Mike Tyson California City Weed Ranch

Mike Tyson California City Weed RanchIs Iron Mike Tyson becoming a gentleman farmer?

Mike Tyson’s Going to have a Pot Farm and

Ranch in California City, CA

Not quite. The man nicknamed “The Baddest Man on the Planet” appears to be getting into the pot business. The Mike Tyson California City, CA weed ranch has begun construction. He is one of many marijuana entrepreneurs that are clamoring to set up operations near Los Angeles. LA is considered a massive market for California’s legal medicinal marijuana and recreational marijuana industry. California City is about 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles.

Though there have been some delays, thanks to the city council of California City, they finally issued permits for the planned 40-acre operation which they are calling Tyson Ranch. Tyson and partners have broken ground and are moving ahead with the project.

A Desert Oasis with a Factory, Farm, School, Camping…and Tyson

Robert Hickman, a partner in Tyson Ranch, says they are making an “oasis”. 20 of the acres are earmarked for growing marijuana. They have a school planned to teach pot growers how to make their particular strain the best it can be. A factory to make pot edibles is in the works as is an amphitheater.

Tyson Ranch is also intended to be a resort of sorts. Cannabis fans will be able to stay in cabins that will be built on the property. At least one campground is going to be constructed on the property too. You could have a whole “pot-cation” thanks to Mike Tyson’s marijuana resort!

California City, CA site of Tyson Marijuana ResortCalifornia City Mayor Jennifer Woods is appreciative of Tyson and his partner’s company, Tyson Holistic, which will run the ranch.

Tyson Holistic’s current employees are mostly veterans and they intend to hire more.

California Marijuana DryingTyson Ranch will be a supplier of both medicinal and recreational marijuana. Mayor Woods appreciates the jobs and income for the city’s residents and welcomes the needed tax revenue. She said it will be a “rebirth” for this Mojave Desert community.

Maybe Mike Tyson will make regular appearances so you can “Have a Toke with Tyson”.

Is Randy Gregory done in NFL After Another Failed Drug Test?

I’m shocked by the amount of people out there who simply don’t want to make millions of dollars playing a sport.  At least follow my tips on passing drug tests, or use something that will assist you in passing a test God forbid you have to take one.  If I’m in any position where millions of dollars is on the line, I’m not going to jeopardize that by using weed, cocaine, or anything else that would result in me losing that awesome paycheck.

Cowboys Randy Gregory Fails Drug Test Again

I literally just reported about the Jabrill Peppers incident, and he actually didn’t fall that far into round one of last week’s draft.  I read on TMZ that this happened, and I couldn’t believe it.

The defensive end who plays for the Dallas Cowboys, who are coming off an amazing season behind two rookie’s at skill positions, has failed his 7th drug test that’s known to the public!  Not one, not two, not three – seven.  TMZ reported that his friends and family are deeply concerned for his overall wellness at this point.  I mean come on, nobody likes a quitter, except for when it’s about quitting drugs to get a paycheck for you and your family.  Apparently he was tested on February 21 and then told on March 2nd that weed was found in his sample.  Ouch.  So beatable, that weed test.  Could have used this bad boy to beat it.

Even more shocking, the NFL officials reached out to him to discuss the situation, per protocol, and he blew them off.

This means the short career of a once promising Dallas Cowboy could indeed be over.

Randy Gregory

Is this the end of Randy Gregory in the NFL?

Gregory was a high draft pick by Dallas in 2015.  A second round pick from the University of Nebraska, he was one of the best college football players during his time playing for the Cornhuskers.

He’s already serving a suspension for another failed drug test and was slated to miss the 2017 season.  This new test remains unclear how his status will be affected, but as a betting man, I’m sticking a fork in the career of Randy Gregory.  It’s a shame.  So avoidable.  TMZ reached out to his agent, and the agent denied representing Gregory.

I’ll keep tabs on this situation, as I do with all others pertaining to drugs, testing, and athletics.

I will add, this is all a rumor, and Jerry Jones, the owner of the team, has been quoted as saying he’s “skeptical” of this new report.


Andrew Romine Drug Tested After Grand Slam Home Run

The saga continues.  Athletes are being drug tested after doing incredible acts.  I mean, come on.  Where was this when Babe Ruth was slugging home runs?  Where was this when Michael Jordan was dominating the NBA, leading the Chicago Bulls to six NBA titles?

I can’t believe I hear this type of stuff.  I read it here.  It really makes me want to smoke more weed and just think about how idiotic our society has become.  I mean seriously, has anyone heard of Andrew Romine?

Okay, I looked him up. He plays for the Detroit Tigers of the American League.  In case you didn’t know, he’s a baseball player.

Andrew Romine is Drug Tested

Romine batted .545 (an amazing average) over the first five game of the 2017 season.  He was given the “random” drug test immediately after his Tigers beat the Minnesota Twins 5-3.  He had two hits, which upped his average, in addition to his first career grand slam.

“Immediately when I walked in, it was, ‘You got a drug test,’” Romine said.

You may recall this happened to Kahwi Leonard of the San Antonio Spurs, which I blogged about here.  Sometimes, I think this is just bogus.  If I write a good blog post on my drug testing tips website, are they going to test me next?

Oh wait. Knock on the door.  Gotta run guys.  It’s been real.  Will update you on the next post to let you know if I passed the test – or not.  (Not worried, I got things to help me with this – like this bad boy.)

Until the next episode,




Angelina Jolie Agreed to Drug Tests to Get Tomb Raider Role

Hollywood always is full of surprises.  This one even surprised me, I must say.

Famous Hollywood mega star Angelina Jolie agreed to drug testing to land her role in the classic video game role of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider.

This was recently revealed in a new book.

The book is just a simple excerpt from a biography of Sherry Lansing, the Paramount Pictures CEO.  As the story goes, the studio was very worried about having the almost unknown (back then, my how things have changed) actress.  In these days, she was mostly famous for dating and marrying Billy Bog Thornton.  I remember that like it was yesterday, only because the whack job ran around with a vial of his blood on her neck.  To me, that’s just odd.  But hey, if it worked for them…..wait.  It didn’t work out quite well.

Rumors flew around that she was into drugs.  She probably was, running around with that dude. He looks like he know how to party, to be frank. I’d love to throw back some beers with that guy.  And of course, with her.  Why not?

“She definitely had some baggage and something of a dark reputation,” director Simon West said in the book. “Funnily enough, that was one of my selling points: This trouble and dangerous aspect in her reputation actually helped the character.”

It’s always good to see that someone’s dark side can score them a job.  Maybe that will happen to me some time.  Time will tell.

The cool thing about this story is that her father, Jon Voight, called the studio and said “she’s fragile.”  That’s not the cool part though.  She said “whatever.  Test me.”  She showed up, did the drug testing, and obviously passed with flying colors because she landed the role and nailed it.  You can too.  Just visit my home page and I’ll tell you how.

She was a hot Lara Croft.  I miss video games of that nature.

Here’s a treat for the road.

Angelina Jolie

Kawhi Leonard Drug Tested After Big Game for the Spurs

Whenever a star player in any sport has a superb performance, it always goes noticed.  With ESPN, and other 24-7 news outlets covering every move of every sport around the clock, it’s impossible to miss out on the savage performances that many of these superstar athletes are routinely putting up.

Recently, MVP candidate San Antonio Spur Kawhi Leonard had a massive game.

Kawhi Leonard is Drug Tested After Game

When his team beat the Houston Rockets, a game in which he tallied 39 points, including a 6.5 second floor to floor heroic effort in his team’s 112-110 victory, he was to take the podium to talk about his amazing game.  However, this had to wait because of a drug test he was forced to take by the NBA.

The drug screening took a bit longer to get because he was slightly dehydrated.  This forced the Spurs star to be a little late to the media meet-up.

It’s worth noting that the NBA does test players at random four times during the regular season and two times during the off season.

I guess we should add the NBA to the list of companies who screen for drugs? May as well add the NFL of course, too, and all the other major sports leagues in the USA.

I wonder how rigorously tested the soccer players are over in Europe?  There are some very well conditioned players over in Spain, England, Germany, Italy, and throughout Europe. I’d be curious to know which sports league has the toughest drug testing, and which has the most relaxed drug testing.

Also, here is a highlight reel from Leonard.  Do you think he will get the MVP this year?  It’s either him, James Harden, (love his beard btw) or LeBron James in my opinion.

Mike Tyson Admits to Using Fake Penis to Pass Drug Tests

I feel like every time I hear the name “Mike Tyson,” I expect something epic to follow.  Today when I read an article on the Daily Mail, I found some epic stuff that was worth reporting to you since it’s right in line with everything we do here on my blog, which is passing drug tests.

Mike Tyson Cheated Drug Tests With Fake Penis

Yep, you heard me right.  “Iron” Mike Tyson used a fake dick to pass drug tests.  He told Chelsea Handler how “easy” it was since the drug tester looked away.  Obviously, it’s a lot of the same stuff I blog about pretty often here as this is right up my alley.  When you take a drug test, you just have to be confident that the person will look away. If you are a man, nobody wants to see your cock.  Just trust me there.  Tyson even agreed with that assessment in his interview.

He was quoted as saying the fake penis was a “brown, tan, cream color.”  Obviously, being of African American descent, Tyson was ripe to get pinched if a tester looking at his unit saw a white dick!

If you need to make millions of dollars fighting, and need to use drugs and want to pass tests, follow the lead.  People are doing this daily, and you can too.  With marijuana being legal in so many places now, you can smoke, but still need to pass drug tests. I’ve outlined some pages below so you can read up on more of this.

For for of you who came here because you are Mike Tyson Fans, check this out.  I couldn’t get enough of this game growing up!