Azo Medication

Azo is a brand of pills that is primarily for treating UTIs or urinary tract infections. It is known as a detox remedy which helps in passing routine drug tests which are required by most employers nowadays. Of course there are a variety of tests that are taken such as hair and saliva testing, blood and urine and this pill can help in varying degrees with each. The major principle is to detoxify the body enough so that THC is no longer detectable in blood, saliva or urine.

Thankfully most drug tests are urine based so that makes it easier to cheat as you can always carry powdered urine or fake urine if you are not comfortable taking any sort of medication to clear out your system.

The Process of Azo Working

Azo is something which even your local pharmacy will have. The pills that you need to be looking for are called Azo Standard. They will be red pills and easy to spot. They are used mainly by women with UTIs so they clean out your urine and rid your body of toxins.

And that is exactly what you need in order to pass your test. This does not make your urine clean forever as THC resides in fat deposits but if you start using the pills enough time before the test you might be clean for a few days which is enough of a window to give your test.

Take 6 of the pills from the box and make sure you have at least 3 days before your test. The first day you should take only three pills and wait to pee. Make sure you are drinking a lot of water preferably lemon water during this process. Your urine will be purple or orange but that is completely normal given this dosage so no need to worry.

The dyes used in the pills cause this chemical reaction which makes your urine turn a funny color. The next day you have to take 2 more pills and down them with plenty of water. The Azo will flush out toxins as well as its own ingredients through your urine.

In the last day you take the last of the pills and by this time your urine will have turned a normal color. The next day you can go and give your test and will hopefully pass. Of course there is no 100% guarantee but you can always have a detox drink 10 days before in conjunction with these pills. Exercise will also eliminate many toxins which normally show on the test.

Since many people have used this method and passed it is somewhat reliable but everyone does not use the same drug dosage and a great deal depends on whether you are obese or not. There are high chances that people with a lot of excess body fat will not pass their test through this method alone.

Check to see if you are allergic to any of the ingredients before you start the pill taking process. Testing yourself with a home kit will also boost your confidence.


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