Can Azo Medication Help Mask Toxins For A Drug Test?

Passing a drug test without giving up on drugs is not a myth anymore. There are several ways to bypass your drug test without giving up on drugs or living in fear of constantly being asked to take tests. There are several easy and effective ways to dodge drug tests. One of these methods is to detoxify your body of toxins using detox tablets or drinks.

Azo medication is one of the detoxification tablets that you can add to your diet to help remove toxins before the test takes place.

Azo is a popular brand of supplements that primarily makes medication and supplements for relieving pain of urinary tract. The supplement when consumed causes the color of the urine to change which a lot of drug tests use to detect toxins in the body. If you carefully take the dosage of azo medication before the test takes place, you can alter the color of your urine making it drug test safe.

Another reason why people use azo medication to clear drug tests is that it naturally detoxifies your body using natural ingredients. This means you can consume recommended dosage of the supplement to completely rid of toxins in your body and pass a test.

Requirements for using azo medication to pass a drug test

Azo medication isn’t 100% guaranteed to work. There are a lot of factors contributing towards toxins being collected and stored in your body. So before you go for this method, you should know whether the supplement will work for you or not.

Here are the requirements you must meet before you can use Azo to pass marijuana test

  1. Time – Do you have more than 10 days before a test takes place? If not, you may not have successful results with this method. Azo requires time to cleanse your body so do not use it just before the day of your test. It will not work.
  2. Weight – in order for Azo to work effectively and quickly, you need to be under 200 pounds of body weight. Anymore above that and your detoxification will not work on time.
  3. Fat content – even if you have an ideal weight but your body fat content is above 16%, the azo medication will fail to work on time.
  4. Drug usage – Know what kind of drug user you are. If you smoke marijuana for 1-3 times a week, you are considered a casual user and azo medication will work best for you. If you smoke more than 3 times, you are considered a heavy user and making azo medication work for you will become hard but not impossible. If you use marijuana everyday twice a day or more, you are considered an extreme user. In this case, azo medication will never work for you.

Alternatives to Azo medication

For extreme users, the only alternative is dehydrated urine. Dehydrated or powdered urine is a synthetic form of real human urine which acts like a urine and serves its purpose as a urine sample. This sample can be provided to laboratories for 100% success.

Jake Hansen


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