Jabrill Peppers Tests Positive for Diluted Urine Sample – NFL Stock Plummets

I’m a huge fan of sports.  MMA is one of my favorite spectator sports, but like most of America, I keep my eyes on the NFL.  The National Football League is a HUGE business, and I don’t just mean for television rights and and endorsements, as it also comes with huge player salaries.  Player salaries are paid based on contracts negotiated between agents and teams, but the attitude and pedigree of each player has a lot to do with what the team is willing to be on the hook for salary wise today, and into the future.

Today, I learned that one of the most amazing college players to watch, Jabrill Peppers, tested positive for a dilute sample at the NFL scouting combine.  This was first reported by Adam Schefter, the amazing reporter from the sports network ESPN.  Peppers is a versatile talent who can play multiple positions, including both offense and defense, and he was expected to be picked pretty high in this years 2017 NFL Draft.

However, this dilute sample is a major hit on his body of work.  He’s the second prospect to have this happen, as it also happened to a linebacker from Alabama named Reuben Foster.

While it’s being reported that Peppers drank eight to 10 bottles of water prior to his test, he was the first player to run for the defensive players.  He drank so much water because he has a history of cramping.  He also was reportedly ill from making the trip from San Diego to Indianapolis.

While there is no fair and true evidence that he indeed used some sort of synthetic urine or other device to dilute his sample, I think this leaves a huge question mark behind him.  I want him to excel, as he’s a great player.  He shouldn’t be penalized for this by teams on draft day because there is zero proof that he did anything to taint his test.

He is currently projected to go at #15 according to a recent mock draft I read.  This means a huge multi million dollar contract. 

So what do you all think?  Will we get a report later that he was hiding marijuana evidence, or is he clear?  Maybe he knew how long marijuana remains in the human urine and did something about it.

No, I don’t think so.  There are millions of dollars on the line, why even risk it?

Jabrill Peppers Highlight Reel 2016

Indiana Senate Passes Synthetic Urine Ban on Unanimous Vote

I like to follow all news related to drug testing, as well as ways people can pass them.  For those of you who know me, you know I like to help people out when they are taking such tests.

Today, I read with disdain – an article on an Indiana news website that sort of shocked me.

Bill Passes to ban Synethic Urine Sales in Indiana

If you live in Indiana, and anticipate having to take a drug test that you may not be able to pass, you probably want to load up on things like synthetic urine.  You can read about that right here.

Reason being, the Indiana Senate has approved a bill that will essentially kill all sales of synethic urine that will assist in passing a drug test.  As you guys know, this is a product I personally use and endorse.  The vote really shocked me, being it was a 48-0 vote.  #ouch.

Jim Merritt, the Republican Senator, was quoted saying it could “help employers weed out drug abusers who post danger to other workers in high risk fields.”

If such products are sold, the crime would be a misdemeanor.  This also includes the sales of products that would help in passing drug OR alcohol tests.  (I didn’t even know there was such a thing for alcohol, so that will be my topic of R & D this week as I prepare to continue to make this blog the best one on the topic of beating any test.  (Except the SAT’s, I didn’t do so well there.)

It’s still unknown (to me) if you can buy synthetic urine tests online and use them in Indiana, or if that will result in a crime potentially.

Since the bill was indeed approved by the House, it now goes to the Governor, Eric Holcomb, for his consideration.  With a 48-0 vote, I think that it’s safe to say he’ll sign off on it.

Back later, hopefully with some better news.


Can CBD Oils Make You Fail a Drug Test

I’ve been running this drug testing website for well over a year. We’ve seen a ton of things happen in the marijuana industry that has fueled a lot of content on the site as well as changed the landscape of how our country treats it on a State to State basis.  In some States, we have legalization.  In some, we have it approved for medicinal purposes.  For others, it’s a hybrid of recreational and medicinal.

Pushing that aside, we’ve had a lot of topics involving MMA fighters.  There have been many talks about the role of drugs in Mixed Martial Arts, and there have been many talks about how this should be treated and governed.  I can point to the time three fighters failed a drug test at Fight Night 104, as well as the famous Diaz Brothers Golden Doobie.  Stuff like this always raises eyebrows,  and it’s funny to see how the reactions from people can vary so much.

However, the one topic that really gets avoided, yet it’s a growing topic, is CBD oils.  What are their roles in society, and how are they treated?  More importantly, today I’ll answer this question:

Can Using CBD Oil Make You Fail Drug Tests?

This was brought up to my attention while reading Dustin Poirier’s social media.

If you are interested in CBD products check out Cloud 9 syrup #cloudn9nesyrup

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There is a lot of banter on this topic, so it’s best to really lay out some “what ifs” in a scenario like this.  If the dose of a hemp extract contains less than 1% THC, it shouldn’t give a positive test result.

I’m honestly unsure how you even find this out, but if you can openly buy it somewhere other than a dispensary, I’m sure you are fine. I’m seeing hemp products pop up in Whole Foods, as well as other places.




Stephen Fasuyi Gets $150,000 for Not Producing Hair Sample

I read a very bizarre article that had a weird ending.  You can check it out here, or just know that your boy Jake has the scoop and is re-telling the story like I was the only one who knew about it!

Job Applicant Earns $150,000 Over Hair Follicle Test

So get this, this guy didn’t even need to work to earn $150,000.  Instead, the man who refused to produce a strand of hair was given $150,000 by a U.S. Steel subsidiary in Texas.  Houston, to be exact.  The man said that drug testing was against his religion.

(By the way, I know all of you guys and gals are going to start using that excuse, no matter which religion you practice!)

The man, named Stephen Fasuyi, had been an applicant at U.S. Steel Tubular Products, which is a subsidiary of U.S. Steel Corp.  The man applied for a utility technician position, and was given a job offer.  This is all according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which had represented Fasuyi.  However, the job was contingent on Fasuyi passing a drug test.

The facility was asking for it’s standard hair follicle test as well as a hair sample.  (Could have used some of this.)

However, Fasuyi is a member of the Nazirite sect of the Hebrew Israelite faith.  He believes that the scriptures did not allow him to cut hair from his scalp.  He did offer an alternative hair sample, from his beard.   (Guy must be a savage – I imagine a Dan Bilzerian type beard.)

While the company won’t comment on the financial settlement, I will.

“Straight Cash Homie.”

The lawsuit filed on his behalf said that he should not have been denied the job for religious reasons. #noted

Andrew Romine Drug Tested After Grand Slam Home Run

The saga continues.  Athletes are being drug tested after doing incredible acts.  I mean, come on.  Where was this when Babe Ruth was slugging home runs?  Where was this when Michael Jordan was dominating the NBA, leading the Chicago Bulls to six NBA titles?

I can’t believe I hear this type of stuff.  I read it here.  It really makes me want to smoke more weed and just think about how idiotic our society has become.  I mean seriously, has anyone heard of Andrew Romine?

Okay, I looked him up. He plays for the Detroit Tigers of the American League.  In case you didn’t know, he’s a baseball player.

Andrew Romine is Drug Tested

Romine batted .545 (an amazing average) over the first five game of the 2017 season.  He was given the “random” drug test immediately after his Tigers beat the Minnesota Twins 5-3.  He had two hits, which upped his average, in addition to his first career grand slam.

“Immediately when I walked in, it was, ‘You got a drug test,’” Romine said.

You may recall this happened to Kahwi Leonard of the San Antonio Spurs, which I blogged about here.  Sometimes, I think this is just bogus.  If I write a good blog post on my drug testing tips website, are they going to test me next?

Oh wait. Knock on the door.  Gotta run guys.  It’s been real.  Will update you on the next post to let you know if I passed the test – or not.  (Not worried, I got things to help me with this – like this bad boy.)

Until the next episode,




Angelina Jolie Agreed to Drug Tests to Get Tomb Raider Role

Hollywood always is full of surprises.  This one even surprised me, I must say.

Famous Hollywood mega star Angelina Jolie agreed to drug testing to land her role in the classic video game role of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider.

This was recently revealed in a new book.

The book is just a simple excerpt from a biography of Sherry Lansing, the Paramount Pictures CEO.  As the story goes, the studio was very worried about having the almost unknown (back then, my how things have changed) actress.  In these days, she was mostly famous for dating and marrying Billy Bog Thornton.  I remember that like it was yesterday, only because the whack job ran around with a vial of his blood on her neck.  To me, that’s just odd.  But hey, if it worked for them…..wait.  It didn’t work out quite well.

Rumors flew around that she was into drugs.  She probably was, running around with that dude. He looks like he know how to party, to be frank. I’d love to throw back some beers with that guy.  And of course, with her.  Why not?

“She definitely had some baggage and something of a dark reputation,” director Simon West said in the book. “Funnily enough, that was one of my selling points: This trouble and dangerous aspect in her reputation actually helped the character.”

It’s always good to see that someone’s dark side can score them a job.  Maybe that will happen to me some time.  Time will tell.

The cool thing about this story is that her father, Jon Voight, called the studio and said “she’s fragile.”  That’s not the cool part though.  She said “whatever.  Test me.”  She showed up, did the drug testing, and obviously passed with flying colors because she landed the role and nailed it.  You can too.  Just visit my home page and I’ll tell you how.

She was a hot Lara Croft.  I miss video games of that nature.

Here’s a treat for the road.

Angelina Jolie

3 UFC Fight Night 104 Fighters Fail Drug Test for Marijuana

As you guys know by now, I like to smoke marijuana, follow sports, blog, and I have never failed a drug test.

Without a doubt, I get so upset when I see people who can make a lot of money fail drug tests.  I just read on this page that not one, not two, but three UFC fighters all failed a drug test for pot.  I mean, come on man, don’t you read my blog?  I can help you beat that test with a simple solution.

Three UFC Fighters Fail Drug Tests at Fight Night 104

Again, this is NOT rocket science.  You can use stuff like this to pass drug tests routinely.  Marijuana is one of the easiest things to flush out of your system, but some people like to learn the hard way.  Okay, so let’s get into the story.

Curtis Blaydes, Niko Price and Abel Trujillo – all three of them – were tested during competition and they all came back with a positive test result.

The event was UFC Fight Night 104, and it was hosted in Houston just last month.  The three men were all given 90 day suspensions along with a $1,000 fine by the TDLR (or Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation) – however the USADA, which I’ve blogged about before, did not sanction any of the fighters.

Two of the three fighters had won in TKO style, but both of them lost their wins and they were marked as “no contest.”  Abel Trujillo lost his fight.

The amount of weed in their system is unknown, but I’d be curious – were these guys potheads?  Or did they just vape once in a while?  Usually the USADA flags them if they go over a certain amount, so I doubt it was too out of control.

 As I spoke about before, a Spurs player was tested after having a big game.  This stuff happens.  You have to be prepared.  Visit my home page and you’ll see all the options I present to the public so you can avoid similar embarrassment.
And word to the wise to all you UFC guys – your doing it wrong!  Just look at the DIAZ BROTHERS.
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Kawhi Leonard Drug Tested After Big Game for the Spurs

Whenever a star player in any sport has a superb performance, it always goes noticed.  With ESPN, and other 24-7 news outlets covering every move of every sport around the clock, it’s impossible to miss out on the savage performances that many of these superstar athletes are routinely putting up.

Recently, MVP candidate San Antonio Spur Kawhi Leonard had a massive game.

Kawhi Leonard is Drug Tested After Game

When his team beat the Houston Rockets, a game in which he tallied 39 points, including a 6.5 second floor to floor heroic effort in his team’s 112-110 victory, he was to take the podium to talk about his amazing game.  However, this had to wait because of a drug test he was forced to take by the NBA.

The drug screening took a bit longer to get because he was slightly dehydrated.  This forced the Spurs star to be a little late to the media meet-up.

It’s worth noting that the NBA does test players at random four times during the regular season and two times during the off season.

I guess we should add the NBA to the list of companies who screen for drugs? May as well add the NFL of course, too, and all the other major sports leagues in the USA.

I wonder how rigorously tested the soccer players are over in Europe?  There are some very well conditioned players over in Spain, England, Germany, Italy, and throughout Europe. I’d be curious to know which sports league has the toughest drug testing, and which has the most relaxed drug testing.

Also, here is a highlight reel from Leonard.  Do you think he will get the MVP this year?  It’s either him, James Harden, (love his beard btw) or LeBron James in my opinion.

Mike Tyson Admits to Using Fake Penis to Pass Drug Tests

I feel like every time I hear the name “Mike Tyson,” I expect something epic to follow.  Today when I read an article on the Daily Mail, I found some epic stuff that was worth reporting to you since it’s right in line with everything we do here on my blog, which is passing drug tests.

Mike Tyson Cheated Drug Tests With Fake Penis

Yep, you heard me right.  “Iron” Mike Tyson used a fake dick to pass drug tests.  He told Chelsea Handler how “easy” it was since the drug tester looked away.  Obviously, it’s a lot of the same stuff I blog about pretty often here as this is right up my alley.  When you take a drug test, you just have to be confident that the person will look away. If you are a man, nobody wants to see your cock.  Just trust me there.  Tyson even agreed with that assessment in his interview.

He was quoted as saying the fake penis was a “brown, tan, cream color.”  Obviously, being of African American descent, Tyson was ripe to get pinched if a tester looking at his unit saw a white dick!

If you need to make millions of dollars fighting, and need to use drugs and want to pass tests, follow the lead.  People are doing this daily, and you can too.  With marijuana being legal in so many places now, you can smoke, but still need to pass drug tests. I’ve outlined some pages below so you can read up on more of this.

For for of you who came here because you are Mike Tyson Fans, check this out.  I couldn’t get enough of this game growing up!

Detoxify Mega Clean Herbal Cleanse

Detoxify Mega Clean is a detox drink which is used by many individuals to cleanse their systems, and this does also get grouped together with other drug testing solutions for help getting a clean test.

It comes with accompanying products such as Xxtra Clean and users recommend that it should be used with other methods of toxin removal such as exercise, drinking lots of water and green tea, foods that help you detox and so on. So far as cleansing the body of stuff like THC, Xxtra Clean and the Ready Clean are more for small scale users and casual users while Mega Clean is the real deal.

Mega Clean Detoxifying Drink
Mega Clean is a well known herbal detox drink and in sales and results it has beaten other popular products such as Qcarbo32 and Stinger. However (this is indicated by the brand also) it is not enough to guarantee that you will pass your test. You will need to abstain for some time, or you may also need to keep a synthetic urine product at the ready if your home test indicates that you still have detectable THC in your system.

Recommended: How Long Is THC Detectable In Urine?

The price is $69.95 which is a lot given that they do not give any guarantees but many users rely on this solely and find that coupled with exercise and good diet, this drink is enough to get them through their tests.

Where To Buy? Here is where I buy Mega Clean


One of the great pros of using this detox drink is that it works on people who are obese as well as heavy users. Of course it takes longer to cleanse the system of toxins in this case but in two weeks it can work wonders.

For people with far less body fat and a more casual usage plan it can work in about 2 to 3 days. It also replenishes the body’s nutrients helping you imbibe physical fitness and health which is essential for passing your test.

Detoxification Zone

This drink creates this time frame of 5 hours or more in which you have all the nutrients and the clean blood and urine to pass your test. The first 3 hours are the most crucial and give the best results so make sure you are submitting your sample on time for maximum effect. Just to be double sure test first at home or repeat the process of having the drink in intervals (as indicated) more than once.

Why It Works

The detox works because of a few simple principles. It adds the nutrients which lead to false negatives on a standard test and it also clears your urine of all detectable toxins. Granted that this is only effective for a few hours at most but with a looming drug test ahead, what more could you ask for? The product is marketed not for good health but for passing a test so bear that in mind before you expect miracles.

What It Includes

First you need to take the PreCleanse capsules (there are six of them) and then you go in with the cleansing drink which comes in many flavors such as wild berry or tropical fruit. In any case it beats consuming lots of Niacin or Azo to clear your urine.


Don't Risk It, Don't use Fake Urine