Andrew Romine Drug Tested After Grand Slam Home Run

The saga continues.  Athletes are being drug tested after doing incredible acts.  I mean, come on.  Where was this when Babe Ruth was slugging home runs?  Where was this when Michael Jordan was dominating the NBA, leading the Chicago Bulls to six NBA titles?

I can’t believe I hear this type of stuff.  I read it here.  It really makes me want to smoke more weed and just think about how idiotic our society has become.  I mean seriously, has anyone heard of Andrew Romine?

Okay, I looked him up. He plays for the Detroit Tigers of the American League.  In case you didn’t know, he’s a baseball player.

Andrew Romine is Drug Tested

Romine batted .545 (an amazing average) over the first five game of the 2017 season.  He was given the “random” drug test immediately after his Tigers beat the Minnesota Twins 5-3.  He had two hits, which upped his average, in addition to his first career grand slam.

“Immediately when I walked in, it was, ‘You got a drug test,’” Romine said.

You may recall this happened to Kahwi Leonard of the San Antonio Spurs, which I blogged about here.  Sometimes, I think this is just bogus.  If I write a good blog post on my drug testing tips website, are they going to test me next?

Oh wait. Knock on the door.  Gotta run guys.  It’s been real.  Will update you on the next post to let you know if I passed the test – or not.  (Not worried, I got things to help me with this – like this bad boy.)

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