How Do You Flush Your System For a Drug Test

Do you have a drug test coming up? Have you just been notified that you’re going to be tested? If so, that means it is crunch time. Crunch team you need help to pass that drug test and you need help now. How do you flush your system for a drug test are the words running through your mind again and again. Well, here’s some do you flush your body for a drug test

The first thing you need to do is start taking action now, I mean right now! The more time you have, the better it will be for you.

What you need to do also depends on what kind of test you are being given and how much of your drug of choice you’ve been doing. If you do a lot of shit, it can easily be in your system for fifteen to thirty days or more. If you just do a little or have only done a little, it’s going to be easier for you to flush your system for a drug test.

Here’s How You Flush Your System For A Drug Test

Okay, let’s get to it.

Urine Drug Testing

Having to take a urine test is what I’m going to focus on because it is most common. Also, it is the test that can be manipulated by flushing your system.

The number one thing to remember is that water is your friend. Lots of water. Start drinking water as far in advance of your drug testing as possible and continue downing that water through the day you’ll be tested.

bottle of B Vitamins

Give your urine a natural color with some B vitamins!

Please realize that if your pee is too clear, that could raise suspicions. A trick to avoid “too clear pee” is to take some B vitamin pills the day before you have to submit to the urine analysis.

The day of is the day to urinate as much as humanly possible prior to having to submit your sample. Keep drinking that water and go as much as you possibly can to get rid of as many built up drug metabolites as possible.

Never, ever, ever submit your first piss of the day. Those metabolites I just mentioned? They build up overnight.

a cup of coffee

Drinking coffee helps you pee and pee often!

Diuretics can help. Diuretics make you go. The more tea, coffee and or cranberry juice you drink the better as these are natural diuretics. Ignore anyone that tells you that cranberry juice doesn’t work because they don’t get it. There’s not some magical property to cranberry juice, it’s just that it makes you urinate more often just like tea and coffee do.

Another trick is to let some pee escape before you fill the test cup. That initial burst has more built up drug metabolites.

Detox drinks can be helpful, however, they need to be used the day of the test. Most of these detoxification beverages will flush you out and help you show up clean for four to six hours. If the drink you choose comes with a home testing kit, use it. That can help you test for the effectiveness of the detox drink and, perhaps, give you some piece of mind.

In addition to water, diuretics both natural and “store bought”, and detox drinks, dieting, and exercising can help you get the dope out of your body. Speed up your heart-rate and sweat like crazy to help get yourself clean.

Finally, keep in mind that marijuana is the toughest to flush out of your system because it is fat soluble and not water soluble. It likes to cozy up to the fat cells in your body, so it can take up to 90 days to get it out of your body if you bake a lot daily. Most can get the weed out in thirty to forty-five days while if you just happened to fall into a rare light up with a buddy over the weekend, it might only take you two to ten days to clean up.

If you happen to do a little cocaine with a friend, you’re in luck. You can get cocaine out of your system in 24 hours. On the other hand, if you are snorting up on a regular daily basis its gonna take two to three full days for that shit to get flushed out.

Figuring out how to clean your system prior to a drug test is stressful. I’ve provided the best available information that I know. However, the advice I’ve provided isn’t guaranteed, but it can sure as hell help you clear the drug test!

Russian Bobsledder Nadezhda Sergeeva Fails Doping Test

I feel like after watching the famous hockey movie, Miracle, I naturally cheer for the Soviet Union – err – Russian Federation – err – the Olympic athletes of Russia.

Beating the famous USSR in the “Miracle on Ice” game in Lake Placid, 1980, has to be the most memorable moment in US Olympic history. Fast forward to 2018, and the Soviet athletes are still exhibiting athletic prowess, although lately they have been getting caught doping.  #Cheaters.

Nadezhda Sergeeva is a Doper

This time around, it was Bobsled President Alexander Zubkob sharing with us that Nadezhda Sergeeva had a positive sample, and the substance found was trimetazidine.  Apparently, this medicine is used to treat Angina, which I must admit sounds a lot like “mangina” and I had to Google what it actually means.

Note:  “Angina” is a condition marked by severe pain in the chest, often also spreading to the shoulders, arms, and neck, caused by an inadequate blood supply to the heart.

On another note, this clip always makes me laugh:

So, with this banned substance that affects metabolism in the body, that’s

Earlier in the Olympic games, the Russian curling team was stripped of medals for doping as well.  The medals were subsequently given to Norway.
In other news, the USA team will NOT compete in the World Cup event in the Biathlon in Russia, due to all of the illegal drug use.  It’s a boycott.
In other news, if you need to pass a drug test on short notice, read about that here.

What You Should Know About Loperamide

When you want to stay healthy, you need to know about the products you take for various health issues. If you experience diarrhea, one example is Loperamide.

What Is Loperamide?

Loperamide is an oral medication used to control diarrhea. The most common brand name is Imodium. As the product is available over the counter, it does not require a doctor’s prescription. You can find it in any pharmacy, many grocery stores, and online.

What Is Loperamide Used For?

Sudden, uncomplicated diarrhea can be treated with Loperamide. Individuals who experience traveler’s diarrhea can also achieve relief with the product.

In addition to sudden diarrhea, it can be helpful in relieving diarrhea caused by inflammatory bowel disease. Chronic conditions in this category include ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease that affect the small intestine and colon.

However, it is not meant to be used for diarrhea from all causes. If you have diarrhea due to salmonella, E. coli, Clostridium difficile infection, or a similar bacterial infection, you should not use Loperamide. Even if the product reduces the diarrhea, dangerous bacteria can remain in your body. If you experience food poisoning, or another source of toxins, consult with your doctor immediately. Do not use an over the counter product.

Loperamide Side Effects

When used correctly to treat simple diarrhea, side effects are usually minor. You may experience abdominal cramping, constipation, nausea, dizziness, or feel tired or drowsy.

While serious side effects are rare, consult with your doctor immediately if you experience fainting or severe dizziness, an irregular or fast heartbeat, a sense of fullness in your stomach, pain, or severe constipation, vomiting, or nausea.

Loperamide Contraindications

If you have a serious medical condition or take any medications, ask your doctor before using this product. It can worsen some medical conditions, and drug interaction can occur.

Loperamide should not be given to children under three years of age.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take Loperamide to control diarrhea.

You should also avoid the product if your diarrhea includes bloody stools, or if the diarrhea is accompanied by a fever.

Individuals in any of these categories who experience diarrhea should seek medical advice instead of using an over the counter product.

How Does Loperamide Work?

Although it is an opiate, it only works in your intestinal tract. It decreases the muscle activity in your intestines. When the contractions in your intestines are slowed down, you will have bowel movements that are less watery, and fewer bowel movements.

Is Loperamide Habit-Forming?

Unless you already have an addiction to opiods, you do not need to be concerned about dependency. However, if you experience severe diarrhea, or experience it frequently, you should consult with your health care provider to determine the cause. You may have an underlying medical condition that needs to be treated.

Diarrhea is a fact of life for most people. In most cases, though, it does not occur often and is usually not severe. Most adults and older children can safely use it on an occasional basis. You can be free from diarrhea, and have a comfortable, productive day.

Chronic Marijuana Users Visit Hospitals “Scromiting”

This is one of best stories I’ve ever read in the Miami Herald, and I had to come over here to Clear the Drug Test and tell everyone about it.

What Does “Scromiting” Mean?

Long term use of marijuana could lead to “scromiting,” according to researchers. So what does this exactly mean?

This term is used to refer to people who are screaming and vomiting at the same time.

According to Roneet Lev, who Directs operations in San Diego at the Scripps Mercy Hospital, at least one person comes in daily for this condition.

This term was concocted way back in the year 2004, in Australia. It’s come to light in the U.S. more recently because the laws have become so relaxed these days, with many States going the recreational route this year, including Nevada.

It’s commonly referred to as Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, and it can happen to any long term users of marijuana.

Just five years ago, this wasn’t something that was common, according to Kennon Heard, who is a physician in Aurora, Colorado at the University.

There is a possible link between decriminalization of marijuana and this bizarre syndrome.

In the most bizarre thing I’ve heard today, one person, named Chalfonte LeNee Queen, who lives in San Diego, has suffered from this going back 17 years.

“I’ve screamed out for death,” she told a reporter. “I’ve cried out for my mom, who’s been dead for 20 years, mentally not realizing she can’t come to me.”

There is, however, some skepticism that marijuana is actually responsible for this. An opposition view point is that the use of plant-based neem oil as a pesticide is causing this condition.

How do You Stop Scromiting from Happening?

Apparently, anyone who has had this syndrome has been able to alleviate it by taking a bath or hot shower.

Of course, the obvious solution would be to quit using marijuana entirely. Right? Seems to obvious to me, but that’s a solution that will take care of this terrible condition.

Even the amazing publication High Times is recognizing “Scromiting” – so you know this is very, very real.

If you are quitting marijuana use, you should totally detox your system.

If you are looking for employment, the best thing you can do is use a top of the line powdered urine to beat the test.

Boxer Luis “King Kong” Ortiz Pays fine for Failed Drug Test

With the NFL season in full focus for me, I’ve taken my eyes away from a lot of the sports I get into during the Summer months.  Fighting, in all shapes and forms, is my jam.  So today as I perused my normal news outlets and Facebook groups looking for information, I stumbled into something that just got me off my ass and back into blogging.  Today, I’ll share it with you.

King Kong Ortiz Failed Two Drug Tests

Who is this King Kong guy, anyway?

He’s a heavyweight boxing contender who is lighter $25,000 in the bank account because he failed a couple of drug tests.  (Should have read my site.)  Due to this, he was left off of a November 4th fight that would have been for the world title against Deontay Wilder.  (I hadn’t heard of him, either.)  Other than the fine, he’s not really getting any other major sanctions.

This failed test was apparently caused by a medication used to control his blood pressure. (I can related.  Getting old sucks.)

The WBC concluded that and he’s able to continue to compete.

In a totally unrelated incident I’ll cover next, Andersen Silva will be taking steroids for his boxing match versus Roy Jones Junior!  Story is right here.

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Mushroom Drug Bust Like I’ve Never Seen

If you were wondering where I’ve been lately, it’s been quite hectic in life.  I survived Hurricane Irma, but here I am back at it, fighting the good old fight to help others beat drug tests and report on the odd  news that comes with being a reporter in the drug industry.  Today I have a doozy for you, and this is out of the crazy little State of California.

The “Magical” California Mushroom Drug Bust

Mushroom bust

That would be me high until the day that I die.

So, I read this on Fox News, which depending on what side you are on politically, you may either love this story or run from it.  Honestly, can we get past the Presidential election already?

According to the story, the Police in Berkeley, California, took in a massive 677 pounds of mushrooms from a residence.  The value of these magic mushrooms is reportedly $1 million.

So what tipped off the police in this magical raid?

A “bickering” couple.

Domestic violence for the win?

I’m telling you guys, women are the root of all evils.  (Sorry to rant, recent break up will do that to a guy.)

“I’ve been a cop for 17 years, and it’s very rare to see mushrooms in this quantity,” Sgt. Andrew Frankel, spokesman for the Berkeley Police Department, told SFGate.

Apparently the couple were taken into custody after – get this – refusing to leave their residence!

I know if I was sitting on product like that, and was caught red hand, I’d probably go quietly.  It was this refusal to leave that led the police to go inside and find this insane crop of mushrooms which appeared to be a full blown operation.

“In plain view were psilocybin mushrooms in various stages of cultivation as well as storage and distribution materials,” the police department said in a statement. “The Berkeley Police Department takes great pride in ridding the community of dangerous narcotics.”

The couple, 35 and 37 years young, were booked at Alameda County Jail.  The charges were narcotics.  They also had about three thousand in green backs, which seems low considering they had a cool million of product.  Maybe they are great cultivators but horrible sales people?

What I want to know is what the f*ck were they fighting about?



Shannon Briggs Fight is Off After Failed Drug Test

It seems that all I do is speak about athletes failing drug tests these days, but it is what it is.  As I pointed out the end of Randy Gregory’s career a few weeks back, today I’m reporting that Shannon Briggs will most likely never fight again.

In news out of Hollywood, Florida, the big man himself, a guy I’ve grown up admiring, Shannon Briggs, lost a chance at fighting once again due to a failed drug test.  The drug he tested positive for wasn’t really a drug, more so it was he had high levels of testosterone.  This is akin to what bodybuilders do when they bulk up, and it’s very common among athletes who need more stamina and energy.

He can request a “B SAMPLE,” but the fight is off, so it’s sort of a moot point now.  He held a 60-6-1 record over the years and was on a nine bout winning streak since he lost way back in 2010 to Vitali Klitschko for the WBC title.  He was one of the more popular fighters of his time and was quite the character.  We’ll certainly hope he gets another chance, but it’s doubtful at this point.

Best Knockout Compilation by Shannon Briggs

Navy Drug Screening Lab Finds Fault in Drug Testing

Whoops.  We are supposed to count on the military to be our rock solid backbone of our country.  To serve, and protect.  These guys are supposed to be flawless.

I get it.  We’re all human.  Things happen.  But, this story I read today on made me think a bit about just how human we all are.

Just this April, a drug testing lab found a fault in a urine test that it was relying on to separate over 200 sailors.  This dates back to 2006, according to Navy officials.

Navy Drug Testing Lab Is 86’d

The facility, located in Great Lakes, Illinois, has since been shut down.  They found out that it’s meth testing could product a false positive result.  Under “rare conditions” one could be positively tested for methamphetamine as well as amphetamines.  Yikes!

The Navy

This discovery happened on April 12, and the testing procedures performed there were immediately shut down.  It’s unknown whether any service members were separated from this happening, but the investigation is ongoing.  The report did say that the chances are “unlikely.”

I’d hate to see someone work so hard to be in the Navy, with the desire to represent their country, only to fail a drug test that wasn’t accurate.  I can’t imagine the crushing feeling that would be experienced should this have been an occurrence.  This makes me sick to my stomach.

In a bit of positive news, any Sailors who want to challenge their discharge now have the opportunity to do so by going to the Board of Correction of Naval Records.

This laboratory tested Marine Corps and Navy samples, but also mentioned in the report that some Army Reserve and National Guard samples were done as well.

In a bit of good news, the false positive tests only transpired in urine samples that were already testing positive for drugs.  So basically, if you failed the test for say, pot smoking, you would have that happen but also get a mark on your report that you didn’t pass a test for meth.  (When it rains, it pours.)

So basically a test was done, and then the tests were divided into what people tested positive for:  meth, coke, weed, etc.  The second test went on to confirm that the sample was positive.  when that happened, a small amount of the 11 years of testing may have yielded a false positive.

In the 11 years of the testing, 214 sailors were separated from the Navy for failing tests for methamphetamine or amphetamine in this exact facility.

I guess it’s even more reason to use this in your hair.  When you fight a battle you can’t win, you have to bring out all the heavy artillery!

What You Need To Know About Letrozole

This is one of the substances that caused UFC fighter Jon Jones to fail his drug test. Him and a few other big names were accused of taking performance enhancing drugs around the same time, and this is a recurring theme with UFC fighters.

Letrozole is an FDA-approved prescription medication primarily used to treat breast cancer in women who are postmenopausal. Its off-label uses include female fertility issues, gynecomastia, and endometriosis. The medication decreases the body’s female hormones.

Both of the substances found in Jon Jones’ system were medications for women, the other substance being Hydroxyclomiphene, a fertility medication which has since been banned by the USADA.

Side Effects Of Letrozole

Side effects from this medication can be minor or extremely serious. Consult with your physician immediately if you experience any unusual aches or pains, changes in your heartbeat, vaginal bleeding or discharge, chest pain, or vision changes.

You should also consult with your physician if you experience any symptoms that are unusual for you, even if they are minor.

Breast Cancer Treatment With Letrozole

Letrozole should not be used to treat breast cancer in women who have not completed menopause. It is considered appropriate treatment in certain situations.

For cancer that is hormone receptor positive, it can be used as an early-stage cancer treatment if other treatments have not been effective. It can also be used for advanced cases of cancer that has worsened after antiestrogen treatment, and in cases where the cancer has advanced locally or metastasized.

Is Letrozole Effective?

A number of studies have shown this medication is useful in treating certain types of breast cancer. One study showed it is more effective than Tamoxifen in increasing the amount of time before breast cancer returns, and lowering risks of cancer metastasizing.

Another study showed similar results for postmenopausal women who used this medication for five years, after they had used Tamoxifen for five years.

Letrozole Contraindications And Warnings

Your doctor should be aware of your medical history, as he may want to advise a different treatment if you have certain medical conditions. Examples include cardiovascular issues, blood vessel issues, liver conditions, decreased bone density, and high cholesterol.

As this medication can also cause drug interaction, inform your doctor if you are using any other prescription medications, over the counter products, herbal products, or vitamins.

This medication is absorbed through lungs and skin. For this reason, it should be kept away from pregnant women and children.

Letrozole is a prescription drug. It must be taken according to directions. You must never give your medication to anyone else, nor use another person’s medication. It should only be used when prescribed for you by your own physician.

Letrozole works by decreasing the estrogen produced by your body. It can reverse or slow breast cancer growth. While it is only effective for certain types of breast cancer, and should only be used to treat postmenopausal women, it can help many women live longer, healthier lives.

If you or a loved one has breast cancer, it is something to discuss with your personal physician. If he has not prescribed Letrozole, ask if this product could be right for you.

How Is This Considered a Performance Enhancing Substance?

It is also known to inhibit aromatase, which in turn is supposed to increase the level of testosterone in the body.

Is Randy Gregory done in NFL After Another Failed Drug Test?

I’m shocked by the amount of people out there who simply don’t want to make millions of dollars playing a sport.  At least follow my tips on passing drug tests, or use something that will assist you in passing a test God forbid you have to take one.  If I’m in any position where millions of dollars is on the line, I’m not going to jeopardize that by using weed, cocaine, or anything else that would result in me losing that awesome paycheck.

Cowboys Randy Gregory Fails Drug Test Again

I literally just reported about the Jabrill Peppers incident, and he actually didn’t fall that far into round one of last week’s draft.  I read on TMZ that this happened, and I couldn’t believe it.

The defensive end who plays for the Dallas Cowboys, who are coming off an amazing season behind two rookie’s at skill positions, has failed his 7th drug test that’s known to the public!  Not one, not two, not three – seven.  TMZ reported that his friends and family are deeply concerned for his overall wellness at this point.  I mean come on, nobody likes a quitter, except for when it’s about quitting drugs to get a paycheck for you and your family.  Apparently he was tested on February 21 and then told on March 2nd that weed was found in his sample.  Ouch.  So beatable, that weed test.  Could have used this bad boy to beat it.

Even more shocking, the NFL officials reached out to him to discuss the situation, per protocol, and he blew them off.

This means the short career of a once promising Dallas Cowboy could indeed be over.

Randy Gregory

Is this the end of Randy Gregory in the NFL?

Gregory was a high draft pick by Dallas in 2015.  A second round pick from the University of Nebraska, he was one of the best college football players during his time playing for the Cornhuskers.

He’s already serving a suspension for another failed drug test and was slated to miss the 2017 season.  This new test remains unclear how his status will be affected, but as a betting man, I’m sticking a fork in the career of Randy Gregory.  It’s a shame.  So avoidable.  TMZ reached out to his agent, and the agent denied representing Gregory.

I’ll keep tabs on this situation, as I do with all others pertaining to drugs, testing, and athletics.

I will add, this is all a rumor, and Jerry Jones, the owner of the team, has been quoted as saying he’s “skeptical” of this new report.