Boxer Luis “King Kong” Ortiz Pays fine for Failed Drug Test

With the NFL season in full focus for me, I’ve taken my eyes away from a lot of the sports I get into during the Summer months.  Fighting, in all shapes and forms, is my jam.  So today as I perused my normal news outlets and Facebook groups looking for information, I stumbled into something that just got me off my ass and back into blogging.  Today, I’ll share it with you.

King Kong Ortiz Failed Two Drug Tests

Who is this King Kong guy, anyway?

He’s a heavyweight boxing contender who is lighter $25,000 in the bank account because he failed a couple of drug tests.  (Should have read my site.)  Due to this, he was left off of a November 4th fight that would have been for the world title against Deontay Wilder.  (I hadn’t heard of him, either.)  Other than the fine, he’s not really getting any other major sanctions.

This failed test was apparently caused by a medication used to control his blood pressure. (I can related.  Getting old sucks.)

The WBC concluded that and he’s able to continue to compete.

In a totally unrelated incident I’ll cover next, Andersen Silva will be taking steroids for his boxing match versus Roy Jones Junior!  Story is right here.

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