believe the guy who pleads “innocent” no matter how good his reputation has been for years and years.

In fact, a positive test could cast a shadow over his entire career up to this point. Of course, the following advice is also useful to individuals who knowingly consume PEDs, before a fight for example.

How to Pass a Drug Test

The best way to pass these tests is still to not take Performance Enhancing Drugs and banned items in the first place. Even though there is a chance of testing positive in spite of that, there are many common sense reasons to avoid them.

They are banned because of the damage they can do to a person’s body. That goes for the heart, liver, and brain; kind of important organs. PEDs also give an unfair advantage to competitors in the short term before they lead to hormonal imbalances and heart failure.

Pass the test by taking a substance touted for its ability to make you a better fighter, runner, or basketball player, but find out first what sort of test you will undergo. There are blood, urine, saliva, and hair tests.

Drugs remain in a person’s hair for a long time so unless you plan on shaving that off, this is one method of drug testing which is likely to catch you out. Saliva is the easiest thing to change with mouth rinse products just for such a purpose. Urine can also be flushed of traces of drugs by taking certain products. Even blood can be cleansed.

But the products used to pass a drug test are not real foods. They are sold by shops that sell marijuana and vaporizers, and a pro athlete with a high profile does not want to be seen entering places like those. Besides, they aren’t in the average person’s cupboard. A better way to get past a screen is to choose detoxifying food that’s good for you anyway.

Detoxify with Food

There is always the liquid diet which promotes excessive urination, but you don’t want to do that if quick detoxification is the goal. Calories are important for energy in this equation which will also involve exercise to induce sweating without fainting.

Stay away from foods which slow down your digestive system, particularly unhealthy foods you already think of as “junk.” They include fast food, too much meat, and rich desserts.

Choose meals which give you the energy to get up and go for a walk, swim, or a run. If you plan to be active right away these can be carbs like grains and potatoes. Protein is good if it is lean or plant-based like nuts, seeds, and soy.

The best foods will keep your bowels moving ultimately so you excrete toxins, all of them. This same process enables the body to get rid of environmental poisons found in water, the air we breathe, and released from household and commercial carpets.

Of course this is not going to be something that creates a result overnight, but can help when used in accordance with other methods for passing a test, though it all depends on what type of testing will be performed, whether a urine test, or hair follicle.